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I acknowledged just now that this is not wednesday... Well, anyway, here are the beginning stats for legs now. Really weak, but as always with new stuff, form right first.




Squats: 5x5 [60 kg]

Leg Presses: 4x8 [80 kg]

Lunges: 4x8 (per leg) [14 kg per hand]

Jump Squats: 3x10 [still have to do them, gym was too full]




30 mins of step machine, diff. 7/12

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Okay, since these exercises are more difficult than the previous ones I am

beginning with three only. Next week I should add calysthenics (the three I already tried before) and in a second moment the fourth/fifth one.

Oh, and I realized I am still among the weakest in the gym:)



30 mins of step machine, diff 7/12, 400 cal.




Flat Bench Press: 5x5 [35 kg]

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 4x8 [14 kg per hand]

Tricep Dips: 4 sets of 4 [helping me realize how fat my ass actually is!, they were more sixteen individual dips]


exercises to add here: Overhead Press, maybe curls for a bit of mass gain later on.

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I ll admit that I have dicked around with the weights today - but it was my first deadlifts,and I didnt want t break my back right at first try. I did a lot of reps with little with no weight in the two exercises that were new to me.


It was fun as hell, but I fell down sleeping as soon as I ate and went home.. poor my grades.



30 mins of step machine, 400 calories, diff 7/12




Deadlift 5x X [about 12 I think, weight was only 20 kgs]

Bent Over Rows 4x8 [16kg]

Lat Pulldowns 3x8 [45 kg]

Seated Row 4x8 [30 kg, difficult to keep arm right]

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Hello everybody! Hope you didnt miss me too much. My ISP had some problems and didnt let me connect for the whole week. This is what I wrote offline:




cardio: 35 mins step




squats sixty kg 5x5

Leg Press 2x8 100kg 2x8 90 kg

Lunges 2x8xleg sixteen kg per hand; 2x8 x14kg




Cardio: 20 minutes resistance training at school; got a 10/10 as being in the last five remaining!

Used to have really under average grades up to now, and my teacher hates me. It was hella satisfaction.




Cardio: 30 mins step



Bench Press : 5x5 35 kg. Good form, tried doing slower reps and I surely felt they were working better.

Inclined DB Bench Press: 4x8 sixteen, 14 kg per hand

Verticali 4x4 better done.




Cardio: 30 mins step




Deadlift: 30 kg 5x5 (my first kinda serous deadlifts! I like my form much better now, I think I can easily add 5-10 kg next time)


Bent Over Rows 4x8 (14-16 kg) (I believed form was good, my trainer didnt. I try to be as careful as I get on back exercises)


Lat Pulldowns 4x8 (40 kg)


Seated Row 4x8 (40 kg)

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So wh at has happened all week?

Did you hurt yourself?

Or is it exam week?

Just checking in to see what is up.


Oh, and you are right. I have the simulations for my final exams, so I will spend about 18 hours in 3 days being thoroughly examined. Since I have to study for the third, this week might not be exceptional for my fitness.


BTW, today I had calysthenics done, mostly since I slept the whole afternoon after math.


I reached my goal of 100 hindu squats without stopping!




3x10 standard pushups

1x100 hindu squats

2x10 hindu pushups

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Hardest Cardio Training EVER! I am mighty satisfied with myself; at the end I was sweating like theres no tomorrow and my glasses were impossible to see throughfor the heat and drops of sweat falling down. And my face was ridiculously red. Might have been fun for people watching me. I definitely am using the step machine only for weight training days, and the treadmill for other days.




Cardio: 5 mins warmup step machine

30 mins treadmill (hill program) diff. 7/12

12 mins HIIT treadmill diff 9/12





1/2 liter of water in the morning

1 liter of green tea at 2 pm

1/2 liter water as training

plus three or four glasses during meals.




07.00: Soy Milk 200 mL

Musli "Basis" 50 grams

Musli "Fruit" 100 grams


11: 100 grams seeds


14:Whole Rice 70 grams

100 grams beans


17: Seitan 100grams

Veggies mixed

35 grams almonds


19: Seitan 100 grams

Fruit mixed



total: 2280 calories, 253 carbs, 84 fats, 140 prot.

