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Photos from my raw vegan potluck


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Here are a few photos from my raw vegan potluck on Feb. 1st. We had Paul Nison join us and give a presentation. He's super nice and full of energy and knowledge - if you get a chance to see him, definitely do.


Sorry some of these are a bit blurry and weird - my excuse is that I couldn't find my camera and was borrowing one. And no, this is big fancy room is not my living room - it's the clubhouse at my apartments.















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What is that chocolate-looking stuff?

It actually is chocolate stuff - I think she called it a raw chocolate mousse. Avocado, raw cacao, and some sort of sweetener - don't remember if it was agave or dates or what. Scored very high on the yum scale.


Excellent, looks like there was enough of it. I hate it when people don't make enough of the good stuff

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I totally missed the photo with Paul at first. He's a friend of mine. We hung out a time or two in the past. I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I don't think I fully agree with anyone. He is a nice guy and I certainly like him as a person. I have 3 of his books too.

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