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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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I feel like posting poundages on the daily and jotting down each individual exercise can be taxing, repetitive and difficult to look through. I will post a short summary once a week of results and noteworthy accomplishments and perhaps sometimes in between weeks if something really exciting happens for me and I wish to share.


Quick Background Info: Have not been in the gym for 1 1/2 years and completely inactive for 8 months. Excessive weight gain from september - december from overeating. In the past have accomplished many feats in the field of being an advanced athlete (won a bb comp, ran 1/2 marathons, cycled 150+ miles at a time, played collegiate tennis, powerlifted for a brief spell successfully, used to be a personal trainer) so I expect muscle memory to be in my favor for producing fantastic and quick results.


January 1st 08, 1st day back. First two weeks will be spent getting acclimated to basic exercises and upping cardiovascular fitness level as much as possible to enhance the resistance training and overall health level.


The Workout: I will perform the same exercises and repeat this cycle 5 times before switching it up. No supersets, drop sets, negatives, working on weaknesses. Just trying to build a solid foundation for future work on growth, strength.


4 sets and twelve repetitions per exercise

There will be no rest in between days or at the end of a cycle unless my body asks for it or something gets in the way.


Day 1: Chest / Calves / Core

Day 2: Upper Back / Forearms

Day 3: Lower Back / Traps / Obliques

Day 4: Shoulders / Calves

Day 5: Arms

Day 6: Legs / Traps / Core


Cardio: Indoor / Outdoor / Machines what have you


The Diet: 100% raw but Less nuts / seeds / gourmet and more juices, fresh produce, seaweeds, algaes, grasses and superfoods. Dieting down and very reduced caloric intake to melt away unnecessary bf but subject to change as by body will gradually wish for more fuel, I suspect.


Starting stats: 198 lbs, 12% bf, very weak and out of shape, basically feel

like a noob. how did this happen!!!

Goal Stats: 170-180lbs and sub 8% bf within 3 month time frame but

weight is only a number so it will all depend and time will tell.


Before pictures taken on January 10th. After pictures will be taken on February 10th and placed in the proper forum shortly and will be taken every two months thereafter and posted.


A thank you in advance for any support and motivation thrown my way. Suggestions and criticism is always welcome!

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First day of resistance training, January 17th.


Week 1: 1/21 - 1/27


Resistance Training:

-Took one day off but on that day off still played 10 games of racquetball, what can i say it is addictive!

-Completed cycle 1/5

-Feeling sissy and weak. End of the workout exercises are challenging but I finish them. You gotta start somewhere.

-Squats still feel like death, i used to love them. At least deadlifts feel okay and gave me no problems.



-Played 34 games of racquetball.

-Not that sluggish on the court anymore. My body is no longer playing catch up with my past skill level. The first two weeks of January were horrendous. Win/Loss ratio is increasing.


-Got new racquet to replace the old one with stale strings and a cracked frame.

-Also some more rball gloves to alternate in between games as they tend to get sweated up quickly.

-Got a big gym bag to carry all the goodies that enhance and optimize the gym experience and hold my racquets.



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Week 2: 1/28 - 2/03

Resistance Training:

-Total time: 8 hrs 27 minutes

-Increased poundages in every single exercise

-Finished cycle 2/5



-19 games racquetball

-1 hr session sunday on an elliptical trainer.

-still afraid of the cold so no outdoor activity; i really gotta get over it and step my game up.



-Performed a 7 day 'juice' fast (1/26 - 1/31). 4 days dark green leafy juice and 3 day veg and fruit juice combo (sparingly on the fruit juice).

-Stats 189lb, 12%bf (i wonder if the bf on the tanita is inaccurate). Prob will gain some water weight back next week.

-got new kicks for rball

-got bluetooth behind the neck headphones for the ipod. It will be nice to get amped up to tunes. I was never one for wires all over while I am trying to lift.

-spilled green juice in bag on two separate occasions. I have to start closing the tops better!

-fake front tooth came out during a workout. Damn that taxi who struck me last May while I was on my bicycle and had on gear and lights brighter than his shiny yellow car.

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Those scales are crap...I say toss it. I've used a few different ones and found that I'm capable of losing over 10% of my bf in one workout...for course thats not true its just those things don't work.

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Week 3: 2/04 - 2/10


Resistance Training:

-Total Time: 7hrs

-Took one day off but cycled outdoors 14 miles.

