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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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End of week recap.


Much more improvement from last week.


-Got all 4 resistance training workouts in (during lunch 30 min ea)

-Got in 2 30min cardio workouts in (chose treadmill on an incline & an elliptical machine)

-Did not get the hour of yoga in or hr of stretching.


I have a feeling I will hit the mark this week. I have no intentions on slowing down only speeding up and progressing further.


Diet has been pretty on point. Getting in my protein, calories and pretty much avoiding all sugars and processed foods. Moderate to low on the fat intake. 2012 is working out well.


Been super busy, more than ever but still getting my workouts in which tells me that there will be no slacking this year. Hope to keep things going and to stay inspired by keeping up with friends on the forum and holding myself accountable for training consistently/


Going shopping with future father in law on Tuesday. We are going to get him on whole foods and a mostly vegan diet for the next 1-2 weeks. If we can get through that, we will take it to the next level and get the juice feast going for him.


I wanted him to do a fast but he only has $75 a week for food. We will have to mix in smoothies to make the budget stretch. Juicing all day can be costly. Besides I need to do the same and i'm also on a tight budget. We are in this together! I'll be adding protein shakes to mine though so I don't waste away and so I can maximize my training efforts.


Not mentally prepared for this cleanse yet but I have confidence that it will go well. I've done this before, I can do it again

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Been super busy, more than ever but still getting my workouts in which tells me that there will be no slacking this year. Hope to keep things going and to stay inspired by keeping up with friends on the forum and holding myself accountable for training consistently/


Me too!

I also didn't get to my nice relaxing yoga class either, but I did get some extra rest that was much needed!

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@R.C. here in New Hammmpshhhhirrrrre! Bhudday.

@kareno Yea Buddy can be an adjective, noun, verb, pretty much a replacement for any word or any phrase at any given YEA BUUUUUUUUUUDYYYY

@hsorlando buddy?

@Gorilla thanks for the support mate. Still at it!


I have been meaning to update my journal on a weekly basis and yet I just haven't been able to get a moment to do so. I still have all good things to update here.


As far as my workouts, they are still consistent and I am still getting stronger. Gained some weight too which is nice. Always good to have some fuel stored away and some new muscle. I was down near the 170lb mark and now i am slightly above the 180lb mark. I anticipate that I will wind up losing once the juice feast starts. It is not my goal, I want the exact opposite, I want to GROW but I want to help my future father in law more. He wants our help and he is doing an amazing job so far.


I will be doing a juice feast with him for extra support. He has been vegan for about 2-3 weeks now and has lost about 30lbs. I will be blogging about this soon.


So my 2 week recap:


2 weeks ago I got to the gym 5 / 5 for resistance training sessions, 0 / 2 for cardio 0 / 1 for stretching and 0 / 1 for yoga.

1 week ago I had 4 / 5 on resistance training and nothing else.


It's mainly an issue of time. I have been continuously pulling 90 - 100 hours a week of work. It's a lot and it gets to me at times but it is the only way to transition from working for someone else and working for ourselves. www.veganproteins.com is picking up a lot more and we put a good amount of what comes back to us right into adding more products and other stuff. Our new office has been really helpful in getting more organized. I can't work for both an employer and myself and get the results that we want. By mid next year hopefully I can phase out my job.


This week I have gotten 3 / 5 resistance training sessions in so far and i'll keep you posted with an update on saturday!

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Hey Hey Kareno! RC! Still going at it. It is hard to sustain this though. I decided to take Sundays off completely from work and training for the most part for the last 3 weeks and going forward. I need to reset my body every week. Even with that it is still challenging. I put in about 80-100 hours a week of work. Only about 4 hours a week of training It's just the way it is right now. At least I am making time for it. I tried to hang out with friends saturday night and then with thendanisays sunday night. Both times I started to hang at around 10pm and by 10:40pm I was sleeping sitting up.. This is a transitional period for me so I just have to roll with it. Sleep deprivation is no fun.


Ok so workout recap:


4/5 resistance training sessions. No yoga, stretching or cardio.


This is the minimum requirement for me in regards to staying active and although it isn't as much activity as I would like, it is bettern than not fitting in any training.


Out of everything I have been doing, deadlifting has been the most fun:


Deadlift Day: 245x8, 255x8, 265x8, 315x4, 365x1


It isn't near my PB's but that is to be expected. Just getting started and it is nice to be able to put up some plates.


