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Video: Food, supplements and smoothies - Part 1


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That was fun to see, wow your kitchen is super-organized! (You pronounced acai correctly too!)


Thanks Jessifly, I have a few Brasilian friends who "learn me good".


thanks a lot for sharing your eating habits!

nice opening theme

how many calories does it roughly have?


Thanks, I need popeye's forearm routine!


Blueberry-Spinach-Flax-Ezekiel-Gemma Smoothie in video

6oz Spinach

12g Flaxseed

3oz Ezekiel 4:9 Flaxseed Cereal

12g Gemma Protein Powder

6oz blueberries


64% Carbs

14% Fat

22% Protein



Nutritional data and images courtesy of www.NutritionData.com.


I like your accent. Reminds me of minnesota where I used to live.


What accent?


Great video, thanks for sharing!

I have the same Blendtec and it's such a great purchase.


You're welcome... I don't know what I would do without the Blendtec:?::!:

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Amino Acids and muscle building supplements

Glutamine for muscle

Creatine for muscle and because vegan diets lack it

Taurine for muscle because vegan diets lack it, also I've read somewhat positive results from omni who supplement with it.

BCAAs for muscle, I've only read and heard positive things about supplementation of BCAA's.


Multiple Vitamin and Calcium Citrate Caps (D, Cal, Mag, Zinc, Cop, Mang)

I like to be assured that I'm getting my daily micro nutrients... I'd rather error on the side of slightly over the daily requirements as I have no way of telling how much of each micronutrient I am actually absorbing, or how much of certain micronutrients I'm getting from my food due to depleted soils etc... Maybe I'm absorbing very little from powdered vcaps that I take or very little from my food, I don't think theres a sure fire way to tell unless you get a blood test, bone density scan, etc.



Since I'm probably eating more food than my body needs to try to put on mass I think its a good idea to supplement with enzymes to help my body break down the food and increase digestibility.


Inflammation reduction

I base alot of my diet around trying to reduce inflammation. The body (muscle) heals faster with less inflammation and seeing as muscles are constantly "torn" I find it helps a bit to supplement with Ginger Root Extract and Bromelain to help reduce the inflammation and increase recovery time.



Finally, I feel the older I get and the harder I train the more my joints start to ache... I just started to supplement with Glucosamine & MSM so hopefully it helps to strengthen my joint tissue.


Do I think they are necessary... absolutely not. Do I think they make a substantial difference... besides the creatine, no, not very much. Do I think it helps a little here and there... sure, and thats why I take what I take. I haven't read any serious negative side effects regarding the supplements I take and if I happen to come across some studies regarding some serious negative side effects regarding the supplements that I take, than my mind is always open to discontinuing that particular supplement.

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I like how organized your posts are, and how detailed they are. Thanks! Now.....let's see more videos!!!!


Thanks and no problem Robert... I tried to upload another video (Part 2) on YouTube yesterday but it kept stalling... I will try again tonight...

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I have an extra freezer too. It's a great investment. You can save a lot of money by purchasing fruit in season and freezing it. I still have blueberries, melon and strawberries from last summer. I find the taste to be far superior to anything I purchase in the freezer section. (Sorry, but I'm becoming my mother as I age.)


Great video!

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