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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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Haven't posted my journal in the last 3 weeks BUT the good news is I haven't missed a workout!! Still been extremely consistent for the last 8 weeks. BIG Gains are still coming pretty quickly and on a weekly basis. I haven't monitored my weight or how much i've been eating. Basically, i've been trying to get between 4000-6000 cal in a day to put a solid base on my frame.


Just finished week 4 of the current 8 week program.


Some quick highlights to show where i'm at after 8 weeks of training:

-Today: Deadlifts. 235 x8, 245 x 8, 255 x 8, 265 x 8, 275 x 8, 275 x 8.

-Friday: Incline Bench. 145 x 8, 155 x 8, 165 x 8, 175 x 8

-Wednesday: Squats. 205 x 8, 215 x 8, 225 x 8, 225 x 8, 235 x 8, 245 x 6


Also ran a 5 miler this week with thendanisays. I haven't ran in weeks and have been focusing primarily on pumping some iron. The last time I ran 5 miles at a clip was at least 2 years ago so it was nice to get a good jog in.


Got a workout partner and will start training with him on Monday. I usually train alone because I don't want to rely on someone else unless they are completely dedicated to stick to the schedule. He seems to be pretty motivated so I think this might be a good fit. We'll see. If it works out, it will be very helpful. I want to be able to push to failure every time and having a spotter will help us progress quicker. Fingers crossed it works out.


I'll be in PDX next week and then Chi Town the following but I have already planned in scheduled workouts daily and plan to not miss a beat. I travel a lot and it has been problematic in the past but going forward, NO EXCUSES. Whether i'm home or on the road, fi there is a workout scheduled then I am getting it in. YB

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks @dresende ! I am determined to get there so hopefully with a lot of hard work, I will


Sorry for the longer update. Tried my best to sum up the last 3 weeks.


Week 5 of 8 went pretty well. Actually I strained a tendon in my neck from working out constantly and not stretching. I knew I was pushing it but I wanted some quick results to keep me motivated.


On Friday I left for work to Portland and Chicago on 10 day trip. Before we headed out, we scoped out gyms online and planned our routine on the road. I forgot my journal at home so it wasn't logged but We probably got at least 8+ workouts in over the course of those 10 days.


We ran 3 miles outdoors, another day 5.6 miles outdoors and the rest of our workouts were at the Gym. It was nice to train with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.


I especially enjoyed working out with Ed Bauer . We blasted our Tris and Back


Came home last week and decided to change up my routine again. While I was getting really good results, I felt it was time to give my body a break and stretch out a bit.


Currently i'm doing a 12 rep, 4 set routine 1x a day 6 days a week. In addition to this, I am taking Yoga 2x a week; one vinyasa class and one restore and renew class. I am also starting each weightlifting session with a brief 3 min warmup followed by about 10 min of ballistic stretches. Hopefully i'll be adding in another day of stretching somewhere throughout the week.


The goal is to start lifting for some strength in mid November with a 6 rep, 3 set per exercise routine. Switching it up to keep the body guessing and growing from every angle possible


Although my stiff neck is pretty much healed, I did have another minor setback last week... I fell while riding my scooter in the rain. Fortunately, I was only going 10mph however the bike weighs 240 lbs and it did fall on top of me. I have a small bruise on my knee and elbow which isn't too big of a deal. What is problematic however is that I tensed up when the bike fell on me and hurt my back a bit. My spine feels a bit sore. Hopefully this will heal up within the next week or so. I am definitely concerned about it. Went to the chiropractor immediately, trying to get a 30min massage or two scheduled and will modify some of my exercises to make sure that I can still train daily.

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Nice BULKING even with all that running!


Way to stay fit, while still bulking up, adding muscle and strength.


Very nice!


Sorry the scooter fell on you. Soon you'll be bigger than the scooter and you'll fall on it!


Hope things are rocking over at www.veganproteins.com - You guys have been on tour all over.


Any favorite cities or events visited?

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  • 1 month later...

