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Troy - 4-8 mo. ("New Start" 2010 pics coming, stay tuned...)

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Someone needs to send this guy a Vegan Bodybuilding shirt ASAP!


i'm sure that would shock a good lot of people in a good way.


Thanks Lovegenius! but I have a couple already Even rockin one in the training vid I posted...link is in my signature..... good lookin out

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inspiring for sure broseph. that youtube video is badass!


Thanks man! I'm gonna put together another video in a couple months... once I get to a different gym, gain a bit of weight... try to make a better quality vid too...


the xzibit song in the background is crucial. You look more determined than anyone i've seen before. I counted those dips; 30......... beautiful!


I agree... its a "sleeper" song that gets me pumped... Next vid... new sleeper song... stay tuned...

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Just popping in to check your training .... awesomeness!


Thanks Denise, back at ya!


Wow, Troy! Your progress is amazing and inspiring! I look forward to seeing your next pics!


Thanks swanson2000 I appreciate the compliment! I plan on taking pics every 4 months. I feel that this is a substantial period of time to notice any significant gains visually. I don't foresee any major advances in my physique when I take my next pics. I have gained back virtually all of my old muscle and some new, so gains will be alot slower after this.... I think. I have been hampered by a shoulder problem as of late so I've trying to back off a little on training. I'm actually not looking forward to taking pics at the 8 month mark, I don't think much will have changed. However, in May I am switching gyms and starting to squat and I think I will make better gains once I can get at a rack, and the 1 year progression is what I'm looking forward to. No more candy weights.

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incredibly inspiring. i can't wait for my building's fitness center to be built. your body is amazing


Thanks tofutod... I appreciate the kind words...!


This is truly amazing. Very good job on the legs. They really rock! I was going to say inspiring but the characters got lost in my keyboard... they should have been gone to the gym to squat a little bit.
MAN! Monster thighs!


Thanks Lena01 and thatistheplan , but I feel they have a long way to go... I just started at my new gym today... I start squatting tomorrow for the first time in about 3 years, so hopefully I make some even better gains in the leg department.


Unfortunately, I have lost my camera. I have been looking all over for it for the past week so I can get some new pics up because its been 8 months now. My Canon SD800IS is missing in action... I might just have to use the 2mp camera on my phone....

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Updated, leg pic on page 1... appears like I lost definition, a tan, and gained virtually no mass. Training and diet were inconsistent the last 4 months. No worries though, this gives me more motivation to build up the legs up over the next 4. I'm finally in gym with a squat rack and did my first squat routine in over 2 years. I can barely walk today.

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Nice, chest is sticking out like crazy, back is getting thick, forearm has some weird thing sticking out of it. All looks good man!


Thanks for the progress pics!


I'd like to see you in one of our upcoming contests!

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Impressive Troy. Ever since I saw your training video, you have been an inspiration for me to be able to rep out pullups. You were ab le to do a good amount, I foget how many but I think it was a set of 15 in between a circuit of exercises after only 4 months of training. That was inspirational to me.


I wasn't able to do a single pullup and just recently a week ago, I was able to do about 3. I was super excited. It has been about 4 months of training for me. I hope to work up to doing lots again like I used to.


Physique looks wonderful all around. It seems you are perhaps a lefty as well, like myself, tuc and probably some others? Good stuff.


The bicep one arm pic looks like you just stuck your arm out to tease the cam and poked out a flex. Solid.


Keep up the good work, you will continue to be a driving force of motivation for myself as well as others.


The 'Legend of Troy' continues........

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