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I want something to get off my chest

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Well I was just working out at the gym. I was joking around with my best friend and it was fun. One of a sudden some random dude comes in, who i've seen before... He 's a bodybuilder on a "comeback" routine.


I respect all the guys at the gym so I was friendly, smiled and shook his hand.


after a while he came up to me and said


he: "how long have you been working out ? 3 years ?"

me : " nah a little over a year now ."

he : " damn man , you've jucied right ?"

me: "nope I only drink protein shakes"

he " amino acids ?"

me: "nope"

he" man you should juice! you're gonna be even bigger , i know some nice adresses"...

me: "I'm not interested bro ... I'm just having fun here"



I know for sure that 75 % juices. they talk en brag about all the time... I always react by... NOT reacting. I just lift some more.


I'm a straight edge kid and I kinda get offended by this ...


how would you guys react ?

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Good job.


That pressure is often there, but I've always steered clear from it and I think it's awesome you did the same.


The temptation to "take it to the next level" is all around us, but being true to ourselves will help us stay away from it.


Nice job.

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Right on, CxK!! Lifting, in my opinion, should be about being healthy on the inside and looking in-shape on the outside. Why go through all of the trouble to "look" healthy only to poison yourself on the inside. It kind of reminds me, on a less severe level, of those lifters who consume 250 grams of protein every day, but haven't eaten a vegetable in six months.


On a side note, the fact that this guy thought you had either been lifting for three years or juicing shows that you're doing great without the use of drugs. Good job!



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I have a friend who juices and have had other friends in the past that have juiced. Been offered and always declined. Did enough research in college to understand how roids messes with your hormonal cycle and getting it out of whack is not what you wanna do. I've seen my friend try to kick the juice only to return back to the needle... I think roids has to be one of the most psychological dependent drugs out there.


Good job superman in disguise.

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It's a compliment just take it like that and besides they can't be too smart anyways. When people say that to you it is usually out of envy and jealousy which is why it doesn't even pay to get angered or react.


It is pretty obvious when someone has juiced to get to look a certain way. People who mess with roids are 9.9 times out of 10 very very easy pinouts. The bloat, the look of their muscles, it just looks fake. You can't hide it. You can be pretty big and no one can accuse you of juicing if you are natural and have an argument because natural looks natural.


So take it where it comes from.


As far as what to do? Well, when I was in ripped and shredded state and everyone used to look at me, I got accused alot of cheating. So what me and my friend did (we both worked there so we also were always seen in the gym), we would just be in the locker room making retarded comments about roids and screaming extra loud to make sure everyone heard. Like yea brother, you have that needle or that winny and making it so obvious that we were making fun of everyone who would accuse us and such. It was like laughing at them and making a big joke out of it, it was hysterical. I was much younger when I did that but whatever it still lightened up the atmosphere and made it funny instead of pissing me and him off (we both used to get accused).

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It sucks to have anyone even insinuate that you're juiced - been there enough times to know that it does get irritating. The thing to do is look at it like a compliment and not an insult, though - consider it a stupid form of flattery, then train harder than ever to get bigger and stronger doing it your own way.


What's saddest to me about the story is that, you tell the guy you've only been lifting for a short time, and he THINKS YOU'D BE A GOOD CANDIDATE TO START JUICING? Seriously, people like that need to be flogged until they cry for mercy. That's some of the most idiotic thinking of all, that a relative newcomer NEEDS to start that kind of stuff right away, because as we all know, it's about how fast you get to the destination, not the journey


Steroids have gotten to be so common that it's not like it used to be. Back 10 years ago when it wasn't something that EVERYONE was talking about, you could usually spot the guys that were juiced because they looked like they were ready to walk on stage for the Mr. O. They had to risk a lot more to get what they wanted, and it was reserved for the fringe that wanted to push things into a whole new level and they were willing to risk it all to get there (not trying to glorify it, but it made it more tolerable to me when I heard the trials and tribulations that people went through to get their stuff.) Now, you've got teenagers who can get stuff at just about any gym, vain goons who simply want to try and build their biceps and a 6-pack so they look good at spring break. Honestly, ANYONE can accomplish what they want in time with discipline when it comes to average to above-average results, but everyone wants a shortcut because we're trained to believe that it's perfectly fine because we're all so busy, anything to shave off time to get to our end goal is a good thing. Society has a LOT of fault in training people to think that way, and due to this, it's just gotten too easy to get your hands on the stuff. It's sad, but unfortunately, that's what we've been reduced to - a nation who doesn't want to put forth the effort and just wants to take a pill or a shot and get big and shredded without paying their dues.