RC, Like the way you think!! It's BULKING SEASON. I'm up to 206lbs from 182lbs less than 2 mos ago. The scooter only weighs 240lbs so I have definitely gained some ground on it. I'll show that scooter who's boss! :margarin:


It's been awhile since I updated here but the good news is that I haven't stopped training consistently!!! I'm getting my old strength and size back. A competition is looking way more likely. As a matter of fact, we are planning a gathering of about 20+ vegans looking to compete together at a natural bodybuilding show next July. We are thinking to do it right around the LA ARC to drum up more media attention and to make a BOLD statement for veganism


I'll post more about it as things progress. Anyone who wants to compete with us in July 2013 is welcome to. Just hit me up here and we'll keep you in the loop.


There's too much to log but in short, I started my 2nd bulking phase this week and it is going really well! Knocked everything down to the 6 rep range and I am focusing more on the main compound movements for the next 8 weeks: BB Bench, Squat and Deadlifts.


Training on Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri & Sat. Trying to get some yoga in on Wed and Sun although haven't been able to afford a class yet. Soon hopefully.


My highlight from this week's training was deadlifting 405lbs x 1 on my 10set set on Thursday, Yea Buddy! I'll be back to my old record of 545lbs in no time!


Getting stronger is fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

@vegan_rossco sure am Have thought about powerlifting meets in the past but haven't ventured into that direction.


Week 2 / 8


Some highlights from last week:


Squat day hit 295lb x 3 on the 8th set

Deadlift day hit 435lb x 1 on the 10th set

BB Bench day hit 215lb x 5 on the 8th set (2 reps were forced)

BB Front seated shoulder presses 155lb x 4 on the 8th set


As you suspect, I am going for strength & mass mainly on this 8 week program.


Haven't gotten any cardio or stretching done in awhile. Cardio isn't a priority but stretching is extremely important to me. Currently making changes on both this week but i'll report at the end of the week


Still holding onto my winter coat and bulking weight of around 206lbs. I'll probably start shedding off around 5lbs a month starting in January to prepare for our competition in 2013.. YEP, competing in July next year with a whole bunch of vegans, many from VBBF.


More to post about that but I don't have the details yet for full disclosure. It's going to be a lot of fun though!!

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Have thought about powerlifting meets in the past but haven't ventured into that direction.

You think you ever will? I'm sure if you put your mind to it you would be able to do pretty well


Hope you have a good weekend, much training planned? Yoga sounds like a nice Sunday activity. Keep up the good work in here MF.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Mini Forklift. I have flirted with the idea and back in the day I had even considered moving to Columbus, OH to train at http://www.westside-barbell.com if they would take me in. It looks like a lot of hard work but oh so much fun! Went in a different direction though. Perhaps one day but for now i'm focused on bbing


Haven't updated weekly but have still been on my A+ game for the most part.


Week 3 highlights

8th set of squats = 305lb x 4

8th set of BB Bench Press = 225lb x 3

9th set of deadlifts = 445 x 1lb (went for 455lb x 1 on 10th set and failed)

8th set of seated bb front presses = 160lb x 4

8th set of weighted dips = 60lb x 4


Week 3 highlights

Went indoor rock climbing on my birthday with thendanisays Found a new passion!!

8th set of squats = 315lb x 4

8th set of BB Bench Press = 230lb x 4

9th set of deadlifts = 455 x 1lb (went for 465lb x 1 on 10th set and failed)

8th set of seated bb front presses = 165lb x 6

8th set of weighted dips = 65lb x 4


*Went from no static stretching to stretching 3-4x a week for at least 15-20 min each session! Still doing ballistic stretches before every workout.


*still weighing in between 205lb - 210lb. Going to evaluate how many weeks out I am from competing soon and perhaps start to slowly cut down. Don't want to start the process late and then lose too much muscle. I usually compete at between 160-175lbs.

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@dresende As cool as that would be for us I feel it would be isolating vegans from competing with everyone else. We are looking rather to infiltrate a natural bodybuilding show and all compete together against other omnivores. That are about 15-20 of us on board so far. I need to get it organized and as soon as I do, we'll be updating on it regularly


@Mini Forklift Thanks mate. Hope you have a happy and safe one too. Here's to 2013!