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Congrats on the Hindu squats!


And a big for the cardio training! Sounds like you are doing great!


Good luck on your exams!


My daughter is gearing up for her finals/exams to end her first year of college (and she has a little anxiety about them). Plus she has to pack up her stuff, and she has two days at home before she is off to work her summer job down in Ohio at a place called Cedar Point (amusement park).

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After a week of relax from physical activities its always nice to return to the gym!



35 mins of step machine, 475 calories, diff 7/12




Deadlift 5x X 5 [40 kg]

Bent Over Rows 4x8 [18kg]

Lat Pulldowns 4x8 [40-45 kg]

Seated Row 4x8 [30-35 kg]


The lat pulldowns were done with a closer grip this time, varying a bit the ankles. The 5 kgs less were because last time I was having a bad form, and I always prefer going easy on the back.

This said, I still feel I can add weight to my deadlift, so I plan on going to 100lbs for next time!



As for my diet, I had to extimate today, since I had to eat 4 of my meals outside. Still, it was mostly healthy as it gets and I could tell the caloric content..

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Nice day. I managed both a good weight lifting and a somewhat decent cardio - happy with the program. As of yesterday, my BF percentual is sixteen, dropping 2 percent from about two or three weeks ago. Weights unchanged, so I am either measuring badly or gaining LBM - we will see with the time. Still using an accu measure still, and the thing is intuitive as they come.



Squats: 5x5, 70 kg

Leg Presses: 4x8 [3x110kg, 1x100kg]

Lunges: 4x8 [2x16kg per hand, 2x14kg per hand]

Hindu Squats [still have to do]


Last time:

squats sixty kg 5x5

Leg Press 2x8 100kg 2x8 90 kg

Lunges 2x8xleg sixteen kg per hand; 2x8 x14kg


Diet: 2300 calories

Water: 1/2 liter in the morning

1/2 liter green tea afternoon

1 liter training

a couple of glasses during meals.

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Still having a sloppy internet, but still doing cardio and weights properly! But my legs hurt still from the squats, I must ponder whether to lower the weight or not for next time.




Cardio: 30 mins step machine 8/12




12 mins HIIT treadmill

5 mins elliptical



Bench Press : 5x5 40 kg. I can surely add to the weight, slowly.

Inclined DB Bench Press: 4x8 (1xsixteen, 1x14 kg per hand, 2x12

Verticali 4x4


Have to look into my loss of strength in the inclined bench press, when the standard one was easier to do, and with more weight.

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you know skot, sometimes it just depends on what you do first. I can push incline bench alot harder than the last week and because of all that extra exertion, when i follow up with flat bench, I cannot even do as much as the last week. Whatever you do first, usually you can exert more force.


Example. You squat first all the time and do a certain amount of weight. One week it becomes the 4th exercise on the totem pole for legs and you do other squats ahead like hack squats and perhaps a leg press. Most likely, you will not be able to squat as much as you did on the other days when you placed it first.


It shouldn't be a big cause for concern. It happens to me all the time and usually with bench more than anything as well like yourself.

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Incline also uses alot more small supporter muscles to get it the weight up: anterior deltoids for one, and the pectoralis MINOR is another. Flat bench is usually easier because you have the big strong pectoralis MAJOR to do most of the work (especially if it is on a Smith machine, or something that keeps it in an up and down stable motion, so the use of stablizier muscles are kept at a minimum).

Also, you fatigued the pec major in the first exercise, which brings the playing field to even when doing the incline presses (the pec major is spent, and the smaller pec minor and anterior delts come into play now).

Also, no matter what the weights say, it is all in how it feels. You know when a muscle is being used to its fullest (shaking on the last rep of the set) and that is where the growth will be. Like your legs hurting. You need to give them time to recoup with rest and nutrients (I don't think pushing cardio with legs should be used during a leg day or the day after if they are still hurting). Lose weight by just watching what you eat that day. More raw veggies instead of bars or any other sugar laced carbohydrates, and keep your protein up to provide aminos for the muscles to rebuild what you ripped to shreds the day before.

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