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12 weeks out for "Vegan Olympia" on July 25th - 27th 2013!

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Oh man, i've been a bit negligent with the update for this journal. All my energy and focus has gone to upkeeping and maintaining my juice feast journal. And I had a mighty fine cardio week as well. This week is going just as well too!


Thanks Cubby, Guillame and Robert!


'G', I completely hear you about the bad conditions in our urban cities. Over here, it can be so frustrating at times. I get beeped at yelled at, at times when i'm making a turn or something, somebody will tailgate me and it doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it is quite annoying!!!


Cubby, it felt good to get that bench up; I payed the price with a shoulder impingement but I did too much on top of that program as well. Lesson learned, next time I will not add too much into that program in regards to shoulders or lift too heavy of negatives.


Robert, I hope I can do some sort of upperbody training at vv08'. I wont be going heavy as my shoulder will probably be just healed by then but I should be able to train it..


Thank you EmmyBear! I think everyone was just joshin me in good humor. I loved it as well but I did plan on changing it as soon as the contest was over, so.....


A great week in general. I need to take a nice break from chest and shoulders after testing my max tomorrow that this whole last program has been building up to. My right rotator cuff (weaker arm) hurts and it wont go away. It has happened in the past, usually when i go super heavy out of nowhere, like now. It goes away fairly easily too after I stop pushing it; hopefully that's the case; I pray it doesn't give me a problem.


285lb max bench press test tomorrow. Anxious but confident. We shall see. It may not go up since I have lost around 10lbs of bodyweight and all. No more excuses; tomorrow we shall see!


I am no longer neglecting my core as I have been for the last five months. For the last two weeks, I have been at it practically every day and at it hard. My midsection is taking nice shape in addition to bf loss; gotta train it! To get an idea I did 737 repetitions of core exercises in 5 days this week YEAH BUDDY


Week 8: 6/06-6/22 Final Week, 1rm bp test tomorrow as well as progress pictures!


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 13 hrs

-Worked out 6/7 days

-Finished cycle 7/7


-Barbell Bench Press

Workout #13 (6/17) mentioned in an earlier post, 285pb 1rm test.

-Deadlifts (6/18): 345x6, 3455x6, 365x6, 375x5, 385x4, 395x3, 445lbx1


-Squats (6/21): Just sled work for this week and then some.... of course




-Approx Total Time: 5hrs 15min

-Played 12 games of racquetball

-8 miles outdoor cycling

-a 9 1/4 mile jog at just under a 10min p/mile pace

-Good cardio this week also



-I am not going to continue on saying how others keep continuing to pay me compliments as it gets redundant but what I will say is everyone keeps coming out of the woodwork to congratulate me and the comments on what i've built over the course of this year just keep getting more intense. Love it!

-Ran my longest distance thus far, it was actually 9 1/4 miles and i hadn't run in over a month before that. I just wanted to keep going. The sprint at the end of the jog was the longet and fastest sprint I have ever done, even when compared to when I was in the best shape ever. Legs stretched long and wide and i stood tall.


I am going to write another post with accomplishments from the culmination of last workout later today as well as hopefully post my new workout. Basically, it doesn't include chest, back, shoulders or traps as I hurt myself and with a shoulder impingement on my right shoulder, I cannot train my upper body until it heals. Every other bp will be trained vigorously with a 10rep x 4 set per exercise phase until the end of july or whenever this shoulder fully heals. August is a very controlled bulking period and then sep dedicated to the final cutting phase for a show sometime around october, willing.......

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WARNING :!: This will be somewhat of a long post as i've fell a bit behing on this journal so I apologize. I've just been very on top of my juice blog and I gave this one and the forum to an extent a bit of a backseat. That will change this week. There will probably be copious amounts of posts from me everywhere in a short while


Maybe this picture will help this post be somewhat more colorful and not a whole bunch of words....


