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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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Thanks John V, oneoranother and RC.


Lobsterrific. Yeh it is pretty cool. I found out it is a different biggest loser that has a local vegan trainer to support her efforts. Either which way, it is awesome the one of the main trainers on the show is Vegan!!!


So week end recap will have to be short and sweet b/c as usual, been hectic busy.


So to go back a bit, I started back up on dec17th and this is week 7 of my getting back into it. Not as hard as I could push. Mainly a time thing. Still devoting a fair amount of time to the gym and i'm sure that will only increase >:-)



Gym/Workout Days = Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun


Mon: 30min cardio medium to high intensity

Tuesday: Biceps and Abs (finally can train my abs directly without them already being sore)

Wednesday: Chest day, BIG

Saturday: 1.5 hrs stretching

Sunday: Shoulders, Triceps


Weight: same as 3 weeks ago, 194.5 However, I am seeming to look leaner. I would saying i've lost some bodyfat and gained some lean body mass. Works for me!


This week I purposely avoided vigorous training with resistance and any back or leg movements. It seems like I have been overtraining. Decided to give my back a break this week and get it on hard next weekend. Feels a lot better already.


Ok well, goodnight forum members. ttys ZZZzzz....

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RC YB2.11, straight up gas!


johnboy74. Thanks That pic is from april 2009. I don't look like that on the outside now however I will work towards another competition. I am thinking summer or fall of 2012. >:-)


So I have been so delayed in writing my journal entries however I have been working out!!



WEEK 8: 01/17 - 01/23 (4 workouts)

WEEK 9: 01/24 - 01/30 (3 workouts, needed rest!)

WEEK 10: 01/31 - 02/06 (6 workouts, rested sunday)


Week 9 was the first week since I started training again in december, that I had a week with only 3 gym sessions. Considering I only wanted to commit to 3 sessions a week, i'd say it's still a win. Anyhow, I burned it up on week 10.


Started up with some creatine on Feb 2 and will prob run it through the end of march.


Last summer was the first summer that I have not been lean in over a decade. I am getting back up to speed for this year and then come late fall, beginning to bulk hardcore for next years competition. For now, one step at a time..


Started training with Jason Morris a fellow forum member/bber who knows his stuff like whoa. We will be training together on Mon, Sat and Sun and maybe more schedule permitting. I'm very excited for this.


I am putting up some big numbers very quickly with the lower body however my lower back is asking me for a break. I am going to listen. Deadlifts 280lbs on 4th set 10 reps, 265 for squats same idea. Decline barbell press is up to 185. Taking my time with this and making sure not to re injure my rotator cuff.


Ok well off to get some shut eye. Take care

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I am putting up some big numbers very quickly with the lower body however my lower back is asking me for a break. I am going to listen. Deadlifts 280lbs on 4th set 10 reps, 265 for squats same idea. Decline barbell press is up to 185.

Dang-Heck yeah those are some insane numbers!! Well done. I understand the lower back issues-No fun, but you still have some great numbers there.


Thanks for getting up at 4AM to take me to the airport

Now that's a true friend.

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  • 1 month later...

http://www.veganproteins.blogspot.com <--- to skip my long winded update on life and to get to current training + nutrition


Sooooo after week 13, everything went downhill for me for about a month. I had house guests and it just took up too much of me. I am going to keep the focus on me or a bit now. It's something I never do. It's nice to put your heart out there but at what expense. I wind up at a loss and in the end get hurt.


Then from stress (I swear if there is ever anything that'll get me it's this, I work too much and am always on overdrive) and the call center environment I work in part time, I caught flu like symptoms. I was bedridden for 2ish days and pretty bad for about a week.


thendanisays moved back in with me just recently (almost together 3 years now since vv08 YB). Although it is great and the chemistry is just plain awesome, it still took a lot out of us in both time and focus.


Well, working out together has also seemed to be an inexplicable challenge for us. You think it would be a no brainer. Two vegans, living together, workout and fitness buffs, passionate about cooking, what's the deal? I don't have an answer for you, we just always seemed to have different preference for training and it somehow got in the way for us both.


That time is over starting 8 days ago. We are blogging about it as well. thendanisays has really wanted to try p90x, mainly because of the transformations she has seen from those who followed it. Me, your classic iron lifting simple dude, I was a skeptic and initially not interested. But this was a way or us to bond to commit to train together with the potential for great results! I'm in.


We modified the nasty recommended meal and veganized it!

We went through week 1 of training




This will be updated regularly and of course I will come back here weekly to share personal thoughts, etc and catch up with the forum. I'll get back here consistently soon enough!

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You have a full plate. All you can do when you fall is get back up and keep running.


Been unloading a lot off my plate. Downsized my workweek from 100 hrs per week last year between the bank and Vegan Proteins to about 60 hours a week. Now I can train consistently and it feels terrific


I am shortening it up even further to 45-50 hours total working much less for someone else which feels better too starting in July.


latest update day 30 Vegan Proteins Blog on me and thendanisays progress/photos/info


We took photos which you can find in the link up above and I have to say I am very satisfied with the P90x program and our Veganized version of their diet plan. Today is the start of Phase II, 60 more days to go. I reckon it will most likely be back to weights afterwards. For now though this program a great well rounded program.


Since starting this 30 days ago, I've dropped about 12lbs, gained a ton of flexibility, good strength and cardiovascular gains as well.


Although i've always gotten the exact results i've wanted on my own programs it's interesting to follow one mapped out for you that is in the mainstream.


We have also been getting into acro yoga:


It's pretty hardcore and we are just at the beginning stages. I am confident though with the new focus on a flexible body for the first time in my life, we will progress nicely. It is such a connecting and rewarding experience!


