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Your best body part?


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Wow Zack, this seems like a simple question, but it seriously took me a while to figure out...


I guess I focus so much energy on the muscles that need work, that I forget about the muscles that seem "in-balance" or even "over-developed".


I'm going to have to go with trapezius.


I spent MANY years as an ignorant/uninformed weight-lifter, but one thing I alway did was upright-rows... I can offer no other explanation about my traps since I've NEVER done shrugs.


I used to have a sick v-taper from pullups (another quality exercise I did even in the "un-enlightened days"), but this has faded since I've gotten serious about squatting.


On the upside, I guess this means my erectors are getting way stronger.


I can totally sacrifice some v-taper if it means I won't have chicken legs anymore.



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I'd say my shoulders, but that's just my bone size. I was born with broad shoulders. That's in terms of size, they're much weaker than they look in my opinion.


In terms of strength, definitely my triceps. They're the opposite of my shoulders. Strong, but look weak (or at least I think so).

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Either back or triceps. My triceps had a big 'ol natural horseshoe to them before I even started training (not sure why), but they only got larger after I begian lifting. Back was once my weakest point, but lots of work pulling in all planes managed to fix that, everything from the spinal erectors on up (though my traps could use a bit more size!)

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