I FINALY got my trophy from the 3.5 racquetball league months ago. No sooner did I get it, than did this one end (4.0) and I found myself in the finals. I lost but I gave it a really good run. Will come back stronger for the next one...



This is a recap from the end of the last workout (june 17th), the description of my new workout and last weeks training log recap


Okay so like I mentioned on my progress page, I like to post notable acheivements in my journal at the end of every routine. My last routine ended JUNE 17th and was a program designed to increase my ax bench press 50lbs in 50day which I did. Unfortunately I trained my shoulders way more than asked for and might have slapped on a bit too much on a barbell to shrug one day couple with doing heavier much heavier negatives on the bench press than asked for... all leading up to a right medial head shoulder impingement that had not gone away since the 15th.... 15 DAYS OF NO UPPER BODY WORKOUTS UGGGGGH Well to the good stuff,


Some accomplishments:


Barbell Biceps: from: 85x8, 85x8, 85x8

to: 100x6, 105x6, 110x6, 115x6, 135x2, 145x1

Bench Press: from: 235lbs

to: 285lbs

Squats: from: 235x6, 245x6, 255x6, 275x6, 285x6, 295x6

to: 275x6, 285x6, 295x6, 305x6, 315x5, 315x5

Deadlifts: from: 265x6, 275x6, 285x6, 295x6, 305x6, 315x6

to: 345x6, 355x6, 365x6, 375x5, 385x3, 395x2, 425x1



Without being able to train shoulders, chest, upper back, or traps, I was in a rut and a little off track thinking of a schedule but I conjured up one that doesn't include any of these bodyparts, no reason the rest of my body has to suffer a loss.... I am doing this workout until the end of july, to build a little bit of lbm or really to maintain what I can while I continue to melt many pounds off and afterwards. In august, I will have a vigorous lbm building routine and I pray I can train upper body again otherwise I shall have to push this contest back more because my body wont be ready. If I can train in august (upper body), than september and first couple weeks of october will be the finishing touches and I will do my first show as a vegan (hey I just realized Marcina calls refers to me by this emoticon!!!! COOL, I have an emoticon


New Workout (Started Wednesday, June 25th)


-A RIDICULOUS amount of core, as much as possible every single day before during and after


-Right shoulder rehab before every workout, rest as needed (usually 4-5 days a week)

-3-4 set rep ranges

-10 reps per set

-5 Day Routine


Day 1: Calves / Biceps

Day 2: Lower Back (no deadlifts, no strin on shoulder Good Mornings only) / Hamstrings

Day 3: Triceps / Forearms

Day 4: Calves / Biceps

Day 5: Quads / Forearms


A little bit less cardio right now as I don't want to eat away at too much more lbm as I have gotten pretty lean over the last couple of weeks....


Keep in mind, I have lost 18lbs since those last figures in about a month's time so strength numbers will be def going down and also I cannot train as hard with certain things, like triceps and lower back. I am done with the heavy bulking phase of my newfound goal and so workout routines will look nothing like those of earlier in the year in these coming months. This is a maintenance/small half growth mostly definition phase....



Week 1: 6/23 - 6/29


Resistance Training

-Approx Total time: 8 1/2 hours

-Worked out 6/7 days (although nothing but core and rehab for two of those)

-Started new routine on June 25th

-Shoulder got 'slightly' better but no major improvements yet



-Approx total time: 8 hours

-45 minutes of actual waterskiing attempts and riding

-1 1/2 hours of tennis

-11 games of racquetball

-7 games out outdoor handball, big blue doubles

-8 miles cycling



-Finished 4.0 racquetball league and was in the finals. Lost, so finished in second place. Oh

well. I annihilated him the first game and then he wrecked me shamelessly the next two in a

row. There's always next season to come back stronger.

-Have gotten much leaner and as a result very fast and increased endurance in regards to


-Waterskiied for the first time WHAT A SPORT! Much fun. Will be going out a couple of times

this year for sure.

