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What Eric Carlson Eats

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Sounds like a chump to me. I've seen him call himself "vegan" but he promotes meat throughout the entire thing, at least what I read from it. I read about the lean meats, eating out and eating meat, etc. and I stopped reading since I lost interest.


Great physique, just seems like a chump and he can sit back in his 1930's beach house, drinking red wine and eating his lean meat and he can kiss my A$$


Assuming he is a chump. I think I exchanged e-mails with him in the past but I don't know for sure.

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i read that article a while ago too. if i understood things correctly he was vegan simply because he felt it was the right diet for him to stay fit but always said that other bodies maybe needed meat. but as seen in this interview he isn't even vegan anymore, fucking tuna eater.

i agree. CHUMP

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Egg whites cause biotin defiency when ate without the egg yolk, and it's protein,vitamins, and minerals structure becomes muchly unsuitable for the human body when cooked, and even take some of the the nutrients entirely away, which makes egg whites even worse. And also I'm sure he dosen't even get the egg whites from grass and insect-fed,happy, and free-range hens, just from tortured,sick,extremly sad,stressed,struggling through there pain,inorganic grain-fed hens (battery hens). This decreases the nutritional value of the egg much, especially in omega fat. Fish is loaded with harmful chemicals, such as mercury, from the polluted water they come from, and fish is still high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and he probally eats the fish with less nutrients such as salmon and tuna, and he most likely cooks it, which again makes much of the nutrition of the fish unsuitable for humans, and takes some of the nutritional value entirely away. Chicken, despite popular belief, contains more saturated fat then "red" meat, and contains the same amount of cholesterol as "red" meat. And he most likely is eating factory-farmed chicken, which contains artificial steroids,antibiotics, and growth hormones, which have many harmful health effects. And factory-farmed chickens are grain-fed, which decreases some of the nutritional value of chicken, and he most likely eats the chicken cooked, which renders much of the nutritional value of the chicken unsuitable for humans, and takes some of the nutritional value entirely away. Anyway, he still has a nice build !

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