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I know, boring title


Well, I needed a place to save my efforts anyway, since I always tend to get water/tea/sauce over my journals, both of training and nutrition. Ill skip my first month since I was making every possible mistake in the book and hardly managing a training at all. Its mostly for me, I doubt theres much of interest in a standard 2400 cal diet




First day of serious cardio - 35 minutes cyclette, diff. 4/12



07.00 200mL soy milk (0carbs, 0fat, 8prot, 159cal)

125 g musli (70c, 7,9f, 12,5 p, 400cal)


10.00 2 Bananas (30c, 0f. 2p, 150 cal)

70 g seitan (4c, 9f, 13p, 145cal)


13.00 Rice 130g (42c, 1.7f, 5p)

Peas canned (12c, 2f, 8p, 395 cal)


17.00 Nuts 55 g (2c, 30f, 15p, 350 cal)

Salad (15c, 0f, 1p, 32 cal)


20.00 150 g tofu with sesam (0c, 13f, 21 p, 200cal)

Carrots (10c, 0, 0, 150cal)


Total: 142c, 59 f, 82 p, 2330 cal.




Thats been my typical day since, just changing fruit and kind of vegetables, and getting nutrients some higher (220 - 130 - 130).



27 - free day






40 mins cardio jogging (diff 5 to 11)






3x8 biceps (5kg - remember I am still in te very beginning v.v)

3x8 back machine (25 -30 kg)

3x12 pecs (4-5 kg)

new: 3x12 triceps (4-5 kg)

new: 3x8 shoulders (4 kg)


35 minutes cyclette diff 4/12.






40 mins cyclette diff 4/12

new: abs 3x12




Now Ill be going to get this day done

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40 mins of cyclette for cardio, diff. 4/12


3x12-10-7 biceps

3x12-10-8 back machine, 25/30 kg

3x12-10-8 pecs (5-8-10kg)

3x8 triceps (4 - 5kg)

3x12-10-8 shoulders (4-7-9kg)


I ll be adding to the weights more significantly when Im not in a strict caloric regimen as I am now, btw. Now I just change them when I feel like I am not exercising

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Thans for the support I fixed a goal every three months, the next one being losing 5 to ten kgs. I know a body fat exam would be way neater to know if the program works, I just cant afford 50 euros for that by now.. The ultimate goal would be a BFP in the single digits and strength enough to follow a complete program of squats and weights, as my strength is quite ridiculous now.


As I say that I just lost a days worth of cardio because I needed a doctor certificate to train - whch is really just a bureaucracy excuse to give a doctor 100 euros without even being visited. Crap.

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As I say that I just lost a days worth of cardio because I needed a doctor certificate to train - whch is really just a bureaucracy excuse to give a doctor 100 euros without even being visited. Crap.


What does this mean? I do not understand the point of a doctor certificate to train?

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Gyms wont accept you without a certificate from a doctor which attests to your health in Italy. Since its quite hard to die with 18 in a gym, the only use of this law is to get money to doctors - and the doctor really didnt visit me before handing me the certificate, or even see me before. I just handed the money to the secretary and got mine, written nd signed from her.


Im not happy with Italy at all, I am planning to move to Germany soon.

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Well it sounds like a good law to have. . . . in theory. Reality is that the doctors just take the money without even giving you a thorough exam.


My advice for you is not to have a goal of losing weight. It should just be lifting weights and a goal of shooting for a weight for each exercise that you do.


My first goal is alway do what I did last time as a minimum, and then next time try to do at least one more rep (hoping to do more) with the same weight as last time for the set. Or increase the weight by even the lowest plates the gym may have (2.5 lbs plates) for the same amount of reps I did last time. So strength is my ultimate goal. Losing weight is easy once the muscles are established and matured (you keep the same weights and do the same reps and sets) and then start with cardio and increase the cardio's time, while being aware of the portions and food you are eating and decreasing it slowly.


But my view is my own view of a bodybuilder.

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Well it sounds like a good law to have. . . . in theory.

Actually it sounds like a really BAD law to have. Promoting a nanny state where people are told what to do by big government instead of making informed decisions on their own and being responsible for their owns actions.



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Well, from my point of view such a law could be justified for the aing or for people with certain diseases. I can understand how a gym owners life is less of a stress when he doesnt have to worry about the health of every aging or severely obese person in his environment. But then, its applied badly.


Thanks for the suggestions, I seriously appreciate some input Bodyweight squats would be lifting my own weight?

@Gaia, I kinda need the fat loss, at least psychologically, but I surly liked the idea of the goal being set every time you get to the gym, and I think I am going to do that as well - have only four to six weeks of cardio if I work properly.


Thanks to everyone, btw





Training: pure cardio (45 minutes of cyclette, diff. 4/12)

Actually a personal record, but I didnt manage it that good, I was distracted and went slower than I wanted to. Spent the rest of the day, up to 2 am, running and walking from a place to the other still, so I guess it still counts.

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Got to the gym somehow late, and that damaged my meal frequency - will have to get dinner at 21.00 at least. I finally managed a cardio training I was happy with, and since I got out without any sores or pains (until now) I can plan on getting it to 1 hour in the days I dont lift.

For squats and bench presses, today I had problems lifting 7 kg as doing biceps, so I guess I better hide somewhere. I only have problems with my right arm, and thats kinda strange, since its my main arm. With my left I can go up to more, but I dont feel like growing only a side of my body




45 mins of cardio on the cyclette, diff.4/12



Biceps 3x8 (4kg)

Pecs 3x8-10-12 (12-10-8?kg)

Triceps 3x8-10-10 (7kg, stopped the last series as it hurt)

Shoulders 3x8-10-12 (7-9-12kg)

Back machine 3x8-10-12 (25,30,35kg)


As soon as I get rid of the weights under 10kg (probably after the cutting) starting squats and a serious strength training, this is mostly to hinder muscle loss.