-Kicked butt on the handball courts, funny how when you're leaner, you naturally seem to play

certain endurance intensive sports much better immediately, shots and all.

-Tennis was fun haven't played in the longest. Did well. As long as I didn't try to hit the ball

too hard otherwise I would lose control but I rallied just fine and enjoyed it much.

-I think that I am finally beginnings of earning the name 'Lean and Green' back again and being

proud to say it.

-Core workouts IN FULL EFFECT. Can't thank Andreafrancis enough for her influence on

having a trim midsection and bulging core muscles which got me into all this. I really would

like to take the prestigious award for best abs contest. I am diligently firing away at my

core to the max and keeping trim and getting trimmer. My waist is somewhere in between

32 - 33 inches at the moment.....


Time to play with some colors and let out a nice


Y.E.A.H. B.U.D.D.Y.

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hell yea phillipeb! Only problem is if this shoulder injury doesn't go away by the end of july, I may have to push back the date for when I will compete as I shall need time to train my upper body a bit. As long as it's ok by the end of july, i'll be fine. I'm banking on this.


Wanted to share my new quads workout with all as it beat the ever loving crap out of my legs yesterday and I couldn't walk (ie. leg twitching, moving slowly, struggling up and downn stairs!). The step ups, really work man. Also it was probably also the fact I just started hack squats too.


Legs (Quads)


Leg Press (Sled Machine) 4 sets x 10 reps each

Hack Squats 6 sets x 10 reps each

Sumo Squats 4 sets x 10 reps each

Weighted Steps ups (high box) followed into a lunge on the way down 4 sets x 10 reps each

Weight walking lunges with wide steps, no rest in between 4 sets x 10 reps each

Leg Extensions 4 sets x 10 reps each, last set was a drop set with 4-6 reps every 20lb drop

until only one 20lb plate was loaded (started at 120lb).


Also did 10 sets of challenging core work and 16 sets for forearms Go Green!!!

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Wednesday was core day to the max!


Did 1000 crunches on the beach while laying down and tanning. Went to the gym several hours later and did many weighted core exercises 471 repetitions of more advanced versions of core exercises that were weighted.


My main center of focus right now is my core by far......


On a side note, it seems that sleep has caught up to me and i was wondering why with all this hard work why I wasn't craving any.


Missed the gym today, passed out couldn't keep my eyes open, for 3 hours. Woke up and here I am wired and hope I am able to fall asleep again, i think i should be ok, hopefully......

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Congratulations on your successes. Few would have the knowledge and determination for these accomplishments. Outstanding! Thank you for sharing so extensively with everyone. You are most certainly an inspiration to everyone and the education you have posted in this Forum is invaluable.


Best wishes for continued success.


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Thanks for the kudos and love all! The bird on the old avatar was Macho, someone elses bird who let me hold them at the beach. My bird's name is Sunny; he has been on other posts and older avatars My friend's at my old job called me a pirate also Hayley as I always wore bandanas atop my long hair and I used to bring my bird to work to hang with us sometimes..



Jeeez, I have neglected to update this journal for about a month's time! WOW Ok, well instead of trying to sort through all the stuff i've done in betweem; I am just going to talk about where i'm at now as I just conjured up a whole new routine. I will do my best to be diligent about working out 2x a day. Once at the crack of dawn and then once again later on in the day (work permitting of course). Where there is a will there is a way! Routine in a sec


Quick Tidbit: After the 46 days of feasting, my final weight was 179lbs down from 204. It has been 3 weeks since then and I only gained back 3 so this wasn't a fluke weight loss scheme. I have been maintaining. digestion is way better than it ever has been in my entire life for me as well! am doing 7 more liquid days of blends only starting today just to clean out all the heavy eating from vv08 and then I am on to a clean bulk for about 50 days or so and then THE FINAL CUTDOWN da da da daaaaaa


As of the last month, it was a little less then maintenance. There was much going on; I trained at vv08 but not like regular or as frequent. My shoulder is the bain of my existence right now but i've given up on resting it. It is still in pain but honestly I do not care anmore. After two months of rest, I cannot wait for my whole upper body to disintegrate as well as not compete. I have resumed upper body training as of this week. Just going less intense and avoiding direct shoulder exercisesand certain things like pullups and chinups which KILL me. I have heard of so many others working through injuries and that's the route I am deciding to take at this point.