-Completed cycle 3/5

-This week increased most poundages by 10lbs on exercises instead of

5lbs. Something is clicking. Wonder if last week's fast had anything to do

with it by breeding a cleaner body.

-Actually smiled uncontrollably while doing all 4 sets of reg squats and 4

sets of sumo squats. Finally, they are starting to feel good again! what a




-Played 14 games of racquetball. (12-2). getting faster.

-Braved the cold; cycled outdoors for a total of 42 miles. Next week will probably be too cold (temps will be in the teens)




-realized that weak forearms are hampering progression in almost every

exercise. Made a homeade "wrist ripper". you could always buy one, i

feel they are exceptional for forearm/wrist/grip strength. Forearms are

deadly sore, OUCH.

http://www.wristripper.com/how.html <-- a must IMO, like nothing else

out there.

-Adapted 'SeaSiren's' Rock n Burn calves method she so graciously

explained to me. Calves hate me now but they will thank me later.

-cateye spedometer installed on bicycle to gauge approximate mileage and



finding it hard to undereat. feeling hunger constantly. Gained all lost weight from fast back. Although several people noted how I have 'leaned' out which is why I am not getting upset when the scale denotes me heavier than when I started. Must be some muscle gain also. Will take pictures tomorrow hopefully and get a better idea. Still would desperately love to lean out quite a bit. Have to figure out a way to regulate appetite.

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Decided to brave the snow and pt it yesterday. Wasn't about to miss the first day of my last cycle for this program. Plus it was a chest workout. It must be the bulk greens that came in the mail two days ago. Been chugging away ever since. My wonderful greens! sigh...........




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Tasha and Belleadonna, thank you very much for the support, it is most appreciated


Week 4: 2/12 - 2/18


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 7 1/2hrs

-Took one day off but played 6 games of racquetball

-Finished cycle 6/6, time to create a new workout

-Did 30 incline pushups outside of gym (wish i did more)



-Played 33 games of racquetball

-Took 28 mile bicycle ride outdoor on friday (too windy and rainy this week)




-beat two skilled players in racquetball; one of whom I never beat, even

when I was in top shape 2 yrs ago.

-Finished the 6 cycle program I designed.

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Here are the biggest accomplishments in the Iron department. I took 1-2 exercises from each workout to show the progress that was made. The program was from January 17th - February 18th

(I would imagine some osf the drastic increases were because of muscle memory, in that I have lifted alot in the past, just took a very long break from the gym)



These figures represent the 4th set of work on each exercise.


Cycle 1Cycle 6

Sumo and Regular Squats: 125 x 12 to 185 x 12

Adduction Machine : 100 x 12 to 135 x 12

Incline Flyes : 15 x 12 to 35 x 12

Lat Pulldowns : 100 x 12 to 130 x 12

Stiff leg Roman Deadlifts : 75 x 12 to 155 x 12

Reverse Pec Deck : 60 x 12 to 80 x 12

T-Bar Preacher Curls : 45 x 12 to 60 x 15

Close grip barbell press : 65 x 12 to 95 x 12

Hammer Strength Shrugs : 170 x 12 to 230 x 12

Forearm barbell curls : 40 x 12 to 60 x 12


the biggest upset to myself was the fact that I do not yet have enough muscle growth and low bf to show vascularity. I am hoping to change that over the course of the next routine. I want to see the bicep vein cawling down my arm again like it used to. But I am being realistic in that nothing happens overnight and at least I made good gains in strength.

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Okay, time to change things up! Friends and others said since i'm just starting up again that I can keep doing the same routine longer but I have always changed things up every 4-6 weeks no matter what. It keeps me interested and keeps my body extra responsive.


The New Workout: I will perform the same exercises and repeat this cycle 8 times before switching it up. Still trying to focus on foundation but also dropping the rep range to 'bodybuilding' growth phase for some optimal growth.


3 sets and 8 repetitions per exercise. On some major exercises, like deadlifts, squats and bench press, will do 6 sets. Note: This will be the first time I am performing the barbell bench press since I started up again. I was only using dumbells up until now.


I will be supersetting and dropsetting with forearms, caves and core but nothing else yet. Most likely will be next routine.


There will be no rest in between days or at the end of a cycle unless my body asks for it or something gets in the way.


Day 1: Shoulders / Forearms / Calves

Day 2: Lower Back / Traps / Core

Day 3: Upper Back / Triceps / Forearms / Calves

Day 4: Chest / Triceps / Traps / Core

Day 5: Legs / Forearms /


Cardio: Indoor / Outdoor / Machines what have you

(Racquetball, jump rope, elliptical (the wave) , spin classes perhaps, outdoor jogging and cycling).


