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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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yeah I guess that blood type diet is crap. That doctor doesn't say if he's been watching on microscope how blood cells reacts with each food. I'm gonna continue with that, but if I want a slice of tomato in a sandwich or if I want a banana, I'm not gonna stop myself like I was doing before !



Hey Lean & Green, continue ! I've read the posts, you're training really hard. I'm gonna follow every week. You must be in top shape, if not you're on the right way to be soon !

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Thank you I'm Your Man, it's nice to hear motivation


I would just like to say that it is most awesome to have everyone blogging on their journals so diligently. It seems that is is much more so than a a month ago and I absolutely love to read everyones to feed off of success and info. It is very refreshing and I thank al for keeping on point with them.


Well first things first, say hello to the NEW RACQUETBALL CHAMP!!!


I took first place in my racquetball league and won in the finals. I'm getting a trophy, woo hoo!!! Vegan Power.


Also, it seems like deadlifts are running the entire show out of all my lifts. I am way stronger in them, significantly, than any other exercise.


Deadlift Day


Deadlifts: 225x8, 235x8, 245x8, 255x8, 265x8, 265x8

Romanian Deadlifts 195x8, 205x8, 205x8


none of my lifts for any other exercise can even come close to comparing; squats are stuck at an abysmal 205x8 on the last set.


Week 4 3/10 - 3/16


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 5 hrs, 26min

-missed 3 days, mon, tues and fri due to getting over a horrible cold.



-Total Time: 1 hour

-Played 4 games of racquetball; only because it was the league finals and

I wanted to end it, win and get a trophy, which I did. I was wheezing up

my lung afterwards because I am still coughing from the cold.



-As mentioned above this weekend was slow for me cause I only broke

my fever on tuesday and after wed and thurs i needed a break fri. I also

skipped some parts of my workouts because I felt so crappy. I couldn't

picture doing good mornings and coughing and spasming though I did get

my squats in...

-The calluses on my hands are ripping off and it looks like I have been

doing construction for years, I love it. I also bought some deadlifting

straps as the barbell is starting to get hard to grasp after 255lbs. I miss

putting them on and folding them to keep em locked on, felt good to use


-I figured out that a good way to have others avoid you (in addition to the

headphones) is to wear your green smoothie while training. People are

scared of the got green smile and they even look at you like your a

maniac which only fuels my fire. Plus it helps me get my algae intake in;

I have been averaging 2 shakes a workout one during and one on the

way home.

-Recruiting others at the gym to train outdoors and jog/run races with me.

I have 3 female friends of mine who are going to hopefully join up and

race together with me and they are all serious athletes.


Chest day Monday and cough is almost gone, i'm so excited.....[/u]

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Week 5 3/17 - 3/23


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 6 hrs, 56 min

-I think that i'm going to start including the poundages on the three

staples as it's exciting to watch them increase every week.

-Squats: 185x8, 195x8, 195x8. 205x8, 215x8, 225x7

Deadlifts: 235x8, 245x8, 255x8, 265x8, 275x8, 275x7

Incline Chest: 125x8, 130x8, 135x7 Flat Chest: 125x8, 135x8, 140x8

-worked out 5/7 days

-Started cycle 5/8



-Approx Total Time: 1 hr 15min

-Played 5 games of racquetball.



-I am finally able to attempt some weighted dips and I just found out

someone stole the dip belt. I managed, however, to do some with a 10lb

dumbell on my legs. Here's to working up to serious weighted dips!!!

-People keep asking me if I have green lipstick on b/c of my got greens s

mile. One lady, whom I thought was checking me out, stopped her

workout just to ask me why I was such a freak and why I insist on

painting my lips green to go to the gym, haha!

-One day I don't bring my music player and I am forced to listen to spice

girls while trying to lift, is that necessary??

-Gained alot of respect on the racuqetball; my game is getting stronger.

-I need to start upping the cardio again...

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I see you're doing mostly big general exercices like squats and deadlifts, to focus on gaining mass.

I never done a lot of those things before. I think I done one 4 or 5 deadlifts in my life, just to try, lol. But I want to make more and more, espescially after summer.


So how do you judge your progress so far, are you happy about your effort level and your gains ?