I was able to still lift 405lb on a deadlift during vegan vacation 08, even 27lbs lighter and only 8 days off a juice feast. YEAAAAAAH BUDDY!


Monday and Tuesday of this week, I trained with thendanisays as I was paying a visit to good ole Haverhill (writing this from the bus ride home). Dani, performed the same exact psychotic workouts as me for 2 days and we are both paying for it; hardly able to walk sit or stand from monday's thrashing of legs and then some! She could definitely hang and is serious bout training. Great workout partner. For those who don't know, since things are going so well and there's no sign anything less than perfect chemistry between the two of us; might as well announce that publicly. Seems we have found love on the vbbf board and vv08; who knew? Never would have thunk it! This forum continues be one of the most important parts of my life. Thank you all, especially Mr. Cheeke for the creation of it and out annual get togethers.


Okay enough of the mushiness, back to the real deal; I am going to compete no matter what. It's in my green vegan blood and there is no other option. I need to do this, even if I don't have enough lbm, I want to present myself. I am also making plans to joing the vegan house of kindness with a tentative date of October 1st this year to live in Portland. I am stoked about it and of course after I am properly settled and all is done; I will look for a good comp to present what I have been training for. Will keep all posted of course.


Here is my new regimen. Since it is pretty hardcore in imo, I wish to share it exercise for exercise. I don't know the proper names of everything but i'm sure you could get the idea from reading them; if not, ask