Signed up for 4 races this march with the nyrrc ranging from 3 - 6.2 miles. I want to run my 9 races this year so that I can qualify for guaranteed entree to the NYC Marathon in 2009. I intend on running it next yr if possible. All depends on how wel I condition myself. I have never run more than 13.2 miles in a clip and that felt exhausting but dooable when I was in shape. But where there is a will there is a way!


The Diet: Same as bf 100% raw, will give a better shot at lessening fat intake, which has been very challenging but I will continue to make efforts. Fat, which used to be my friend has become my arch enemy. Funny how the tables turn. Continue to increase algae intake and adjust body to it.


Starting stats: 198 lbs, faster and in much better shape, able to move much more fluidly on the court and pedal faster. Jogging is slow


Goals: Put on good size as now a good endurance base has been built by the higher reps. get back to jogging at a medium to brisk pace outdoors. 10min p/mile is slow, want to get below 8:30 p/mile for 3-7 mile runs.


I have already started this routine yesterday, so the earliest it can be finished is around April 1st. Will probably take pictures then and post accordingly.

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Thanks Josh! I miss Arizona. The Gentle Strength Co-Cop was such a cool place to shop and everyone was so nice out there. That is how I actually first heard about nopalitos. I want to hear stories about you going out to Camelback and sprinting it up and down on one leg and such. You guys have such great weather out there, I envy it. It's like 35 degrees out here and it has been windy/rainy/snowy lately.

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I'm going to run my first race (will probably be a jog for me, though, as I haven't trained for racing yet) this Sunday.


NYRRC Al Gordon 4 Mile Run (Central Park, 8am)


It seems the last time I raced was in May 06'. It will be so refreshing to get back out there amongst the crowd of athletes. I want to qualify for the nyc marathon 2006 (9 races in 08 + 1 volunteer for a race). I don't know if I will run it but I certainly want to push myself to do so. It has been a desire for a very long time and I need to make it happen. I can't imagine how good it would feel to complete a prestigious event like that. When I volunteered, I was at the finish line and you should have seen the faces of those finishing. So many people were in tears.


Here is my past race history:




As you can see, my pace was never anything special but at least I was out there and hey, I did the mile in 6:35 once upon a time, not too shabby. I also used to have a girlfriend so I would jog slower but whatever that is all old news. I am a slow ass now and my goal is to get back to my old pace and exceed it.


Here's to a return back to running!


Will also start to enter in some cycling events, one step at a time. I'll probably wait until the OA application process is finalized and jpoin up with the crew for some training sessions and events on the bicycle.

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New Workout:


Week 1 2/18 - 2/24


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 5 hours 56 minutes

-Rested saturday but also cycled 33miles outdoors

-Finished cycle 1/8

-Did 50 pushups at home



Approx Total Time: 6 hours

-Played 8 games of racquetball (2 days)

-Jogged 6 miles outdoors (2 days)

-Cycled 33 miles outdoors (1 day)



-Getting SWOL after 5 minutes into each workout and sore next day. In

the beginning, wouldn't get a pump until the next 2 days, very pleased.

-First barbell bench press of the year. Something about loading up two

45lb plates and repping out felt very magical, like fulfilling a major void in

my life. Best feeling i've had in a very long time, probably since my last

bench press.

-Showed up for 4m race on wrong day. Races usually on sunday, was on

saturday, messed up; pissed it was supposed to be the first race of the


-Got first look at VBBF gear. PT looked at 'Vegan' knit hat and had a

mystified look on his face, yeh that's right buddy Vegan bodybuilder


-Decided to ss and dropset the very set set of the very last exercise for

each bodypart every workout to get a little extra burn.

-OA mailed me back and said the cycling nyc team is at capacity (sucks)

but they welcome me to train with them whenever and they expressed

interest in starting up a running squad. I might just have to organize


-Met the 'Gym Nazi' of the gym open late on weekends. 1 minute before

closing time, he screams at all to get out, gyms closed. 2 minutes later,

he chases you out the locker room and yells again...

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you are going to turn into the jolly GREEN giant




as far as the color, this guy is perfect. I think I may have to paint on some dark green body paint if I ever compete again. That should shock the crowd, haha.