My right rotator cuff impingement does give me some discomfort (happened 4 years ago) but I am able to push through it.


Dani's dad has been vegan now for almost a whole month!!!!!!! He has went from 286lbs to 248lbs. We make him food once every 3 days and package it for him. In a couple of weeks, he will be on a 50-100 day juice fast. I will be joining him for mental support in this and thendanisays might be as well.


Already got in Legs today. Here's to 5 sessions this week and beyond!

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Just a quick update on last week's progress. Got my 4 workouts in. Seems to be what I am able workout into my daily routine which is pretty hectic. Still though I am glad I am working out consistently again!


4 resistance training workouts last week.


Nothing too eventful to add to this for my progress.


thendanisays dad though has went from 282lbs to 247lbs in 2 1/2 mos. He has also been vegan for about 1 mod now. We are starting a juice cleanse in about 1-2 weeks. I am so excited for him. We are going to kick his heart diseases' butt


I'll be blogging and posting pics hopefully.


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Haven't been on in awhile. After losing my full time job, I decided to try and take on VeganProteins.com full time instead of looking for another job. Working around the clock was killing me anyway and it was becoming unsustainable. The good news is that things are starting to work out for us. I lost my job on March 1st and so far so good. I have been able to pour my passion into something I actually believe in and am passionate about. Orders are going out faster, we have added new products and there have been more customers checking out our little shop. I haven't had the need to search for other employment yet and hopefully I won't have to. To everyone who has looked to support us from VBBF, thank you so much. Without this community, honestly I have no idea where I would be but my guess is that I would not have an awesome vegan fiancé that I met from here, i'd be caught in a soulless job, i'd have never moved around and met so many people who are very dear to my heart and the list goes on and on. This community is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't post as often but I do want to start getting back on the forum more regularly and will continue to try.


A part of it has to do with the last 3 years and not being consistently active and training. I enjoyed coming to the forum to post my progress and hold myself accountable. With so many major life changes though, I lost my grip on training regularly and so I have not been around much. All year I have been working on changing this. Once you know what it feels like to be healthy AND fit, there is no going back on the lifelong journey. If you take a step back, you'll always want to find a way to push forward again. So.. here I am


From January 1st to March 1st, I trained pretty consistently. For the most part I was in the gym 3-4 times a week, every week and I started to see changes and feel a lot better. Then the whole job fiasco happened. I took this as an opportunity. It could have been a bad thing or the best thing that ever happened to me. I chose the later and it is working out so far. Things are coming along one step at a time.


Now that the store is running a bit more smoothly, I started up training again on May 15th and have not stopped since. The last 2-3 weeks have been terrific. I feel like I am going to be getting somewhere again. I miss being muscular. I still have my frame and a fair amount of muscle but I am nowhere near the level that I used to be. Well, not for long. I am going to start updating weekly again as soon as this week's training has concluded and I won't stop, can't stop.


If I disappear from the boards you know why. I'm probably caught up with work or some drama as life generally tends to throw things at you whether you are ready for them or not. It hasn't been easy watching my family being ripped apart by the seams due to my father's angry tirade as his cancer keeps beating the crap out of him until there is nothing left. One step at a time..


I have no intentions on stopping though. I feel like there are goals in my mind that have been in place all year and there is nothing to do but keep on trucking' along. I'm gonna do this. LnG style


If you read this, thanks much for checking up on me. I'll be around. Time to get back into the community. I miss everyone so much!!

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@ICanDoThis Thanks so much!! I'm still working on the consistency thing but I think I may have got it down pat this time around.


@HsOrlando I hear you! I am doing a better job lately of prioritizing!


Update from 05/15, got in another 6 workouts in May, 4 in June... fell out of it a bit there BUT I am back on it now. I am not sure how the wheels finally clicked but they have. Created a nice workout and food journal chart that glares at me while I work. Without a plan, it's too easy to put it off.


21 days to make a habit! Today is day 12


*For my food journal, the goal is to get in a minimum of 2 LARGE servings of greens, 4 servings of fruits, 4 - 32g protein shakes, vitamineral greens + earth and D3/B12. After I get this in, whatever else I can eat throughout the day is cool. No need to monitor it.


*For training, my absolute minimum goal is resistance training 3x a week, cardio 2x a week and stretching 2x a week.