August 2008 Clean Bulk Pre Comp Program

2 Workouts each day (note: first number with x denotes the amount of sets; the second denotes the amount of reps)



(am) Calves, Traps, Biceps

Standing Calve Raises (V Stance) x5, x10

Seated Calf Raises (V stance) x5, x10

Dumbell Shrugs x5, x12

Barbell Sghrugs x5, x12

Preacher Barbell Cable Curls x5, x8

Preacher Dumbell Cable Curls x5, x8


(pm) Chest, Rectus Abdominus

Incline Barbell Press x5, x8

Incline Dumbell Press x5, x8

Decline Barbell Press x3, x8

Med Ball Dumbell Press x3, x8

Med Ball Cable Press x3, x8

Incline Dumbell Flyes x4, x10

Flat Dumbell Flyes x4, x10

Incline Weighted Crunches (front) x5, x6

Incline Weighted Crunches (behind neck) x5, x6


Day 2

(am) Hamstrings, Glutes

Deep Sumo Squats x10, x12

Butt Blaster x3, x12

Donkey Kicks x3, x12

AD Cable One Legged x3, x12

AB Cable One Legged x3, x12

Wrist Ripper x4, x2-4 rotations

Dumbell Forearm Curls x3, x10

Barbell Forearm Curls x3, x10


(pm) Quads, Obliques

Hack Squats x5, x10

Squats x10, x12

Lunges Walking x5, x10

Step Ups x5, x10

Pendulums x5, x10

Weighted Inc Twists x5, x8


Day 3

(am) Triceps, Traps, Rectus Abdominus

Close Grip Bench Press x4, x10

Tow Rope Cable Curls x3, x12

Tricep Dumbell Extensions x3, x12

Barbell Shrugs x5, x10

Dumbell Shrugs x5, x10

Weighted Incline Crunches (Behind Neck) x5, x6

Weighted Incline Crunches (In Front) x5, x6


(pm) Upper Back, Calves

Dumbell Rows x6, x8

Barbell Rows x6, x8

Lat Pulldowns x5, x8

Seated Rows x5, x8

Seated Calve Raises (straight stance) x5, x8

Standing Calve Raises x5, x8


Day 4

(am) Biceps Obliques, Forearms

Reverse Barbell Curls x5, x8

Seated Hammer Dumbell Curls x5, x8

Cerratus Twists x10, x8

Wrist Ripper x4, x2-4 rotations

Reverse Barbell Forearm Curls x3, x10

Reverse Dumbell Forearm Curls x3, x10


(pm) Lower Back

Deadlifts x10 (6x8; 4x12))

Good Mornings x10, x10

Hyperextensions x5, x12


Day 5

(am) Triceps, Rectus Abdominus

Reverse Close Grip Bench Press x5, x10

French Presses x5, x12

1000 Crunches


(pm) Traps, Calves, Rehab

Dumbell Shrugs x5, x10

Barbell Shrugs x5, x10

Standing Calve Raises x5, x10

Seated Calve Raises x5, x10

Theraband Side Rotations x5, x15

Side Lateral Raises x5, x15


Day 6


Forearms, Upper Body Stretch

Wrist Ripper x4, x2-4 rotations

Dumbell Curls x3, x10

Barbell Curls x3, x10


Upper Body static and foam roll stretches



Lower Body Stretches, mostly foam roller stuff

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Hey my raw foodie friend. I had a huge, well two bags of spring mix and I head of lettuce (no veggies just greens). I have been making collard wraps with raw hummus, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes sprouts and spring mix. I wanted to share it with you so bad.

Do you have those pictures Dani took when we were chowing down on greens?

3 more days until my juice fast/feast. I'm so excited !!!

Have fun in DC with everyone. I'll be there in spirit !

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I am going to be good with my journal and prompt now.... I hope!


Awwwwww.com my gosh you all, SeaSiren, Hsorlando, Johan, thank you sooo much! I have such a soft spot for my girl. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me; well perhaps second to being a part of the vbbf fam! which is how we met. But all kidding aside yeah, we have such intense chemistry and it is all because of this wonderful community of beautiful souls.

xJohanx RAW (No Bean) HUMMUS RECIPE (warning deadly/delicious be prepared to overeat and gorge, lol)

-2 Zucchini peeled and chopped

-3/4 cup raw tahini

-1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

-1/4 olive oil

-2-4 cloves garlic, peeled

-2 1/2 teaspoons sea salt (I prefer french grey)

-1/2 tablespoon ground cumin

(Blend up together until thick and smooth, sprinkle some cumin on top to make it look pretty)

I'd Double the recipe at the least, as you'll go through it right away; it is soooo tasty. Always a huge hit.


Tasha, I have written down the exact pics you want. I promise I will specifically post those first. I am currently uploading like 8 videos to my personal youtube from VV and after that's done, I am going to post a whole bunch more on a vv youtube account I created, including the bull you requested. The very first pics I post, will be the ones you specifically requested as well. Just been sooooooooo busy, for all good reasons. My life has been surrounded by an exorbitant amount of love and friendship lately and I have been embracing it to the fullest. I have barely been home, except to sleep..... I MISS YOU. I will see you october 1st and we will be together every day juicing it up!


Thendanisays (gosh it feels weird calling you by you handle LOLOL); Be prepared for double sessions after ARC when we hang. It's so on; you're in trouble. I know our ready!



Week 1: 8/04-8/10


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 7 hours

-Worked out 4/7 days



-Approx Total Time: 3hrs?

-Dance, Dance DANCE (I'f i'm not lifting, i'm dancing.... right Tuc?? )


1 Hour Group Meditation



-Started another juice feast on thursday. This time only for 8 days. Thedanisays wanted to

do one so I thought it would be a good idea to do it with her to support her first endeavor

into the world of fasting/cleansing. Plus why not, I love blends now so much anyway. I

could easily live like this and do it whenever for any length of time.