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I swear by squat, deadlifts and bench press all with the barbell. A couple of bbs here say that barbell bench press is too taxing and they prefer dumbells and i respect them as they are serious lifters but for me, I prefer the barbell. These exercises always give me the greatest results and I generally focus my workouts on revolving around them as the core and other exercises to strengthen them.


I would highly recommend you consider implementing deads and squats into your regimen. I don't see enough people doing them and for me they're crucial. I would do clean and presses as well but I am spastic when it comes to doing them properly. Being a lefty, I never had ideal form playing sports but I always excelled. I could never take a lesson on how to play a sport b/c I don't use conventional style.


As far as my results are concerned, I am very satisfied on my lbm gains as I see a steady increase in size regularly. I wish, however, that I could do a better job on lowering bf but I work up such an appetite and I figure if my body really wants the intake then I give it what it wants. I guess it's just time to grow and not worry about leaning out yet....


Btw, I played 12 games of racquetball today after my chest and biceps workout. Was at the gym from 4:30 - 11:30 and I would've been there longer but I wanted to shower bf they closed. For some reason I had a ridiculous surge of energy today so I ran with it. Felt great.....

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If you ask me, being lefty is a major advantage when you have talent. Many left handers are notorious for putting righties at a major disadvantage, like in baseball. Every racquet sport I play, as well as handball, when people see that i'm lefty, they immediately get uneasy and complain. I hate when people say, oh I lost to you bc you're left handed; what a crock!


As far as bbell training, I couldn't agree any more. My first routine in january, I only trained chest with dumbells and when concentrating on shoulders or triceps, there was not a drastic increase in strength. Now that I started to train bench press with a barbell, I saw an IMMEDIATE increase in regards to shoulder and tricep exercises. Just to give an example of how significant it was. In january, I was struggling to lift the olympic barbell during military presses for reps and now I am able to 120lbs for 8 reps. had to do assisted dips during the first regimen with assistance of between 70-40lbs. Now I'm able to do weighted dips for six sets with as much as a 15lb dumbell for 8 reps and can do at least 16 unassisted, probably more.


Week 6: 3/24-3/30


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 7 hours, 30 minutes

-Worked out 6/7 days (Fri off)

-Started cycle 6/8

-Squats (4/01 most recent) 195x8, 205x8, 215x8, 225x8, 235x8, 245x8

follow by a 18 set leg workout and then:

Sumo Stance DEEP squats 135x30, 135x30, 135x31 (Veganessentials hi

rep style for endurance!). My traps gave out bf my legs did from

balancing the bar on them so long so I did an extra rep on the last set

just to prove I could. Plus it feels like forever during a high rep squat

set like that!

-Deadlifts (3/27) 245x8, 255x8, 265x8, 275x8, 280x8, 285x8

-Incline Chest (3/30) 130x8, 135x8, 140x8

Flat Chest 130x8, 135x8, 140x8



-Approx Total Time: 5 hr, 21 min

-Played 17 games racquetball

-Ran 10k race (10:43 p/mile avg) Most i've ran at a clip since this race

was 3.5 miles so it felt really good.



-Very happy with squat performance. Stabilizers are really kicking it into

high gear. Something I did triggered it and I no longer have to struggle

to balance the bar. Poundages are going up smoothly but still at a 40lb

deficit to deadlifts.

-10k race, most distance i've ran in over 1 1/2 yrs.

-Alot more cardio this week.

-Weighted dips are in full effect baby! 45lb plates here i come...

-Looking forward to joining the 3 plate club for reps with squats (70lbs

away from mark) and Deadlifts (30lbs away from mark). BP is still weak,

next regimen will prep for a new regimen focused mainly on benching.

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Hey, Congratulations on being named the raquetball champ!! And I have to say as another O- blood typer, that that entire theory stinks...but what's up with the right hand bashing??


I am impressed with all of the heavy lifting and crosstraining you are able to maintain! What have you found to be the most helpful for muscle recovery or as a PWO protocol?

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Hey on the plus side, your blood type is the universal recipient! You can take anyone's blood. Perhaps you should think about becoming a vampire. Most vampires run into health problems later on in life because of this problem but you would definitely live longer than the rest of the immortal vampires except for maybe Bunnicula who sticks to veggies. I suppose if you're sucking on blood, you aren't really a vegan vampire are you??


