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workout music

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I usually listen to harder stuff; typically metal/grindcore/punk/hardcore. I should mention that when I say "hardcore," I'm referring to stuff more along the lines of old Japanese HC like Gauze, GISM, Lip Cream, etc. and not Victory Records type stuff. I just got done working out and listening to Kreator "Renewal." Great bands for working out (excluding the ones listed above):


Danzig (I-IV only)


Exhumed (especially "Slaughtercult")

Dark Funeral ("Diabolis Interium" is furious!)

Rotten Sound






Social Distortion


Suicidal Tendencies (try NOT working out hard to "You Can't Bring Me Down!")

Municipal Waste

Amon Amarth

Against Me!



Garlic Boys


Darkthrone (mostly older stuff)

Diabolic (the "Subterraneal Magnitude" album in particular)


Sometimes I like to mix it up and listen to some less aggressive stuff like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Röyksopp, etc. You get the idea.




Hey Jonathan, what's the scoop on those bands? I've heard No Comply, but the rest are new to me. What style do they play?

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I hope this doesn't constitute spamming, but it seems fitting to this thread because of the amount of metal/hc fans out here. I wanted to plug my vegan metal/hc site and forum. veggielante.com

I will add this site to the my links page to compensate for this plug.


There seems to be a lot of metalheads and hc kids here. How can I drag you guys over to get the veggielante forum going? Post pics of Earth Crisis dudes working out? Make a video of Robert flexing to the tune of death metal classics? The things I'm willing to do to get the vegan aggressive rock forum to happen...

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I'm stoked about how many people here are into punk/hardcore. I'm also stoked that people that listen to things other that, because most of the vegans I know got into veganism from bands like earth crisis, and its always nice to see people who got into it by something else.


As for me:


Pre-Workout: Rampage (almost all their songs are about weight lifting / body building, so it really gets me in the mood)


during workout:

9 shocks terror


Path of Resistance

Guns Up

No Warning

Cro Mags


After workout:

usually Youth of Today or Side by Side

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Del the Funky Homosapian(by far the best rapper on earth and he's vegan)

Heiroglyphics(Del's group)

Jurassic 5

Black Eyed Peas(a couple vegans in the group)

Faster Depeche Mode stuff

AC/DC(yeah I'm a big loser)

Motley Crew(even more loserish)

Guns & Roses

Most of the faster Motown hits

The Clash

Wu Tang

Rage Against The Machine

Stone Temple Pilots

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At the college gym I am at the mercy of what the dips**ts at the front counter listen to, and it's almost always contemporary christian rock interspersed with right wing propaganda...in a way the anger it draws from me keeps my motivation up, helps me get a few more reps!

I listen to a lot of old Youth of Today for motivation and also a bit of Venom of late ( Cronos is a friggin' fitness instructor and Abbadon opened his own gym- wierd huh?!)

I've also found that when I run Iron Maiden is the soundtrack in my head...especially that tune "The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner"- it can be quite inspiring!!!!

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"our numbers are doubling in 88

and the people are starting to educate

themselves, their friends, their families

and well have a more conscious caring society"


Ray Cappo/ Youth of Today changed my life!!!! That song is why I went vegetarian!!!!! I was a pen pal of Ray (Ragunatha) for a while when he went Krishna...pretty inspiring guy, at least he was 17 years ago when I was still quite young. Like I mentioned earlier, I still listen to "We're Not In This Alone" for inspiration!

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