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ulcerative colitis


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A few years ago my younger brother was diagnosed with UC. It's been pretty hard on him, and my mom as well because she's the one who ends up taking him to the doctor, getting his meds, etc. I know there has to be some kind of dietary connection. He eats a lot of meat, a lot of dairy, lots of processed junk foods, sweets, etc. I really want to find more information about how to control his disease through dietary means.


I found this book but I haven't ordered it yet because it claims to "cure" the disease and I'm a little skeptical. I want to look into it more. But until then, are there any other resources out there that I could look into? I really want to be able to help him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hey Anastasia!

A good friend of mine also was diagnosed UC about a year ago. I gave the book you mention to him and he made astonishing progress. He got in contact with many others who are symptom-free for a long time by following the instructions given.

E-mail contact to the author is free and telephon contact is also possible.

The "cure" works like this:

You live according to the priciples of natural hygiene or life science (explained on http://www.rawfoodexplained.com). There are some things a person with UC has to do or leave out additionally.

The main changes propably will be: eating only rawfood (fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts) with an emphasis on ripe fruit, proper food-combining, enough rest, enough sunshine, workout, avoiding distress and doing coping strategies like yoga, meditation etc., stop using any drugs (coffee, alcohol, over-the-counter, prescriped).

The theory is that the body tries to clean itself from toxins and the "illness" is just the normal way the body does his self-healing. By not toxicating the body anymore by wrong eating/drinking/behaviour etc. the body gets the chance to detox and will stop developing the symptoms of illness.

The first step in the healing process usually is fasting. But this is only possible if the bodyweight is still acceptable.


All the best to you brother.

He should give it a try.

Just tell him he has nothing to loose by trying this "method" and his health to gain. I know two guys who lost their colon to this illnes at the age of 18 and 28. Your brother should try everything to save his colon.

The standard treatments (using different drugs) do not stop the illness but only slow down the progress. And the last option of the MDs is always cuting out the bodypart which has the symptom. They just do not know how to stop the body doing what it does.


David (the author) is a really nice guy. Give it a try!

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Anastasia, listen to Flanders on this one. UC is a horrid disease and his doctors are not going to have much to offer. At the very least, have him cut out all dairy as a start. Also, have him increase his omega 3 fatty acids. If he won't spring for the rather expensive vegan supplements then at least start taking fish oil capsules and/or eating fatty fish (I don't like this idea but it's advice for an omni). Lowering his intake of omega 6 fatty acids is another positive step (processed foods, most vegetable oils other than olive oil or canola oil - or flax).


The steps I mentioned might be easier to start with before completely changing his diet. They decrease inflammation - which is what he's trying to avoid in his intestines.


IMO, there is definitely a dietary link to this disease.

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Thanks so much to both of you for the advice. I think I am going to order that book and read it cover to cover several times before giving it to him, that way if he has any questions at least I can answer them. Flanders, what you said about the body's attempt to flush out toxins makes a lot of sense. His doctors recently doubled the dosage of his medication, and shortly thereafter he started bleeding again, which makes me wonder if the damn medicine itself isn't exacerbating the problem.


And DV, when he comes home from spring break I'm definitely going to tell him to quit all dairy first. He already knows he's not supposed to eat it, but he does anyway. Maybe once he reads the book he'll realize he has to change his diet if he ever wants to get better.


Thanks again, I really appreciate all your advice!

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