Thanks for the kudos for the racquetball placing. I am kind of pissed though because they haven't given me a trophy and I was promised one. I complained yesterday and hopefully something will happen. But NYSC is all corporate and I don't have my hopes up b/c they suck sometimes at doing the simple things.


The whole lefty situation, yeh I either get respect or envy nothing in between. People are like oh yeh i wish I was lefty, you're lucky i'm not. Funny story, i'll never forget several years back when a woman who was married just kept looking at me funny when I was playing. End of the game, she approached me and asked if I was a ballerina and when I responded no, she looked puzzled and confused. I thought that was hilarious! She said to not feel insulted in that ballerinas have good form and are athletic and talented but I said this is racquetball deary, not swan lake! IT's all good.


PWO recovery I am guessing you mean dietwise. Well for one, I swear by the use of spirulina and chlorella (more so spirulina) in massive quantities for a protein supplement. I get it down during and directly after a wkout. I don't mind the taate but I prefer fresh food which is why I consume it during wkouts so that it takes preference. Only problem is cost and it is taxing on the digestive system if you're not used to it. If one were to just starting taking in 75g of algae a day out of nowhere, you would not be happy unless you have a very clean system expect to be in the br alot. Costwise, I have a superb connection for bulk (50lbs spirulina, 22lbs chlorella) which makes it possible for me to gorge on it. Retail mkt values of$50-$75 are terrible but when you save 65% or more, it doesn't propose an issue.


Also, when I do alot of training in a day, calories more than anything, I just become a bottomless pit and start clearing out the fridge and countertop. A main reason why I try not to buy nuts and seeds too often b/c I just inhale them and they are high in calories. I really want to be a little leaner.


The last thing is sleep. I work part time b/c I cannot find a full time job and it is driving me batty. I generally sleep around 8 hours, sometimes more. It's probably a good thing but it doesn't make me happy. 5 years ago, if I slept more than 5-6 hours, it was extraordinary. No matter how much I did, even on vigorous training days I never craved sleep but nowadays I cannot get enough of it and waking up is a stretch. I am glued to the bed. The only time this isn't the case is when i'm fasting and during times like that any more than 5 hours and my body is doing somersaults in bed to wake me up. I don't really want to fast right now though, it doesn't suit my needs at this time. Wish I didn't crave so much sleep but again it seems to be helping.

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VeganEssentials. Thank you for the support. I saw that picture of you with the one arm barbell lift on your training log. I need to dissect it from start to finish as all of your advice is very helpful and a lot of it is new stuff to me. I have started to go through it in depth and I am currently making a list of foreign methods of training and exercises I have not performed yet so that I may do my homework and gather up some good knowledge for future routines. It is a blessing to have you on the forum



Tuc, thank you much. In all honesty, that is an old shot (2 summers ago). I suppose it is kind of misleading having old photos for my avatar so I changed it to a recent one of me and my beloved durian. I have a funny one to post as soon as I can snap it. I post the old ones bc I miss my physique and it motivate me to get it back but it gives others the impression i'm already there so i'll stop with that. Yours is where its at.


Progress photos will be coming in shortly brother. I have 9 more training day s left until my current routine is finished. So figure, 10-15 days and I will have after shots to post. No matter, you run the show right now on the bf/after threads. I'll come to share the spotlight in about two weeks


Deadlifting tonight in a few. Gotta creep up to the 3 plate crew!!!!!!!!

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Ok, couldn't wait till sunday for this exciting news. I actually deadlifted today and just played racquetball yesterday


did my normal routine:


255x8, 265x8, 275x8, 285x8, 295x8, 295x6


I said to myself, I am only 20lbs shy of the 3 plate crew so I went for it.


Loaded the bar, 315 and did 3 reps no problem


Proceed to keep increasing the weight and here's how it went






385x1 (the 12th consecutive set) It was trying and I almost had to jerk it up near the top so I didn't to increase the weight again.


Afterwards, I did some good mornings, back extensions and then finished up with some high rep deadlifts: 135x20, 135x20, 135x22


I went from being 30lbs away from the 3 plate club to being only 20lbs away from the 4 plate club in one week!!! Today has been by and far the best workout day this entire year since I have resumed training. I couldn't be happier.