-Attended a Arts and Music Festival with probably like 20,000 people and danced my arse off

to some really fine beats.

-Since I haven't hit upper body much if at all obver last two months.. everything was very

sore and responded super well to training. Happy about that. Shoulder wasn't but cmon you

damn shoulder, STEP IT UP ALREADY

-Haven't kicked into full gear yet with am and pm workouts. Friends visiting from out of town

and I am entertaining and housing them.

-Visited thendanisays mon-thurs and we trained legs, back and triceps together.

ANNIHILATED legs so badly. Lots of fun. Best training partner ever, she rocks!

-This coming week will not be full force either. Still entertaining company and have the ARC in

DC with cheeke and co thurs-monday so I won't get in as much as i'd like to but after that it

should be on!

-Me and Dani shall break our feast together friday morning with some fresh produce. Later on

I prepped some AMAZING gourmet raw treats these last couple of days with my pals that are

crashing here. We will dine on that! YUMMMMMMMMMMM

-Attended a Raw Food Potluck with about 50 others at a buddy's house. Prepped Zucchini Spaghetti and Pesto as well as Brownies while I drank my liquids and avoided all other dishes Listened to a lecture by special guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens (awesome person, Tree of Life founder) and participated in group meditation session led by him. Felt good and calming.

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xJohanx RAW (No Bean) HUMMUS RECIPE (warning deadly/delicious be prepared to overeat and gorge, lol)

-2 Zucchini peeled and chopped

-3/4 cup raw tahini

-1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

-1/4 olive oil

-2-4 cloves garlic, peeled

-2 1/2 teaspoons sea salt (I prefer french grey)

-1/2 tablespoon ground cumin

(Blend up together until thick and smooth, sprinkle some cumin on top to make it look pretty)

I'd Double the recipe at the least, as you'll go through it right away; it is soooo tasty. Always a huge hit.


I pmed about your recipe but I told him my style of hummus I added a red pepper for red pepper hummus, also told him that you don't need to add the Olive Oil, salt, or that much garlic


Tasha, I have written down the exact pics you want. I promise I will specifically post those first. I am currently uploading like 8 videos to my personal youtube from VV and after that's done, I am going to post a whole bunch more on a vv youtube account I created, including the bull you requested. The very first pics I post, will be the ones you specifically requested as well. Just been sooooooooo busy, for all good reasons. My life has been surrounded by an exorbitant amount of love and friendship lately and I have been embracing it to the fullest. I have barely been home, except to sleep..... I MISS YOU. I will see you october 1st and we will be together every day juicing it up!


Do you have the bull? OMG that's the funniest thing. Even ask Robert I still have tears in my eyes thinking about it.

That or Two on two off. I really want you to post our cycling videos too

I'm glad to hear things are working out for you. I'm starting my fast in a couple of days. The 13th on Andesuma's Birthday. And then my Charka 17 on the 15th with her.

Today, Jessifly, Dani Ani and I went to SI and picked peaches, blueberries, and blackberries. So I'm freezing all my produce to juice down.

Are you in DC yet?



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August 11th..... AUGUST 11th!!!!!!!????? Has it been that long since this has been updated. Sheesh. My life has been topsy turvy. It has been so long since i've even logged onto vbbf. I need to be back but there is still so much going on with the move to Portland and then some. Its all good.


Ok, So my workouts have not been consistent at all with the traveling back and forth on buses to Massachusetts to hang with Dani and new full time job and what have you but the last two weeks has been quite good. Rather than dating back how bad i've sucked; I'll talk about the recent. 9/08-9/14 was good. I got an adequate amount of training in even though it wasn't as much training as I wanted. 9/15 - 9/21 was pretty much ideal and perfect for me. So I'll blog about that....


Also, I didn't peek back in this journal but I have a two resistance training session per day schedule that I have been trying to uphold. I will post the entire workout scheme if I didn't earlier when I scroll back later.