But as for this guy's physique, C'MON! He's quite fit but he isn't a hardcore bb. I think we need to get richard to edit this guy's features and make him bigger and give it more of a bb appeal. His legs are too narrow; they look like a slighlty beefed up victoria's secret model's legs. I want to see quads bulging out man!


Anyway, it's still a great dude to be compared to so thanks.


And if I ever go out to compete, I want my trophy to look exactly like this one

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Week 2: 2/25 - 3/2


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 10hrs 45min

-Took saturday off, pulled an all nighter friday night

-Finished cycle 3/8

-Did 75 pushups at home



-Approx Total Time: 7 1/2 hours

-Played 8 games of racquetball

-Jogged 13 1/2 miles outdoors (including 5k race on sunday for nyrrc)

-Cycled only 30 miles outdoors



-A lot more time spent resistance training with this new program.

-Vein Report. Had no vascularity when I started. Since then, forearms

have developed noticeable vascularity and the arm veins are slowly

creeping up from the ends but not full blown yet, arrrrgh!

-Calluses on hands developed immediately as a result of heavy shrugs

and deadlifts. Getting used to the new and improved grip, i love it!

-Got complimented on my chest at a party on friday night even though

imo, i'm still small, felt good.

-Been hittin forearms very very hard and it shows but really weird, i've

been trying to even out symmetry by hitting right forearm harder with

ss's and it's a tad stronger at this point then my left forearm but still

noticeably small, i don't get it...

-Ran race with my sister who gave up meat for lent and her fiance today,

dummers and bag pipe played throughout the whole event, really cool!

-Did sets of unassisted dips for the first time again, 3 sets 6-8 reps per

set. Can't wait to add weight to them

-One more league game left on monday and then the finals, which I will be

in and I hate to mention that because I don't want to jinx myself but

whatever, i'm excited! I want to bring that trophy home for team


-My home turf extended weekend hours to 8pm, yipee

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Week 3: 3/3 - 3/9


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 4hrs 52min

-Rested monday, then got very ill on friday. Still bed ridden




-Approx total time: 3hrs, 15min

-Played 13 games racquetball



-Made it into racquetball league finals

-Fell very ill friday night, fever escalated up to 103.3 and I am still bed

ridden; horrible cough as well. Missed fri, sat and sun. Will probably not make it into the gym until


-probably lost some weight as I can barely eat fruit.

-On a good note, co-workers I haven't seen in 2 mos, saw me and

immediately commented on how 'strong' I look. They couldn't believe it

and one wanted my number to train with me and get help on diet, felt

really good.

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It must be the bulk greens that came in the mail two days ago. Been chugging away ever since. My wonderful greens! sigh...........



I was curious what was chlorella... I checked on the net and it seems like a very interesting source of proteins, with many good things like the chlorophyll to name just one. Perhaps more interresting than spirulina. I'm wondering if it's good for my blood type though. I'm "A", it's not in the list of food in my Adamo book, but it says to avoid blue-green seaweeds...

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Not sure what to tell you on that one bud. I read a book like that once, eat right for your blood type and it told me that b/c i am a type O blood, that I should be eating mostly meat and that I would do very poorly on a vegetable based diet yet here I am. I don't know anything about your Adamo book, however, so I cannot critique.


What I can tell you, is that chlorella is in fact, like you say, a good source of protein and is also a extremely good heavy metal detoxifier. One thing to note though, like other blue green algaes (klamath lake blue-green, etc...), it doesn't exactly taste too good. Spirulina tastes much better. I'd recommend combining the two together and throwingt some berries in the smoothei or something.


Spirulina, I can chug with plain ol' water straight up without a problem. I even find it quite pleasurable. When it comes to chlorella, I cannot say the same. I can do it but the experience is not enjoyable unless I mix in some fruit or something.

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(...) a good source of protein and is also a extremely good heavy metal detoxifier.


thanks for info. But I forgot to ask something. I've read also that it takes all the pollution molecules in the air where it grows, so it is important to buy from a good company that grows it far from any pollution. You suggest me your brand... "Yaeyama" I think ?

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Thanks for all the info in the mail.

It's quite an expensive product but I'm sure it's worth it. Perhaps I'll try some in the future.

For the Blood type diet, I'm surprised. I was sure you had vegetarian blood (A), like most people here I guess. 75% of world population is Type A. That make sense, 3/4 humans should be vegetarian or vegan... maybe the rest tolerate better the meat, but that don't mean they should eat some everyday and at each meal.


Are you sure your blood is Type "O" ?

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