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tuc's training and eating topic (back in business!)

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Good to see you back.

Awesome looking food.

Congrats on your blossoming business! And welcome back!
Hey, only 2 months for this update


You'll be lifting heavy again in no time! And we might hear about it before xmas!

Thanks mates! This is the best thing about this forum, you always feel welcome here! I'll try my best to be on shape by christmas, shouldn't be too hard but it's really hard to start since it takes so many days to recover after starting again!


ahah, I guess the guy didn't know vegan sausages could even exist. I'll look for products like that to import and sell cuz today I looked a bit at the vegan products in health food stores in Montreal and there is not so much variety and no Viana products.

Yeah that training on sunday 2 or 3 weeks ago was pretty cool although both of us weren't in top shape to lift heavy because we did not trained for weeks prior to that. Although I trained a few times at the gym in Tampere. That was a good gym and I would love to go back to Finland soon !

Yeah, if you're planning on ordering them pm me and I'll help you find them for the best price. And I try to buy from vegan entrepreneurs, so the whole chain is vegan (except logistics)!


Yeah, it was really cool lifting with you! Next time you see me I'll promise to be in top shape!


Problem with spirulina is that you have to find new clientel every time since no one will order it again after tasting it


Welcome back dude! Will you guys come to vegomässan in december?

Actually I only bought them pressured as tablets which don't taste like anything. I have to try to come to vegomässan but I can't promise anything yet. Hmmm... is there a possibility I might come and sell those sausages there.


Man, how about sending few kilos this way? Honestly, if you have any left, I'd be really super-interested!

I'll pm you! I do have those since I ordered something like 100 lbs more of those!




...ok, then about training!


I was super busy and only managed to do lots of bboying:


Mon 5th October


- 2h bboying


Wed 7th October:


- 1h 45mins bboying


Thu 8th October:


- 1h 15min bboying, 1h 15mins capoeira (taught by a real capoeirista from Brazil!!)


Mon 12th October


- 2h bboying


Wed 14th October


- 1h 45mins bboying


Thu 15th October


- Morning: 3h 45mins bboying

- Afternoon: 1h 15mins bboying


Sunday 18th October


- Bench press, barbell: 4 x 10 @ 56kg

- Standing shoulder press, dumbbells: 3 x 10 @ 16.5kg per arm


I really have to start doing a lot more... next week I won't be that busy so I think now is a good time to start doing things properly.


Additionally I've trained biceps several times but it's something I don't count as workout since I only do like a couple of sets before going somewhere where I have to wear a t-shirt.


I also met some fantastic vegans! One girl, who was really fit had SOOOO muscular arms. She said that right now she can do about 8 pull-ups but said she has been able to do 10. Now that's something you DON'T hear often from a girl!


I also met a raw food vegan who is national champion in submission wrestling. He is called Jaakko Halmetoja, and is working as a nutrition coach and such. Seemed like a superb guy, I have to contact him and try to get him here! We were both talking in Tampere in an event about food and lifestyles.

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Moi !


what's ''bboying'' ?

Go to www.youtube.com and search videos for bboying.


Don't forget to post that pic of me with the metal thing to train forearms !

YEAH BUDDYYY!!! IYM in the house!!! (house = my home gym)



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Mon 19th October


- 2h bboying


Wed 21st October


- 1h 45mins bboying


Thu 22nd October


- 1h 15mins boying


Fri 23rd October


- Deep squat, barbell: 10 light weight warm ups, then 3 x 10 @ 60kg

- Deadlift, curl bar: 2 x 10 @ 90kg

- Bent-over rows, curl bar: 3 x 12 @ 70kg

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Yeah and this time ACTUALLY BACK IN BUSINESS! I started a company on friday and I will start importing vegan stuff big time!


What comes to training, I've had rdiculous amounts of bboying and that's why I haven't been able to train much. But now everything is set up for a new start! Gym is all cleaned up and looking fine!


I won't even tell you how much I've dance but this gives some clue: in one week I earned about 1000 EUR (1500 USD) by teaching breakdance. You can just imagine how exhausted I was by the end of the week!


Sun 6th December


- Bench press, barbell: 6 + 8 + 6 @ 72kg

- Shoulder press, dumbbells: 10 + 10 + 10 @ 16,5kg

- Deep squats, barbell: 10 @ 52kg, 6 @ 70kg, then realized small pain in lower back and just for caution decided not to do more.

- Bicep curls, dumbbells: 3 x 10 @ 16,5kg per arm

- Bent-over rows: 3 x 15 @ 58kg


Fresh start, so taking it easy for the first few sessions.

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Hey Octo! I think I should be fine... except that back pain that is really pain in the ass, literally since it's lower back pain just above the ass. I guess it's just some weak muscle a bit torn, I'll try to train lower body with tiny weights just to build it up again. We'll see how it goes.


