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Need a Computer Wizard to help me...


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Hey all. If anyone here is interested in helping me I need someone to help me set up a discussion board -- it is not a "vegan" site (though, I'm vegan so in that sense it will be) and not a bodybuilding/exercise, etc. site; so no competition issues with this one.


I need you from step 1 because I am not only clueless, but have tried setting up one and been unable to work through even the supposedly "easiest" of the freebies. Too much stuff I don't understand and that doesn't make sense to a novice like myself.


I like the ease and set up/ look of the Invision Free boards I've used in the past. They have also moved or upgraded or something to Zeta Boards, but, again, I'm clueless on it all, and don't know if I'd even like the layout...

Don't need anything complicated at this time. I also don't know how to even purchase an upgrade to a board, which I will probably want to do later, once I get the general feel of the free board (with your help) without having to pay online. I prefer snail mail or phone, if that's even possible??!!


Anyway, as you see, I AM totally clueless on how to even start much less run one. So I'd need your help for a bit after you set it up -- to be available for me to pm or ask you questions. Obviously, you will have access to the administration of the board -- for a while at least .


I will pay you a one-time fee for your help; we can talk about that...


You have to have experience, of course!


Any suggestions on favorite types of boards are welcome. You can pm me and/or post suggestions here.





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By the way, your obligation to the board will be a limited time! You will not be forever tied to it or even to help beyond a set time we agree upon. so don't worry 'bout that. We will work all that out. Hopefully, I will learn the basics quickly and not keep you too long

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