Week 5 of 8 Recap (Final Mass Bulking Routine)


Clocking in at 208lbs in the am dry. Probably put on a couple of lbs on what I call a holiday bulk! I usually compete at around 160-175lbs depending on how much muscle i've put on my frame. That being said, I will need to start slowing down my caloric intake come next week so drop weight gradually. No need to waste hard earned muscle tissue. I will probably start to gradually reintroduce some cardio as well. It all depends on where i'm at by mid january.


Measurements (inches):

Calves: 16.25" R, 16.25" L

Quads: 26.5" R, 27" L

Hips: 42.25"

Waist: 36"

Arms: 14.25" R, 14.5 L, (Flexed: 15.75" R, 16" L )

Forearms: 11.75" R 12.5 L, (Flexed: 12.5" R , 13.25" L)

Chest: 44.5"

Shoulders: 48.25"

Neck: 16"



BB Bench Press: 235lb x 4 on set 8

Deadlift: 465lb x 1 on set 9

Squat: (went for Hack squats this week - 250lbs of plates loaded x 6 on set 8

Front BB Shoulder Press: 170lbs x 3 on set 8



*Showed up the day after xmas to train which is usually an off day for me to make up for taking off on xmas and.. the gym was already closed since 5pm. Bummer! I didn't realize the hours would be shortened after xmas. Not making that mistake next week. Checked ahead on the hours for m-w

*Got xmas eve's workout in the day before and doubled up my routine on Saturday to make up for a forced day off.


Last workout of 2012 is on Monday and we are doing squats so rest assured it'll be a good one!!

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Nice @lean and green

I agree, the best is not isolate ourselves from other, otherwise: We must show that we can be natural, vegan and competitive.

Nice to hear that.

Great workouts.

I am cutting, as I said, had to cut calories and need to lose at least 5 kgs till Feb.

Working hard!!!!!


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@C.O. It definitely feels like I am non stop eating at times. 3000 calories is a good figure to hit and if it isn't getting you where you need to be, go up gradually at the rate of 500 calories. Do it once a week until you are seeing the gains you want based on what your body is asking for.


@dresende I know you'll make it, you're too determined of an individual not to!


Week 6 (12/31 - 01/05)


This week did not go the way I planned. I went down to NYC to visit family who came in from CapeTown, South Africa. I had never met my cousins before so I didn't want to pass at the opportunity. They were really genuine and it was a lot of fun!


Mon - Thurs (no workouts)


As frustrated as I was with the time off, it did me a world of good. I am always pushing myself a bit further than I should and so the rest really helped me out.


Got back at it on Friday with a double workout and then hit the gym today. So in essence I got about 50% of my routine in and some good rest. Ready to go at it again full force on Monday!


Still looking to try and hit a 500lb deadlift on week 8, the final week of this routine. It may or may not happen. Currently, the most i've put up is 465lbs but that was also after a lot of heavy work sets and without my legs being fully rested from Squat day.

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Week 7 / 8 on my final bulk before our competition in July is over. Phew! One more week left and I having the most fun with my strongest lift as of late, Deadlifts.


Upped my 1rm from 465lb to 485lb in one week! I shot for 500lb but after hoisting 485 off the ground there was no chance of it. I also haven't fully rested my legs and back before attempting to hit a 1rm yet, so the goal next week is to fully rest my legs and go for the gold at 500lbs. It may not be possible right now but i'm sure going to try. I have definitely gotten closer to my old pb on deads of around 545-565lbs I believe.


Some other highlights for this week:

BB Bench Press 245lbs x 4 on set 8

BB Bicep Curls 120 x 4 on set 8

Sled Work for legs this week, 520 x 6 on set 8 (felt light but stuck with this weight since I haven't done them in awhile)


After Week 8, i'm going to take 2-3 days off and then begin a short 3 week routine with 15 rep sets. Following that, I think i'll probably be training at a 8-10 rep range for more hypertrophy. It isn't time for longer conditioning training. I'll save that for later.


