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I'm trying to think of what I've watched since I last posted here. I watched No Country For Old Men. Talk about heavy. It was still pretty amazing. I also watched the Stargate: Ark Of Truth made for TV movie. I love Stargate no matter what so that rocked. I also watched part of the Ghost In The Shell: SAC movie, but my DVR crapped out on me.


I really want to watch The Counterfitters (Die Falscher) and In Bruges.


I also want to watch Close, and Dancer In The Dark, but I need a cute artsy indie chick who may or may not have tattoos and hopefully is veg*n to do that. Don't ask why, I just do.


I think I'm going to watch We Jam Econo. Doc on The Minutemen. I hear it kicks ass, and that's coming from a guy I work with who I'm pretty sure has seen them live. Sunuvabitch saw Bad Brains live, back in the day. Grrrrrr.

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