Not much we can do as individuals to change this any time soon other than leading by example, showing that you can get where you want without that stuff, and schooling those who seem to think that you need to inject a crapload of testosterone just so you can look halfway decent. Just don't let it get ya down - keep on doing what you're doing, ignore the rest, and use it as fuel for your mission.

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one guy at my old gym, who almost always worked out the same time as me, just walked up to me one day after like 6 months of silence and asked what steroids i took. i was kinda chocked and said i didn't take any and then he got all emotional, cause we started out at the same time and had grown an equal amount but he had spend like 20000kr (that's like 3000 dollars) on roids. he was really upset and i had to comfort him. we acctually still speak sometimes when we see eachother and he is totally juice-free now.

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VeganDude wrote:

I think he actually means juice as in vegatables and fruit:)


Ahhhh... That would explain it. Embarassed


YEA, please don't confuese that, lol!


This is what I wrote

I was doing a tremendous amount of juicing, which influenced a trend toward a more vegetable based diet. I weighed 163 pounds:


Think about it, why would taking steriods influence me to a vegetable based diet? I meant juicing vegetables and such. It was mostly veggie juice, was very very big on kale.


Geez, I hope it doesn't detract from what I accomplished back then. I hope people don't read it and get the wrong idea. Wonder if I should request to make an edit to that post to clarify, was it that vague? Should I ask Rob to make me insert the words veggie juicing and kale so peope don't get the wrong idea?

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Lean and Green, I am confused... In your workout log you say:
They were taken in september 2002. I was an omnivore but I was doing a tremendous amount of juicing



Obviously taking steroids is nobody's business but your own, so I am not trying to judge you... Just looking for clarification.




I just heard from the Green Giant himself and he meant lots of vegetable juicing including kale and other veggies. I edited his original post to clarify that.


I haven't had much pure vegetable juice in the past but I remember during the Vegan Vacation we played around with it a bit because oregonisaac was so into it.


Maybe it's time to give vegetable juice another shot. I'll drink to that!

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Think about it, why would taking steriods influence me to a vegetable based diet? I meant juicing vegetables and such. It was mostly veggie juice, was very very big on kale.

I guess when I first read it I thought you experienced some ill health effects from "juicing" with steroids, and decided to take a healthier approach. Sounds like robert made a clarification, so no worries.


I received a juicer as a gift many years ago, but never used it. I should check to see if I still have all the parts for it, and try it out.



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No worries Long Time Vegan. Thank you for responding to me, you didn't have to as someone else clarified earlier in the post, the dude with the fantastic avatar of THE ARM . I could totally understand how what was wrote could be misinterpreted so it isn't your fault. After I posted it, when I went to see how it came out, I noticed that line and was like oh crap... I hope that doesn't get misconstrued. I should have been clearer when wording what was stated.


As far as the 'veggie' juicing, to tell you the truth, these days I am much more apt to break out my vitamix blender and just blend them up. I find I get more out of the blend than the juice, retention wise.


I guess it all depends on what you're looking to do. Juice, without the fiber, passes through you much quicker and is absorbed 1,2,3. IMO, I believe it is good for cleansing and helping undigested waste in the body pass through, which is good.


If your body is clean or if you just want to have the juice stick in your body for a longer amount of time, I prefer the blending. I like the addition of fiber, it feels right to me and I want the juice to provide more fuel rather than cleanse.


When I first started, blending was completely foreign to me, I had no clue it was even an option. I would consider myself a brave soul for just attempting to chug down the green juice. Nowadays it feel strange if I don't have it on the daily.

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