Honestly, I really need to map out the game plan for now - July (competition time) with both training and diet. Up until now, i've basically just been lifting and eating big and mainly focusing on higher protein intake. I'll give the higher protein intake a break come August.


Excited about the next couple of months. Currently weighing in around 203lbs in the am dry (down from my high of 208lbs, 3 weeks ago) Commence the cutting process!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Dresende @Robert Thanks!!

@Mini Forklift Thanks mate! It will depend but my guess is that i'll be show ready at around 75-80 kilos.

@Captfit We haven't came up with an official name for what we're doing but basically there are at least 15 dedicated vegan competitors that have agreed to compete at the same show together against other omnis so we can make a stand together. If all goes well, we may make this an annual gathering. If anyone wants to join us, it will be in Austin, TX. If you want to commit to the group, email me for more info as i'm helping to organize this and we'll get you the details


Last Major Bulking Phase is over. Missed some updates here but to sum things us a bit, i'm going to get into talking about the next workout.


Created a game plan for now to showtime and broke it up into 5 Phases. Phase 1/5 is a 3 week program with mainly high intensity sets and a lot of volume.


From a high of 208lbs bw, i'm already down to 201lbs as it's time to start leaning out. I am looking to be closer to 190 by the end of this phase.



-While I didn't really monitor my bulking phase closely that just ended, I was eating a minimum of 4000 calories a day and 175g of protein a day from whole foods mainly (some processed stuff too) and plant based whole food supplements which can all be found at VeganProteins.com:

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

Vitamineral Greens

Vitamineral Earth

Ormus Greens

Pre Workout Energizer

Recovery Accelerator

Ph Buffered Creatine (not tested on animals)


-Current program is eating between 2700-3000 calories max daily and about 230g of protein. Still using the same combination of supplementation with the exception of creatine (I cycle this 8 weeks on 2 weeks off for 3/4 of the year) NO refined carbohydrates, NO oil, NO sugar will be allowed from here on in. There will be a "cheat" meal here or there for special occasions like Valentines Day, events, etc but for the most part no and it will only get more rigid as it gets close to show time. For exceptional results, I will need to take exceptional measures to get there.



PHASE I WORKOUT: (repeating each daily workout 2x a day with the exception of Sunday)

-3 sets per exercise and 15 reps per set unless a diff set range is specified.

-Starting to do cardio again 15minutes a day 2x a day. I may increase this number as needed to lean out at the right pace.


Sunday Traps, Calves, Core (AM workout only)

BB Shrugs, Plate Loaded Shrugs

Ankle Rolls (20repsx2sets), Seated Calves (2reps slowx4), Sled calf extensions(1set, x10,x9,x8,x7......x1)

Decline weighted crunches, Ball Throw crunches


Monday (Chest) (AM and PM workout)

Incline DB Press / Incline Pushups SuperSet

Cable Incline Bench Flyes / Incline Pushups SuperSet

BB Decline Press / Incline Pushups SuperSet


Tuesday (Upper Back / Tris) (AM and PM workout)

Wide Pullups / Narrow Pullups / Medium Chinups / Narrow Chinups (superset)

Seated Rows Wide Grip

DB Rows

Tow Rope tri extensions

DB Tricep Extensions


Wednesday (Biceps, Core, Rear Delts) (AM and PM workout)

7's, BB Bi Curls (x10x9x8x7......x1)

Seated Row Tow Rope pulls (to the neck), Reverse Dumbbell flyes

Decline Crunches, Ball Throw Crunches, Wood Chops


Thursday (Calves, Chest, Traps) (AM and PM workout)

Ankle Rolls (20repsx2sets), Seated Calves (2reps slowx4), Sled calf extensions(1set, x10,x9,x8,x7......x1)

Incline DB Press / Incline Pushups SuperSet

Cable Incline Bench Flyes / Incline Pushups SuperSet

BB Decline Press / Incline Pushups SuperSet

Plate Loaded Shrugs, Behind the neck BB shrugs


Friday (Core, Legs) (AM and PM workout)

