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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Nice I am currently committing to high raw. I will try to be close to 100 percent next week as a test.

We will see how I react. Anyway! I am glad to see you back on. I been wondering whatz up with you and your new job?


Hope all is well.

- Rain

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hey all,


Been incognito and inactive and not necessarily back to raw or training yet. Still teetering on going head first into it. Actually got the the gym today, FINALLY. I think I can do it. All I need is the final push of will amidst all the crap that's been going on in my life. Still much more to tackle (trying to get a mortgage and then affording it specifically) but I think it's happening shortly. Last workout was a month ago. Today felt good. It felt GREAT. I still need my month of consistent attendance in the weight room and then I can resume a normal bbing hardcore. I'll keep all posted. If i'm training, i'll be posting regularly. Fingers crossed to stay committed stat as in now!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey cuz, just wanted to pop in a say hello... Opening the gym monday - need to stock up to distibute for vpro. .. Call me about that when u ve got time. Other than that sorry I've been so busy lately - really wanting to come visit and do a super show end of the year august - dec... Let me know. Well talk to u soon! Send dani my love!!

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loved reading this!

I e-mailed u about the bilk chorella/spirulina!

Vegan 18 years here..

HIGH raw last 5 years 70% to 100% long stretch of times...

Involved in fitness since I was in high school


Been a PT a fitness instructor, bootcamp instructor, currently on 11th year of teaching high school PE and also teaching hot yoga!

In Toronto, moving to Vancouver this summer!

You're in Oregon?

Would love to come to visit ya!

I am going to be having a LOT of time off once I move and am wanting to get serious into lifting...

BUt wanna do it 100% raw!

U have not answered the question

what do u eat on a daily baises...or when u were raw...





I invite anyone here who is vegan more so into RAW vegana to add me on Facebook

Victoria Conde.

My pic is currently of my cat!


PS - that pic of the old lady.,...that's ann wigmore

Check out the ann wigmore institute in puerto rico!!!

been there, done that!!


Still shudder at the thought of wheatgrass though...YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Butya....spirulina is yummy, chorella is ok


I want it in bulk..HELP!!!

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Spirilina is yummy? Are u on drugs? If so what kinds!?! Its terrible!! I still have most that u sent me lng btw!! I only choke it down when I feel its absolutely necessary! 95 -99/ raw here.. Het back to it cuz!!! will add you Victoria Conde

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  • 2 months later...

Looking into 24hr instead of local gym that is no longer local. Pretty cool gym partner once I start,racquetball partner also. Thendanisays will be my nutrition buddy, Y.E.A. B.U.D.D.Y. only so long i can just talk the talk; stay tuned. I'll be out here shortly getting good ole muscle memory in check. How else can I catch up to Tuc's maddening avatar?!?!!??

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  • 3 months later...

Oh my how the time has flown without a consistent training or diet regimen. I promised myself an early new years resolution and I am sticking to my guns. Caring for our landlords dog who we raised $ for a succefful surgery. She needs round the clock care so no training for another week or so unfortunately..


Before the end of November I will be on track!


On a side note, I had a 2 week consistent routine gojng and counting and then my roomate got psychotic and belligerent. She has now since moved out (not dani, my love).


It's been an extremely challenging year and I am happy to get through it on a high note once I get the opportunity to. It's not a matter of if only a matter of when.


Stay posted, I hope to be much more active on VBBF also... I hope :fingers crossed:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Vegan Joe and hsorlando.


Early New Year's Resolution Progress


So here is what happened to me after the two competitions in April 2009 (new pics of starting all over will be posted in the 2011 photos thread and my own of course).


I had dedicated 3 months of intense 5+ hours and 2+ workouts a day every single day from Jan09-Apr09 to be contest ready for VeganBrothersInIron. I needed to. Without that effort, it would not have been possible to have a presence considering the condition I was in before we started on a spontaneous idea. It went awesome! I had a blast and many things changed in my life for the better. Unfortunately... My life balance was suffering greatly b/c it was all one sided on the documentary. A character strength and also flaw of mine is to have a one track mind. Sigh. My relationship with dani took a huge backseat and my career was non existent (aka I had no money and 'thendanisays' had been paying for everything). Well, that needed to change. I found a lucrative position and worked my tail off 66+ hours a week. Not to mention to hours put into www.veganproteins.com on top of this to continue fundraising efforts and grow the site. I also had to mend my relationship. These things all took time... all of my time. I went on the fast track to being completely absent from the gym and exercise. One day turned into a week to a month and more than a year. I couldn't get back onto a program.


May 2009 - Dec 2009.. 17 workouts total.

Jan 2010 - November 2010.. 20 workouts total


There was no consistency of pattern developing other than me trying and failing over and over. Well, I decided to take a less demanding job in August, the time and effort but into a loving relationship has since grown a foundation of trust and understanding and I made myself an early New Year's Resolution. My gut told me that this time, I was going to make it and I did!!


Goal 3 workouts a week consistently. Do this for a month and then we'll talk body. Then we can set up a program, more goals and get on track as a whole. The delicate balance is going strong and I am growing stronger.


17 workouts in December 2010!!!!!! I did it!

4+ workouts a week surpassing my goal by 5 workouts this month. Fantastic.


This shows me that I am here to stay and therefore I will be on vbbf more too b/c quite frankly, I miss everyone and this positive environment sooo much! I hope that I budget enough time to post everyday like the good ole times. For sure, i'll be around with at least a journal and some other posts. Here's to the early new year's resolution being successful and carrying over right into 2010 with a bang!


Highlight of today's workout: Deadlifts 205x10, 245x10, 265x10. still got it... somewhat

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ended Week 6 of being back into the gym with 5 workouts. Took off sat and sun mainly b/c my body is just plain tired and is asking for a break. I don't want to overtrain. Got to the gym today of course and who works out at my gym..? The Portland Star on this season from 'The Biggest Loser'. He looks absolutely amazing and is pushing harder than ever. I go to tell Robert and he promptly tells me that a Ed the vegan trainer is his personal trainer. How freakin' awesome!!! Going to introduce myself and tell him that he rocks when I get a chance. Needless to say the cardio workout for me today was very inspired.


So here is the workout for the next 4-7 weeks that i've created for myself. Cardio is optional...


Mon: 30min-1hr cardio (traps/forearms/calves if they haven't been trained recently)

Wed: 30min-1hr cardio (traps/forearms/calves if they haven't been trained recently)

Fri: Snowboarding all day or other cardio substitute preferably outdoors.


Each exercise is 4 sets and 10 repetitions.


Tues: Bi's, Abs, Legs

barbell crls,

dumb bell preacher curls

Decline crunches



Hack Squats

Leg Extensions


Thurs: Chest

Decline Bench Press

Incline Dumbell Press

Flat Dumbell Press

Cable press flyes


Saturday: Lower Back, Shoulders


Good Mornings

Seated shoulder dumbell press.

Hammer Strngth machine for shoulds


Sunday: Upper Back, Triceps.

Dumbell Rowa

Lat Pulldowns

Assisted pullups both wide + narrow_


Hope to add more info during the week. Exhausted, time for be. Goodnight!

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