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Can't stop eating

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what are foods that are high in fiber, because when I get home from school I'm very tired, and I'm eating all day like a pig


Nothing in the animal kingdom has fiber, and everything in the vegetable kingdom has fibers, so that's one more reason to be vegan.


So all greens, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds have fibers so it's almost impossible for vegans to lack fibers.

But if you wanna have more fibers to be satieted longer, those foods are high in fibers (amount of fibers in gr. per 100 grams of food):


grains: wheat bran 47, oat bran 16, whole grain pasta and rice 9, whole grain bread 5,6


legumes: Different peas and beans are between 20-25 lentills 11,6


greens broccoli 3,2 carrots 3,2 green peas 3 Others 3 and under


fruits coconuts 24, dried abricots 18, almonds 14, prunes 13, figs 12, dattes 7, other nuts are between 5-10. Most fresh fruits are under 3.

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