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How do I enjoy a vegan diet... my biggest challenge


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I am picky about what I eat. It is not on purpose but I just don't have the taste for many vegetables. "texture of food is what really makes me picky. Specially cooked. Some foods seem to mushy. I am trying to convert my diet to not eat meat. I let go of cow and slowly fazing out others, but I can't seem to ad enough sauces or spices to make my veggie meal taste all that appetisizing. Any advice on how or where I can find reall good sauces or spices to add to the lovely vegetables? I like lots of spices. Example curry or thai dishes have spices. I don't eat dairy either.


Veggies I do like





Peppers (all colors)








herbs of all sorts

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No type or amount of spice is going to change the texture of your vegetables... if they are too mushy, you will need to cook them differently or for less time. You might also try eating some of them raw.


If you can give some examples of how you're cooking and seasoning specific veggies, we might be able to offer some suggestions to make them tastier.

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