Mon 7th December


- 3h bboying


Fri 11th December


- Bench press, barbell: 10 @ 50, 6 + 6 + 6 @ 74kg

- Dips: 12 + 12 + 9 @ bw

- Deadlift: warm up @ 50, then 5 @ 100kg and then that back pain I had last time came back.

- Bicep curls: 4 x 10 per arm @ 16.5kg


It'll take a while to get myself back in shape unless my back pain goes away. It's ridiculous to think that I didn't have any pain when I was pulling deadlifts like crazy at the very limits of my body and now it gets sore when I lift weights I used to lift while warming up!

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OK, I had a few days without any lifting since I want my back to heal asap. It's still a bit sore, so I took a light session once more.


Mon 14th December


- 2h bboying


Thu 17th December


- 1h 15mins bboying


Sun 20th December


- Bench press, barbell: 3 x 15 @ 50kg

- Bent-over row, dumbbells (one arm at a time): 3 x 10 @ 30kg per arm

- Dips: 15 + 15 + 11 @ bw

- Bicep curls, curl bar: 15 + 15 + 10 @ 32kg

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Scheisse! Sooooo long time without updates.


I've had nasty pain in my lower back every now and then which has kept me away from squatting and deadlifting, and because of that I haven't been training with weights for a while. Another reason is that I've been running my vegan company, http://vegetukku.fi , all days and nights and so far I've sold stuff worth more than 50 000 USD this year. I've sold hundreds of pounds of protein so at least I'm contributing to the Finnish vegan fitness scene all the time.


I actually am starting up with weights again now, since you can't go to the beach without being SWOL. So at least I'll pump my upper body every day if the sun is shining.


Another thing I've thought about is to start training more with own body weight, it is more convenient while getting my back back in shape. I'm not totally in crappy shape, since I've been bboying a LOT and I can actually do more with my body on the dancefloor since I'm leaner but haven't lost strength compared to my weight.


But now that I finally have time to promise people to start lifting again, I really have to do it. It will be interesting to see how fast the muscles come back!

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Great to see you on here!


Congrats on your business! Wow! $50K so far! That is amazing! I need to learn from you. I end up losing about $50K a year giving away too many things like t-shirts


You promise to start lifting again....I'll hold you to it!


Welcome back to the gym...me too. Took 4-6 months off. Returned 2 weeks ago


See you around my friend!

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Wow! I gotta get a few copies of the book asap! I planned to pre-order but for forgot to do that! Looks like it is selling pretty well!


Getting back in shape! Today I took sets in bench press @ 50 kg (110lbs). About 20 reps per set just to get familiar with the barbell again. After that a few sets standing shoulder press, bicep curls and bent-over rows. Feels good man!


To boost my return I am taking recovery drinks which have:


- Soy/pea/3-component protein (I don't cycle them in order, just take what I feel like.

- Creatine

- Megazell optimizer (loads of vitamins and nutrients)

- Algomed chlorella (super quality german tube farm chlorella which I sell)

- Beta-alanine


Tastes great!

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I just ordered 3 VBB books, I think I'll give one to my business associate who also sells vegan books in her boutique and then one will be given away by Vegetukku.fi (my company) to some of my great customers.


Then some training:


I was really stuck after training and decided to rest since I knew what was coming. Another sports camp and loads of bboying lessons to keep.


10th June - 2h bboying

11th June - 3h bboying

12th June - 3h bboying


And in addition, loads of more bboying in the evenings.


14th June - another light training, just some bench presses and bicep curls ect. to get familiar with weights again. LONG sets, like 20 reps per set. Good pump!

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Yeah, well, Zack, not that much to read.


Luckily I haven't been as lasy when it comes to training compared to writing about it. I am getting some strength back and I already took 12 reps @ 155lbs easily in bench press. Deadlifts and squats still suck big time but at least I got my legs totally demolished while doing squats. Hope they will recover by next week since I'm going to Germany to see the big vegan guys from all around the world.


My usual workouts now have been quite simple. Just bench press, overhead press and bicep curls, or stuff like squats and deadlifts and bent-over rows. As soon as the weights are again somewhere worth mentioning, I will start writing detailed stuff since it helps me to track the progress.

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+3 years without updates, now training only with own body weight. Still vegan but now even more raw, body weight less than before but also fat % less than before!


My normal routine consists of 100 pull-ups (sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and as much pull-ups as I can do with legs raised ~2 feet up from ground.


Also breakdancing many many hours each week. My waist circumference is near to female supermodels, so I think I am tightest I have ever been.



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Hello Tuc,

I'm new to this site, this my first post. I was doing single word searches so I wouldn't get a zillion posts to read. Anyway. . Was searching fenugreek. ..well you answered my question about sprouting them..thank you. . And what interested me you say you don't presoak...really. . can you post exactly how you do your sprouting and what you have them in too..every detail.. .I have lentils spouting now..


Thank you ahead. ..


I really love this site.


Thank you again.


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