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Got to cardio completely relaxed today, as I overslept lessons and stayed home for once - probably tomorrow as well, since I had to do a work on an author that was explained today. As I felt good, I incresed the difficulty on the elliptical. While I do my training I can go to feel quite sore in the legs and back and fear walking back home, but I always feel perfect and fresh when I finish. Thats annoying, I think I could do more if my body wasnt so undecided whether it hurts or not.


45 mins of cardio, cyclette, diff. 5/12

3x12 abs, vertical, legs bent

3x10 abs, vertical, straight legs

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Cardio: 45 minutes cyclette, diff. 4/12


Pecs: 8-10-12 (12,10,8 kg)

Bic: 10-8-6 (4-7 kg)

Tri: 12-10-8-6 (4-7 kg)

Shoulders: 6-8-10-12 (up to 10 kg)

Back machine 12-10-6 (25-35 kg)


Spent the whole day running from a place to the other, so that should add to the cardio

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First posi sign of the training: a girl I barely know (friend of a friend) called me today for a date While I dont know how much of it depended on the bare 1 or 2 kg I lost (but it seems to look like more. I had a male friend of mine ask me if I was eating flesh again because of my arms. Felt nice as well.)

Surely its a major psych boost.



45 mins cardio cyclette elliptical (diff 5/12)

This time I managed it some better. Still, if Im not keeping concentration somewhere else, I feel my legs exploding. When I leave the cyclette I barely feel to have done some training.



Abs: 3x8 on an inclined bench blocking my legs.

3x12 vertical, legs bent.

3x10 vertical, legs straight.

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And twice as hard it was Felt really good on todays training. Switched my cardio to not get bored, and had my gms trainer prrmise me to begin squats and bench presses next week, together with legs. No bad day even if my stats still suck.




Cardio: 45 minutes on treadmill




Pecs: 3x12-10-8 (8-10-12kg)

Triceps 3x8 (8-7-7kg)

Biceps 3x8 (7-7-5 kg)

Shoulders: 3x12-10-8 (8-10.-12 kg?)

Back machine 3x 12-10-8 (25-30-35 kg)

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Skipped my weights - St. Valentine and on and on, I was just way too late on the gym. Will do tomorrow, but I hope I can find a way to let school, exams, girlfriend and gym work into 24 hours. As for my diet, today was quite negative as well; she came prepared with vegan candies and I couldnt say no - while I did check the information sheet on nutrients, which left me wanting I never did. Now Im dead tired, and my jaw has begun hurting badly for some reason.

No posi day


Cardio: 45 mins on cyclette, diff.5/12


I usually set some goals as doing cardio, to make every time more of an effort than a bore. In a single week I have passed from 14 to 15,4 km in my usual time. Next stop 15,5.

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Working on and on, I convinced my gyms trainer to go on and introduce me to the bench presses and squats. I added the first today, with a ridiculous weight even for me to get my form right. And, it was a school free day, so I am fine in the end.




Cardio: 45 mins jogging, alternating speed from 6.0 to 9.0 km/h.

Didnt actually believe I could do it, and my legs hurt as hell as I ran, so I stopped twice to do some stretching. But I managed it, and the machine has a sweet heartbeat reader, so I could check to stay about at 150.




new: Bench press, 10 kg only, 4x12

Biceps: 7/8 kg, 3x8

Triceps: 7/8 kg, 3x12-10-8

Pecs: 10 kg, 3x12-10-8

Shoulders: 8-9 kg, 3x12-10-8

Back Machine: 25-30-35 kg, 12-10-8

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Cardio: 45 mins cyclette, diff. 5/12



Bench press, 20 kg only, 2x12, 2x10

Biceps: 8 kg, 2x8, 7 kg 1x8

Triceps: 7 kg, 3x10 x2 arms

Pecs: 9-10 kg, 3x12-10-8

Shoulders: 8 kg, 3x10

Back Machine: 25-30-35 kg, 12-10-8


plus new: squats (FINALLY!) with no weight to learn a good form. From wednesday on I got that covered


plus: 50 hindi squats

5 hindi push ups (shoulders hurt quite, ya know)

Tried a bridge with hand support, but its beyond me. Need to buy a soft mattress of sort.

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12 mins of interval trainng on treadmill, diff. 5/12. Quite easy, proaly going with 7-9 next time.

45 mins of cyclette

2x50 hindu squats (short term goal is 100)

2x10 hindi push ups, with a really bad form. (short term goal 25)

Trying to make some stretching out of a Tsatsouline book as well.

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Cardio: 12 minutes interval training on the treadmill (diff. 8/12), then a 24 minutes run with alternated high pendency/slow speed and flat pendency and higher speed. More fun than the usual cyclette for sure.


2x15 hindu squats, form even worse. The second series I tried while locking my feet with the wall - legs and feet shouldnt move, or? As I couldnt do any more I ended with


1x15 normal ones.


2x50 hindu squats. Think I am getting the hold of them... But between treadmill and this, it hurts like hell when I finish.


Goals are now: (short term, before May would be nice)(no particular order)


1)8-12 percent BF - that should bring me between sixtyfive and seventy kg.


2)25 hindu squats with a good form. I should keep the plant of my feet against the ground as I begin, but my feet wont cooperate on that.


3) 100 Hindu squats with a good form.


4)Since I am reading Tsatsoulines stretching book, I might add the Russian split to that. But by now it hurts when I split my legs with 90 degrees.. Might have to shift it to long term.

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