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Ninja rejected by Dictionary (100% real)


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Check out this interesting conversation I had with a representative from merriam-webster (This is 100% real)



I am a ninja, and I would enjoy it if you could link up my photo in your definition of the word 'ninja', as I am a visual explanation of what the word means:




If you would like more photographs, please let me know

Thanks for your time



Dear Richard Watts,

Thank you for the link to your photo. Unfortunately we will not be able to use it as you suggest. The primary things that make a person a ninja are not of a visual nature so an illustration would not be helpful. If I truly did not know anything about ninjas I might get the impression from your photo that a ninja was a man who dresses in black and hangs on lamp posts. Since I do know a little bit about ninjas the impression I get from your photo is a stereotypical view of what a ninja should look like.


The information given in a dictionary is about words and not about the things that the words represent. When we define a word such as "ninja" we are reporting what most people mean when they use that word. The word "ninja" is defined as "a person trained in ancient Japanese martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations."



Diane Christian



Dear Diane

Thanks for your swift reply. Although I regret your decision, I understand your reasoning. I may send photographs of myself when I am involved in my next

espionage mission, that way I will be a better example of a ninja. Maybe a montage would be most appropriate, to show the different sides of the ninja. At work, at home, relaxing, playing snooker, eating rice, sun bathing, playing guitar etc. That way, I could cover everything.

All the best




Dear Richard Watts,


Thank you for the offer but I do not anticipate our needing or using any photographs in the foreseeable future.



Diane Christian

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