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I am going to Mexico for vacation and all though i think the resort staff should be fluent in English i thought i should be prepared. How do you say No Meat, No Eggs, No Dairy in spanish? Also is there a spanish word for vegan?


Thanks for any help.



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"No meat" = No carne

"No milk" = No leeche (not sure if that's the correct spelling, but it's pronounced "lay-cha")

"No eggs" = No huevos

"No chicken" = No pollo

"No fish" = No pescado

Milk is leche, and it's more of a "lay-chay" sound.


I usually start with:

Soy vegeteriano que no consume nigun producto que provenga de un animal...


Then proceed to list all the stuff Odidnetne said, just to make sure.



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