Lying Leg Curls, Romanian Deadlifts, Single leg curls

Decline Crunches, Ball Throw crunches

Squats / Leg Extensions superset


Saturday (Back, Triceps, Rear Delts) (AM and PM workout)

Wide Pullups / Narrow Pullups / Medium Chinups / Narrow Chinups (superset)

Seated Rows Wide Grip

DB Rows

Tow Rope tri extensions

DB Tricep Extensions

Seated Row Tow Rope pulls (to the neck)

Reverse Dumbbell Flyes


Finished week 1/3 on this phase yesterday and feeling sore as HELL but good

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Phase I/5 , Week 2/3 Completed.


This week was brutal but I made it through pretty much every scheduled workout! Took a break from cardio yesterday as my body wanted a rest. I'm also helping my friend move and he has 25,000+ records in his 2nd floor apartment. Needless to say, it is is a workout in and of itself.


meal program & the amount of cardio in this routine has been SPOT ON.


*Dropped from 208lbs 2 weeks ago to 197lbs this morning.

*I have a cheapo $15 floor scale that shows bf% so who knows how accurate it is but I am using the same one to measure and it has shown a decrease from 19% to 16% bf. The biggest indicator is measurements which were just taken.


I've included Dec 29th 2013 measurements as a point of reference:

Measurements (inches):

Calves: 16.25" R, 16.25" L

Quads: 26.5" R, 27" L

Hips: 42.25"

Waist: 36"

Arms: 14.25" R, 14.5 L, (Flexed: 15.75" R, 16" L )

Forearms: 11.75" R 12.5 L, (Flexed: 12.5" R , 13.25" L)

Chest: 44.5"

Shoulders: 48.25"

Neck: 16"


February 2nd 2013's measurements (current)

Calves: 16.25" R, 16.25" L (same)

Quads: 26.5" R, 27" L (same)

Hips: 41" (-1.25"!)

Waist: 34.5" (-1.5"!)

Arms: 14.25" R, 14.5 L, (Flexed: 15.75" R, 16" L ) (same)

Forearms: 11.75" R 12.5 L, (Flexed: 12.5" R , 13.25" L) (same)

Chest: 44.5" (same)

Shoulders: 48.50" (+.25")

Neck: 17 ? (hard to take this measurement on my own)


As you can see, there has been some definite bodyfat loss without much sacrifice in regards to size. This will of course change as I continue to lean out to 3%-4% bf for our competition at the end of July.


13 workouts this week and have trained for 11 straight days so far without rest. I am scheduling 2 rest days next sat-sun to heal up proper before phase II.


I am still looking to be between 190-195lbs by the end of next week. If it happens, I am going to stay on track with this meal program. If I come to a halt, there will be some changes made to make sure everything is happening aggressively and in time for July.


Can't stop, won't stop.

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Phase 1/5 is OVER. Beginning Phase 2/5 starting tomorrow. Beat myself up pretty hard over this last 3 weeks to make some important goals happen and it appears that it all worked out. My main priority was bodyfat loss and to add some conditioning / endurance to my routines.


Trained 2x a day with cardio and weights every day without a break for 3 weeks. Just took 3 days off to rest and recover (Fri-Sun) and getting ready for the next "bulking" routine. I didn't create the workout yet but I will be later today and sharing it, of course. Cycled off creatine for the last 2 weeks and going to start up again for the next 8 weeks.


I may or may not cut out the cardio for a little bit as well as up my calories all depending on what my body starts to do. I don't want to shed body fat too quickly as not having much fat on you makes it harder to build muscle. It will be a week to week analysis with adjustments made as needed.


My goal was to be between 190-195lbs before starting the next phase and this morning I weighed in at 192.6lbs. Success!


Something else that is very noteworthy is that I dropped another 1.5" off my waist in just the last 8 days!!!


Things are going well and I am right on track for our competition in July. Although I am nervous, it is normal to be. Although I haven't consistently trained over the last couple of years, I have for the last 6 months and I will do the best with what I have come showtime.


It's ON

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