9/15 - 9/21


Resistance Training

-Total Time: 12 hours

-10/14 sessions accomplished




-Total Time: 6hr 45min

-85 miles of outdoor cycling YEA..... BUDDY



-I have been cycling to work and then home, which is a 20 mile round trip as often as


-I cycled 30 miles in Haverhill, MA. Well actually partly in New Hampshire as well. I

somehow managed to get completely lost everywhere I tried to travel in MA as the road

signs are nothing like in NYC and I never got to my destination any time I left. So while

Dani worked, I had fun getting completely lost and even winding up crossing the state

line and traveling into New Hampshire ... LOL

-Feeling strong, getting good workouts. Loving the 8 rep range 5 set schematic.

-Stupid shoulder that has been injured since the beginning of June has not improved

whatsoever. I resumed training my upper body in september because honestly I couldn't

take it anymore and I still desparately want to compete sometime this year. Somehow,

someway, I am going to find a show to prepare, take action and make it happen

-19hours 45minutes of training this week. I feel like a healthy goal would be to strive for

a whole day.. 24 hours in total of combined trainign each week. Just because =)


The Move

-Signed a 6 month lease!!! Me and Thendanisays are going to be living in North Portland

on N Oswego St in an 800 sq foot private house with a beautiful backyard and all. No

roomates or what have you just us and Joey (daschund)

-Arrival in Portland s/b expected by October 18th the latest....

-Someone pray our 27 house plants do not get killed on the way there. Dani wants to kill

them. What kind of vegan doesn't like plants!!!!!!!!! They're like my children; I love them

so much; I dearly hope they all survive. They will be in the car with us. She wants to

lock them up in the trunk. I want to keep them in the back seat. They need sunlight!

-I will hopefully be working at Blossoming Lotus prepping raw food for all!

-We'll be making home made soaps and hemp jewelry as well as attempting to distribute

and demoing for the following product lines: Vega, Sun Warrior, Organic Nectars,

Manitoba Harvest and Morrocco Method. If anyone has any interest, let us know. Dani

will be getting a bartending job somewhere too.


I will try my best to keep updates more frequent and be a more active member of the community like I was before vv08 I miss everyone!

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He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


On my way to Massachusetts in 30 min; will hopefully HOPEFULLY shoot pics as i really would like to show support for the most muscular comp.


9/21 – 9/28/08


Resistance Training:

-Total Time: 10 3/4 hours

-9 workouts


Cardio:-Total Time: 5 1/4 hours

-66.5 miles outdoor cycling

-1 game racquetball

-1 game indoor 4 wall handball



-33 mile bike right last night in the pouring rain was AMAZING! Loved every moment of it;

rode with a friend of mine who FLIES so I had to really work super hard just to keep up with

his toned down pedaling. Avg pace around 17 mph and about 20mph on flats

-Feeling good as a direct result of getting to the gym consistently

-Major strength increases with all minor muscles groups this week i.e. : traps, core, calves,

forearms. They are all responding extremely well to repetitive training. Major bodyparts

are coming back at a normal rate.

-Not to turn my journal into sop city but tomorrow I am headed out to be with ‘thendanisays’ and will remain there until she says goodbye to her place of residency. Then we do the same for me here in nyc and all points head west to our place together in Portland. Basically, starting tomorrow I will never ever be alone again which hasn’t truly sunk in but it will the second our eyes meet =)

-Taking my bicycle so I can continue to get lost in Massachusetts while I travel around to get some exercise in since I’ll be there for about 10 days

-I hope to work a deal out with the gym Dani trains

-Woke up today super sore and aching all over from this grueling week of training plus i've been dieiting down a bit. I was up to like 193; man do i put on weight fast; but i'm at 187 today which is much better. I need to drop another 5-6 lbs minimum, maintain that for awhile and then start the real drop for the comp.....

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