That's about it for now.

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Since my last goal which was accomplished in April 2008, I have been back and forth with getting into a consistent routine and creating a goal / mark to achieve.


This needs to stop. There will be a mark in sight and I fortunately VBBF is here to motivate!


It will be good fun to work closely with two other forum members together on Team Vegan Proteins. We all have different goals however we will be working together towards achieving them. More to follow on our group progress, etc.


Late night for me, all too common.


I basically want to catch up and say hey, eh?


I did get a workout in today and one on 31st. I will be getting in 4 gym sessions, 1 yoga session and at least 1 cardio session every week. End of week progress / recap and daily updates will be on the way


Today was simple and it will be for another month or two. Get moving, get basics down. With the consistency everything else will flow.


Deadlifts 225x10 4 sets

Good Mornings 115x10 4 sets

Hyperextension BWx10

Forearm dumbbell curls 35x10 4 sets

Rev Forearm dumbbell curls 20x10 4 sets


Shoulders tomorrow.


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Thanks NicholasWeir! Trying my darndest to enjoy every bit of life John V


R.C. yea... BHUDDAY!


It was quite the thrill being mentioned in the New York Times today! I can't wait to pick up a copy tomorrow.


I had every intention on training during lunchtime. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of demand for my work at the other job. I was so bogged down on my 11hr shift that I skipped out on all 3 15 min breaks and only took a 30min lunch instead of the full hour. It is my choice of course but to me there was no choice. Work needed to be done. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of my workout and I couldn't catch up with it tonight. Came home to do some online work (off to do that now). Blah blah blah. NO EXCUSES!


I get out early tomorrow and can train right after work since I have a meeting at lunch and then hit up fri, sat and sun and still meet my training goals.


Got 150g+ of protein in today so making sure to ramp up the caloric intake and get that protein in as well. Time to make some moves!


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Hey welcome back! You can make this happen. The hardest part is making the time to do it. Is it possible to have a couple of back up plans for when work gets out of hand? Jump rope, straps, bands, ab ball, a few weights... walking lunges and dips... you know what I mean! Have fun, G!

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How about we hold each other accountable. I keep letting my busy schedule get the best of me too! And so then I don't get to the gym either. In the end their all just excuses, but good ones unfortunately. But when your passionate about aomething you find a way to make it work, excuses and all! Happy lifting!

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I completely agree Hsorlando. You find a way to make your passion work


vivalasvegans, I should have more backup plans.


I fell short of my weekly goal, which is to get 4 pumping iron sessions in, 2 cardio sessions, 1 yoga session, 1 stretching session.


The good news though is that I am working towards it and I am going to not get discouraged. I'll get there by the end of the month and then it's ON!


Gym session1: 12 sets of Chest

Gym session2: 9 sets of lower back

Gym session3: 9 sets of shoulders, 6 sets of forearm.


All barbell and dumbbell work. Workouts were in between 30min - 1hr.


This week I will be training mainly during lunch I will start the weeks with Legs, Upper Back, Bis and Tris.


Team VeganProteins will be making some noise this year, stay tuned.

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The good news though is that I am working towards it and I am going to not get discouraged. I'll get there by the end of the month and then it's ON!


Don't quit. We're all here to support you. Vegan brothers & sisters!


Hey ICanDoThis!!!!!


Oh I have no intentions on letting setbacks taking over this time around. Mid week report looking good!


I have gotten to the gym the last 4 days in a row. Wooo ha!


So far I am going during my lunch. Between getting there and back plus changing I get about a solid 30 minutes in and sometimes a touch more. 12-18 sets depending, not too shabby. The idea is to get a consistent routine going and then gradually build on it. Forget all or nothing, my wiser self is striking a balance now so that this will be a permanent, Jack Lalanne lifestyle. No more hitting a goal for the sake of that goal and then falling off the wagon. It's a life long journey and I want to be on my path for good


So 4 resistance training workouts, CHECK! Now 2 30min cardio sessions, 1 30min stretching session and 1 1 hour yoga session and we can call it a week. Going to get as close to this mark as possible.


Eventually within a month's time or so, I will be going to the gym after work when i'm out early (2-3 times a week) and this will be in addition to the lunch workouts. That will give me the time I need to be sure and get contest ready. It will take time and dedication. Here goes!


As for nutrition, I am getting in 25g protein shakes 7 times a day, the last one no later than around 8pm, depending on when I get up. One shake every 2 hours , 175g. Other calories from whole food sources and whatever we have stocked in the pantry.


I really REALLY want to build right now BUT.. there is someone's life that I may be able to save.... My future father in law, Wally. He suffered a major heart attack and then some recently. He is on oxygen and 15 meds. I got him to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dying and he totally relates to the nice guy at the end.


I promised him that if he does this, I will do it with him. Problem is that I am already quite thin for my frame and size (170lb) and a juice fast would really shred me down in a way that I don't desire. I love the cleansing aspect but I don't need a cleanse just yet. I will do this to support him though and modify my diet to be all liquids. I will add protein shakes throughout the day and possible Vega EFA oil for omega 3s.


We are shopping together for him on friday for some whole foods so he doesn't shock himself and then possibly starting this before the end of the month.


I didn't get this chance with my dad and part of the problem was my approach. I was too excited and when about ti the wrong way. It's too lang to change his ways radically. I can't learn from this now and hopefully still help others.


Of course, there will be blogging about our journey and he wants to participate. Pics, etc. Let's get inspired people!


No time like now. I can always go on a building phase in the spring.


Wish us luck!

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