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Nettie's Article to the Gazette Times


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My friend Nettie wrote in to the newspaper in my home town. Some of you have met her, in fact many of you have. She's my homegirl from Corvallis, OR.


Corvallis Gazette Times is the newspaper, I guess you could google it, since it's online.


Her message:



Hi friends,


Some of you asked me to let you know when my letter will be in the paper. It's in today (Tues) and it's got a good title. Plus I added an important sentence to the first version. You can read it online. The paper's name is the Gazette Times. I think you can read it online for 2 weeks. My last letter to this paper started a very long blog. Don't know if this one will, probably not since that was atypical according to the editor, but there is a chance the letter will get attacked, so feel free to blog some supportive words.





"The thinking (person) must oppose all cruel customs, no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice, we must avoid bringing torment and injury into the life of another."

Albert Schweitzer

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Thanks plc3. Just in case people are lazy here is the article:


People must step up to stop commercial animal abuse


The undercover video of downed dairy cows (all dairy cows, including free range and organic, get sent to slaughter when their milk production declines) has shocked millions of people.


Sadly, as horrible as the footage is the only thing out of the ordinary in this case is the major news coverage, which has been long overdue.


Do you really think that this is an isolated case? The Humane Society picked this slaughterhouse at random and the abuse occurred under the nose of USDA inspectors.


Animal protection organizations have been talking about downed animal abuse for years. Likewise they have been obtaining gruesome undercover photos and videos for years.


Without exception, every time the world of factory farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses is entered, extreme cruelty to animals is discovered.


It is very hard for compassionate people to comprehend what routinely happens to animals. It is extremely painful to contemplate.


However, the answer is not to look the other way. Ethics require the honesty and courage to acknowledge the cruelty for what it is. Only then can we take steps to relieve the suffering.


To learn about animal issues visit the websites of HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, Compassion over Killing (COK), Mercy for Animals, PETA, In Defense of Animals (IDA), Animal Protection Institute, etc. Videos are available to view or order online such as “Peaceable Kingdom,â€

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