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Dexter Jackson wins 2008 Arnold Classic!

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Having sat through pre-judging and the finals (I was like 20 rows back so had a decent view)...I really thought Phil Heath had him. Dexter's back/lats were amazing.....but Phil was ridiculously cut and symmetrical, on a much bigger frame.


Though...I would love to see someone like Kai Green or Melvin Anthony win...they are just so much more entertaining to watch!



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Wow, awesome photo of Phil!


He looks pretty incredible. He's going to be the next big thing and may be at the top for a while!


Jay, Phil, Dennis Wolfe, Victor Martinez and a few others will be at the top of the ranks for the next few years. It's cool to see who the up and coming stars are, and also cool to see the old guys from the previous generation still hanging around.

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