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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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@RC & Mini Forklift , thanks!! Trying my best


Haven't updated here in awhile but i've still been training hard


I've also been hard at work organizing our team of vegan athletes. Vegan Olympia 2013 will be the largest gathering of vegan muscle at one show that I know of!! There are 20+ confirmed competitors, many of whom are forum members and well known. We are going to make this an annual event also! We are not accepting any more team members for the 2013 comp however come fall, we will be accepting new members for the 2014 meet up. For more info, check us out at http://www.PlantBuilt.com


Ok, so here's my update.


I am currently 12 weeks out from competing. Phase 4 / 5 starts today. During the first 4 weeks, I will be attempting to train 2x a day. Since I was losing body fat rapidly, I slowed down the cutting process. I am guessing that i'm around 12% bf or less. Here are my stats weighted out against the last measurements on February 2nd.


May 5th measurements:


Weight 186.5lb (-11lb)

Bodyfat: 12%


May 5th 2013's measurements (current)

Calves: 15.75" Same

Quads: 24.5" -(2.5")

Hips: 39.5" (-1.5"!)

Waist: 32.75" (-1.75"!)

Arms: 15"(+.5)

Forearms: 12"(-.5)

Chest: 42"(-2.5)

Shoulders: 48(-.5")


Current workout 8 reps, 4 sets per exercises, drop sets on the last 2 sets for each exercise Adding in cardio again to start losing more bodyfat again. Cleaned diet up even more.




Weighted Pull ups (6 sets) T-Bar Wide Grip, Lat Pulldown O-Ring, DB Rows, Bodyweight Pull ups (6 sets), Standing Calf Raises, Sled Calf Raises, DB French Presses, DB Tricep Extensions


20 min cardio

Weight Pull ups (6 sets), Lat Pulldown O-Ring, Sled Calf Raises, DB French Presses, stretching




BB Flat Bench, BB Decline Bench, DB Flat Bench, DB Decline Flyes, DB Incline Flyes, BB Preacher Curls, Standing DB Curls, BB 21's against a wall, Decline behind the neck weighted crunches, decline ball toss crunches, BB wood chops


20 min cardio

DB Dec flyes, DB Incl Flyes, BB Flat Bench, BB Preacher Curls, Stdg DB Curls, Dec weighted crunches, stretching




Deadlifts, Lying leg curls, single leg curls, good mornings, weighted hyperextensions, bb forearm curls, rev bb forearm curls, standing calf raises, sled countdowns


Yoga Studio, Restore and Renew class




Weighted Pull ups (6 sets) T-Bar Wide Grip, Lat Pulldown O-Ring, DB Rows, Bodyweight Pull ups (6 sets), Behind the neck weighted decline crunches, Ball Throw decline crunches, pendulums, weighted dips, db french presses


20 min cardio

Weight Pull ups (6 sets), Lat Pulldown O-Ring, Behind the neck weighted dips, DB French Presses, stretching




bb preacher curls, standing db curls, bb curls countdowns, one arm seated tow rope pulls, one arm reverse pec dec, seated bb military press, seated db military press, incline bb press / standing one arm db press superset, cable flyes, incline db flies / inc bb press superset, dec db flyes / dec db press superset, standing calf raises, sled calf raises


20 min cardio

BB Preacher curls, BB curls countdowns, one arm tow rope pulls, Cable DB Flyes, Incline DB Flyes, Dec DB Flyes, Incline DB Press, Sled Calf Raises, Stretching




Squats, lunges, weighted behind the neck decline crunches, pendulums, leg extensions, stiff legged deadlifts, lying leg curls, single leg curls, hockeys / gripper superset, bb forearm curl / gripper superset, rev bb forearm curl


20 min cardio

squats, squat machine one legged, lunges, leg extensions, single leg curls, weighted behind the neck decline crunches, hockeys / gripper superset, stretching


Sunday: REST!!



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