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Vegan Joe's Progression

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Romanesco Broccoli and Rigatoni


Inspired (borrowed) from Rachel Ray's recipe.


Worked perfectly as I had some rigatoni from the other day, and the Romanesco had been in the refridge, had everything on hand. Wifey liked it much.




No lemon, or wine, used vegetable broth, Daiya mozzarella, nutritional yeast, soy margarine.



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10 min stair stepper, stretching, crunchers, supermans, rowing mach., pushups, steam, sauna, shave, shower.


Everything I could find soup.




Half baked apples for applesauce.





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Falafal wrap from the Iranian restaurant.




My homemade whole wheat, rye, barley, bread (bread machine),





Our vine dried garden beans, onions, mushrooms, celery, turnips, spinach, bay leaf, thyme, sweet basil, pepper, water base.



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Well as you can see many people would love my blood test results, but for a vegan they're not so sweet. And that has been just part of the problem(sweets). My diet has been full of oils sugars (the bad ones) for some time now. My exercise program beyond work is non-existent. Having been involved with work projects after work has often sabotaged any effort to get a running start, but those projects are now complete, so as the New Year approaches I plan on doing some serious workouts. I do have some other thing on my plate but it will not consume as much time as the project we just finished.

So here is the blood test of a 58 year old male who has been on a vegan diet for 4.75 years.

I will take the Doctor up on retesting but will get iodine, B12, and calcium on the next one.

So stay tuned, to see if I can retune these results.





These are the results from about a year and a half ago.



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Couldn't get over that first hurdle at the store.




Weighed 227.5 after a shower tonight.

If I don't get to the gym by closing tonight I can't until the 26th because of their holiday hours.


Gonna make some jello as I miss it so.




This and a little agar powder, which I have, should do.

I'm guessing if it doesn't work I'll be able to cut it for insoles.

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