If only my squats were anywhere near that. I think if I attempted to squat that kind of weight right now, I'd drop to the floor....


I am going to attempt the 4 plate club two sessions from now and I fully expect to make it happen


Just have one thing to say


Y.E.A.H. B.U.D.D.Y.


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Thank you DV! You have no idea how much that made my day, my year actually. If I could only get my squats back. I don't even care about bench b/c I know my upper body takes longer to develop, for me.


Week 7: 3/31-4/06


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 9 hours

-Worked out 6/7 days

-Finished cycle 7/8 (Progress shots will be on their way by the end of this


-Squats: 4/06: 205x8, 215x8, 225x8, 235x8, 245x6, 245x5

-Deadlifts: see above thread; gonna shoot for 4plate club this week

-Bench Press: 135x8, 135x8, 140x7

-Incline Bench Press: 135x8, 140x8, 145x7



-Approx Total Time: 1 hour (not much this week, pops was in the hospital)

-Played 4 games of racquetball



-Lifting 385lbs on my 12th set of deadlifts without jerking the bar

-What's in my gym bag? After getting continually asked why it looks like

i'm always limping b/c I have such a heavy gym bag, I decided to dissect

it and figure out just what's in it:


My Gym Bag

2lbs Spirulina, 2lbs Algae, Wrist Ripper, Ipod, Headphones, 5lbs of magnets, Theraband, Jump Rope, Journal, 5 racquetballs, 2 Racquets, Toiletry Bag, Slippers, Inzer knee and wrist wraps, Measuring tape, 1 lb coconut oil, Tuff Cordz (Ab/Ad duction strap for the cable machine), 6 racquetball gloves, gym lock, wrist straps, running kicks, racquetball kicks, converse kicks, deadlifting slippers, change of clothes. That's it! I guess that is alot. Am I the only one who carries their house to the gym so they can be ready for any routine?

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Week 8: 4/07-4/13


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 6 hrs, 30min

-Worked out 6/7 days

-Finished all 7 cycles. Started new workout (4/15)

-Squats: 4/06: 205x8, 215x8, 225x8, 235x8, 245x8, 255x8

-Deadlifts: 265x8, 275x8, 285x8, 295x8, 305x8, 305x6, 355x1, 375x1, 405 (failed attempt to lift)

-Bench Press: 135x8, 140x7, 145x6

-Incline Bench Press: 135x8, 140x8, 145x8



-Approx Total Time: 4hrs 15min

-Played 13 games of racquetball

-Ran 4m race in central park. Broke 10min pace, official time, 9:59min p/mile! http://web2.nyrrc.org/cgi-bin/htmlos.exe/82397.1.589340189800026093



-Failed attempt to lift 405lb deadlift which I honestly just set myself up for. I totally psyched myself out. 385 was a challenge last week and I think just just took that and put it in my head and pretty much guaranteed myself I wouldn't lift it. I unracked it, lowered it to the floor and left it there, no lift whatsoever. o well, couple more weeks.

-Finished my latest routine, took some progress shots. Very pleased with my upper back growth. Really need to shrink my damn hips and waist. I'm like a curvy woman!

-I still can't do not even one pullup good grief i used to be able to bang out 100 before a workout (in sets of course) cmon already!

-Weighted dips are in full effect and i'm lovin em'!

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Thanks Hsorlando!! It will be interesting to see how I will be in trying to keep up with my new racing partner whom I met at the last event. She is going to run 4m before the race and then claims she will be running the 4m race at a 9-9:30min pace p/mile. I told her I will attempt to keep pace. This should be a hoot...


I got outdoors for my first game of handball in almost 2 years!!!! Gosh it felt so good. I have played for the most part for the last 14 yrs only taking perhaps 3 1/2 of those years off in between.


Played 7 games near the beach on the beautiful courts of Coney Island and hung outdoors for 6 hours soaking up the sun. First real color on my white skin as well.


Unfortunately, I got 'Bandana Tan'. UGH. I guess I will just have to be outdoors tomorrow morning again with my friend to even out the color. It is supposed to be 78 degrees F tom for the high. Heck yeah, that's what i'm talking about......