07/23 - 07/29:


Gym: Chest & Tris, Back n Bis, Legs & Forearms

Cardio: Cycling (9.5 mi) & Running (2 mi) outdoors


Gotta do it!!

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Today is day 14 of 21. 21 to make a habit. Training consistently is the only way, before, during and after a goal. I'm gonna do this!


07/30 - 08/05


Monday: Chest, Tris

Tues: Back n Bis + bleacher runs at a local stadium

Wed: Stretching

Thursday: travel, off day

Friday: Shoulders & core

Saturday: Cycling outdoors. 11.57 mi @ 13.75 mph. Mix of hills and flats.


Decent week. Increased weight load with most resistance training exercises. Bleachers were murder but it felt good to get them in. Increased cycling mileage from last week (9.34mi).


Got a tuneup on my road bike but gave it to my friend to ride with me because it's faster otherwise the pace would have been faster.


Starting to train with a partner on Monday which will be nice. I train well alone but it's always good to get a friend involved in fitness. We'll be training together for 3 weeks.


Going to the Cirque De Soleil in a few with thendanisay for our 4 year anniversary.


So glad I am posting on VBBF again!! Let's hope I keep it up. Miss everyone here at the forum.

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Although I wasn't able to update here last week, the good news is that I am still going strong!


I busted through 21+ days of consistent training and meal planing. WOO HO!! Time to push it further. Created a new workout for the next 8 weeks. I upped my sessions from 30 to 45 min each.


On M-W-F, there will be 2 workouts each day. On tues and thur and sat there will be 1 workout a day. 8 reps and 4 sets per exercise. Time to build.


I will try to get in 1-2 cardio sessions a week and 1 session of Yoga a week.


I'll try and post the whole routine next weekend. For now just a quick recap of the last 2 weeks of progress


08/07-08/09, 3 resistance training workouts. I was unable to get any workouts in from 08/10-08/12 due to a busy trip.


08/13 - 08/18, 4 resistance training workouts. 1 cardio workout (2.25 mile jog at 8:53 mph pace and 10 min of bleacher runs). Pushed a lot harder this past week to prepare for the increased workload. Pumped to start working much harder tomorrow.


Bulking season is rapidly approaching

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Week 1 of a more demanding and new workout routine was AWESOME!!


I'll be doing this routine for the next 7 weeks (8 in total). It's pretty taxing but with the right amount of rest and proper diet I think it will work out quite well.


Here is a breakdown of the routine and recap of last week:


4 sets and 8 reps of each exercise unless otherwise noted.



T Bar Rows (Palms Down)


Seated Cable Rows

Barbell Curls

Dumbbell Preacher Curls



T Bar Rows (Palms Inward)

Dumbbell Rows

Weighted Hyperextensions

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Incline Crunches with ball toss



Rotator Cuff Rehab Exercise

Reverse Pec Dec

Bent over Flyes

Behind the Head Shoulder Press

Barbell Seated Shoulder Press

Barbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Forearm Curls

Dumbbell Reverse Forearm Curls



Squats (6 sets)

Sled Presses

Leg Curls

Ad Ductor Machine

Ab Ductor Machine



Sumo Squats

Leg Extensions

Incline Crunches




Rotator Cuff Rehab Exercise

Reverse Pec Dec

Bent over Flyes

Behind the Head Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press Behind the head

Overhead Bicep Cable Curl

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Barbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Forearm Curls

Dumbbell Reverse Forearm Curls



Incline Barbell Chest Press

Decline Barbell Chest PRess

Pec Dec

Incline Dumbbell Fly

Dips (6 sets)

Incline Crunches



Flat Barbell Chest Press

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Decline Dumbbell Chest PRess

Flat Dumbbell Fly


Incline Crunches



Deadlifts (6 sets)

Good Mornings

Dumbbell Forearm Curls

Dumbbell Reverse Forearm Curls


Stretching as much as possible also. It is kind of hard with all of the time dedicated to lifting. Once the 8 weeks are up however, I will be doing yoga daily and stretching daily for 2 weeks with light lifting to give my body a break and to prevent injuries and tight muscles.


I would like to get 1-2 sessions in a week of cardio also whenever possible. Last week I got in all the workouts and got in a 30 min run with thendanisays around the track at a local high school.


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