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WHERE THE UK HEADS AT??? new UK builder here!


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Whats up people. anybody else from the UK post here?

Very new to this so ill keep it brief.

Finished my first week of training and I'm loving it! so much fun.

My shedule has been nicely varied and iv been lucky to train with a mate who has his own gear at his house and is quite knowledgable about it!

so basically i get a personal trainer for free

Will do a before and after photo when its actually worth it!

no point putting a photo of me currently really is there?

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Welcome! Great to have you here!


To answer your question.... www.veganfitness.net is where most of the UK vegan athletes are.


We have a similar forum here that is more US based and they are more European based.


Both are good places to be. We're happy to have you here and we hope you stick around a while.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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been making progress in my first couple weeks!

although i went on tour with my band and lost a bit of weight lately but im hitting it hard this week!

got some pretty grim tasting pea protein! so might have to get some new stuff if i cant actually swallow it without wretching!

gunna try makin smoothie out of it in the morning!


but yeh! pea for the loose!

benched 70 today!

I weight under 11 stone so i thought that was pretty good for 2 weeks of training!

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Sup, there are definitely at least 5 people from the UK on the forum, 6 if you count me twice. I have family friends in Bristol, I haven't been for a long time. I understand that it's a vegan-friendly place. I'm in Norfolk, it's a bit vegan-unfriendly here, but can't complain, we have enough health food shops and stuff, even sell vegan toothpaste

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