On my way to the gym for some racquetball and hopefully deadlifts and squats, yes, on the same day. dum dum dum dummmmmmmmmm

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New workout routine began on Tuesday April 15th.


4 day routine, repeated for 3 cycles.


All supersets. Two exercises per set, 8 reps per exercise (16 total), to prepare for a grueling flat bench centered workout to up my bench press max by anywhere from 30-50lbs in 50days (will talk more about it in a week or so when it begins.


Current workout:


Day 1 (Triceps/Shoulders/Forearms)

Day 2 (Chest/Upper Back/Traps/Calves)

Day 3 (Triceps/Shoulders/Forearms)

Day 4 (Legs/Lower Back/Traps/Calves)


Every workout will begin with 15min dedicated to core training.


Day 4 will be supersets of squats and deadlifts back to back, a first time for me (it felt wonderful!!!).


As you can see it is a workout mainly focused on priming my upper body for heavy lifting by building up a little hi rep endurance.

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Week 1: 4/14-4/20


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 5 hrs

-Worked out 5/7 days (took mon off to start new workout fresh)

-Finished cycle 1 and began cycle 2



-Approx Total Time: 5hrs 37min

-Played 14 games of racquetball

-Played 7 games outdoor handball by the boardwalk

-Ran 4m race in central park. Official time, 9:12min p/mile! My Race Results



-Raced sunday and had someone to compete against. Haven't been

specifically training for running but since I was pushed, I ran 9:12 p/mile

pace instead of the 10:00p/mile pace I have been running. Did I mention

I had to throw up at the finish line the three dates I had for breakfast? lol

-Argued to corporate at my gym and I should be getting my trophy now for

winning the racquetball league last season. Played my first match of the

season and was down by 8, came back and took the next 30 points in a

row.... 15-8, 15-0. It was a thrashing.

-First day out in the sun last thursday and first day playing handball by the

beach in almost 2 years. Got burnt to a crisp bad. Was peeling blisters

and scratching them last two days. Sunblock next time!

-Trying to convince my buddy to train with me at my gym as I will be doing

alot of negatives and heavy reps and will need constant assistance.

-Supersets are going terrific. Nothing like doing 8 reps of squats and then

proceeding to do 8 reps of deadlifts without rest for 8 sets in a row. Felt

wonderful. (4sets Squats-Deadlifts, 4sets Sumo Squats-Roman Deadlifts)

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Oooooh. All supersets. I hate doing them unless I'm paying someone to torture me. It's the endurance part that gets to me.


Nice job on the running. There's something attractive about being committed enough to puke.

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Thanks DV, your support really means alot to me! I actually love the feeling of supersetting I just held out on them because I wanted to develop a more solid base first. The one type of supersetting that kills me though, is pullups and chinups back to back because my forearms KILL by the end. Other than that I kinda welcome them. It was pretty grueling though with squats and deadlifts together. Very exhausting.


training till the point of Puking = attractive well never thought of it that way, it sounds so much better now, i'm flattered. I really pushed hard for that race but i bet i could've avoided that if i had stopped for a bit of water or ate a bit more bf the race. It still felt cool, i've never puked after a race only heard of others doing it.


Another positive note: I am finally able to do a couple of unassisted pullups and it felt amazing. I did about 3 and I probably could have squeezed in one more at most today's session for the first time! I can't wait to get back to the good ole days and weighted pullups with 45lb plates hanging off you but thats going to take awhile. At least I can do some decent weighted dips right now.

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I'm working towards unassisted pullups too. Are these wide grip (palms forward) or narrow grip (palms parallel)? I'm close to narrow grip but it will be a long time before I can do the wide grip type.


I hope I'm off from work one of the days you guys train this summer!

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Wide grip DV, I actually have not even done any training with narrow grip pullups yet this year. Thank you so much for reminding me as I am starting a new regimen on tuesday and I will have to include those to switch up from the chinups and wide grip pullups. Awesome!


You can do it DV, I believe in ya, have you ever done them before?


I would love to train with you; my biceps could use a good beatin' considering they are so finnicky to respond to training. We could always workout after your job....

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