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(7/14 JuiceFeast progress pics pg5)27 days since last shots

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Robert, when you read this... I really think L&G should be here! http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bios


This is just what I expected. And I expected A LOT! You look absolutely wonderful! Great tan too!


I agree!


I was thinking that this week talking to a friend and realized he wasn't on our profiles page yet!!!!!


He'll be at my house tonight.....we'll sort it out!


thendanisays, and others will be invited for the profiles section as well. Spine and many others come to mind too...including tuc :0


Johan and many others too!


I'll get on it!


L&G looking sweet man!

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I enjoy comics and while i am kinda anti corporation i reserve a weird double standard when it comes to my childhood and adult love of comics. DC is owned by time warner. horrible horrible. but then again they make comics about the flasshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh




L*G move to utah and become my trainer mkay thanks. I find i need someone to be all like do it wimp. then ill be like im not a wimp and then snivel a bit and wipe the tear from my eye and do the 40 thousand pushups i need to do. otherwise i am kinda like looking at the weight making stories about how they came into being. so that when i see them im less intimidated... ohhh good old 35 lb barbell you would scare me if not for my knowledge of how your were birthed mainly when a unicorn ate too much ore at the center of the earth when she was visiting the snake(Nidhogg) wrapped around Yggdrasil (the tree of life). good old 35 lb barbell.


so uh yeah...that was a tangent. see thats why i need professional help. hahaha



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Just bumping this page up. We want to see more pictures of you. Bulking now, and cutting after


Thanks so much for the training sessions, you and Dani have been a handful of information.

I remember last year when you were writing it down what I should be doing in PMs. I didn't quiet get it.

But now, I realized I'm more of a visual learner and you helped me out huge. Thanks for your patience my friend.

Big *hugs*



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