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Noob from Italy!


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Hello there!


Have been lurking for a while, mainly spying on the blogs to see how everything was working out for you - then I felt like I had to register already.


I spent about half a year since turning vegan, and didnt really care about my diet most of these months, personal problems and my general laziness. So, since I didnt want to be coping with a body I feel unsatisfied with, I began training - thats about a couple of weeks ago, daily.

Of course, still pretty much no results to be seen, but Im feeling better, so I dont see why I shouldnt keep up


For the stat lovers, I weigh 74kg and am 182 cm tall! First of all I plan on losing five or more kilograms in fat, then to bulk up to the 80plus kgs in time for my birthday (july).


Since I have nothing more to add -


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Welcome to this forum. It's a pretty cool group of vegans. I have just come back after a sojourn of sorts and it feels real good to be home again!


And, hey, your photo is no so bad! I always wanted a mohawk!


Deepest Bows,



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Thanks everybody for the warm greets


Greetings! Would you mind sharing your thoughts on how easy or difficult it is being Vegan in Italy.


I'm feelin the Hawk.

Take Care


Hmm.. Kind of hard to say. I think its fairly easier than it used to be, since new organic/bio shops opened as it began to be something of a mode ("Try the new vegan 1000 calorie diet! Youll get skinny as those hippies are!")

So, we can find tofu or seitan at almost normal prices, ike almost sixteen dollars/kg for raw seitan to make an example. But we are so little of a minority that we are associated with anorexic people or persons with eating disorders, and there is more aggressivity when we try and make something political - last thing I remembered, a demonstration of about (my esteem) 20-30k people for the banishment of a particular pro hunt law was completely ignored by the media, even when we passe right beneat the tv studios of Firenze:lol:

Of course, already drawing that much people was already a victory, so I can stop grumbling, and luckily we have no such meat centered culture as Germany or the east of Europe, and I still can enjoy pasta from time to time In the end, its average.



I see the x's in your handle, do you by chance rock the vegan straight edge?


Yes, even if more of a lyfestyle than as a subculture - not that I dislike our hxc friends and music, of course. Still hope to see Good Clean Fun in concert here in italy someday.

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