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Official US NAVY SEALS fitness guide ebook

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This link will expire in 7 days on the 14th of March so you have to download it by then. If you miss the boat pm me and i'll reissue it.


For those of you who saw the multi-gym thread, this is an answer to that. It's also much easier to do it this way rather than email out.


You can all thank SYRLINUS for making this possible; I had no clue how to do this.


If anyone else has any cool ebooks that you would like to share on fitness, perhaps you could do the same, if possible?


you can create a link with http://www.yousendit.com

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there is a huge amount of info, the book is 15.3mb. Check it out, there is alot of conditioning that calls for loaded gear while performing drills so no. Just go through the index, it's their official guide, everything that is expected of a NAVY Seal to know and be able to perform. It's knowledge also, not just exercises.

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Wow! I just skimmed through it and am amazed at the amount of information. It's like 300 pages! It is definitely worth checking out to anyone who comes across this thread. Thanks again to Jack for sharing and Syrlinus, the computer whiz, for making it possible.


Jack, I'm curious if you've incorporated any of the info into your own training.



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