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tuc's training and eating topic (back in business!)

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Mon 7. Apr Only 2 hours breakdance.


Tue 8. Apr


- Bicep curls, dumbbells 20kg -> 4 sets per arm, sets of ~ 5

- Push press, kettlebells, 4 sets ~ 12 reps

- Bent-over barbell rows, 70kg 4 sets ~ 10 reps, barbell

- Standing overhead extensions 20kg 4 sets ~ 10 reps, dumbbell

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Wed 9. Apr 2 hours breakdance


Thu 10. Apr


- Bench press, 50kg warmup and 4 sets @ 74kg

- Squats, long sets at 50kg

- Shoulder presses @ 20kg dumbbells, 4 sets per arm 5-8 reps

- Standing overhead extensions @ 20kg dumbbell

- Bicep curls 5 sets @ 45kg 5-6 reps

- Some sit-ups with 8kg plate


And another personal weight record, 79,5 kg evening weight!

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Fri 11. - Sun 13 Apr Rest, I was out of town.


Mon 14. Apr


Back in action!


1 hour of breakdance (well, we took mostly hiphop but it's hard work anyway)


- Bench press, 54kg warmup then 4 x 82kg, 5 x 78kg, 6 x 78kg, 4 x 78kg (I worked out alone so I didn't push myself to the limit)

- Shoulder presses with 16kg kettlebells 3 sets ~ 10 reps

- Bicep curls 4 sets @ 20kg dumbbell 7 reps per set

- Bent-over barbell rows, long sets @ 50kg.


Now my creatine pause is over so I expect to reach 80kg soon!

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dude, I always wanted to ask..... What's up with the breakdance? Could you give me a little more insight as far as to exactly what kind of moves you do? Have you been breakdancing for a while? Is it a class offered at you gym or do you go to a studio? Either way, that rocks man. The only dance I ever took up was Ballroom (foxtrot, waltz, tango). I've always dreamt of being able to whisk a girl around a floor at black tie affairs, preferably one that's mine and she''ll know how to as well. It's so classy.


But breakdancing, I would love to give it a shot just dunno how good I would be at it.

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L&G, glad you asked.


I am a breakdance instructor in 2 dance schools regularly and in 1 dance school every now and then. My pupils are mainly young boys but there are some teenagers, also girls. We do a lot of freezes, power moves and footwork, so it's very hard and I'm usually exhausted after 2 hours...


I have to take some pictures to give an idea what I usually do. Nothing super special, since I'm not very flexible and I'm too tall for bboying but I do some proper moves anyway.


For example a couple of tommy flares, windmills, crickets and air turtles in a combo. I also do quite good au batidos and I'm working with 1990... I'll tell you more of everything later.


We've been taking some hiphop too, since I was a couple of years ago in national championships (not in the final top 6 but anyway participated) with a bunch of girls. I'm not that good inventing new hiphop routines though...


Go ahead and give a shot, there are great videos in youtube that helps you to get started. Try "How to breakdance" stuff.


Tue 15. Apr rest


Wed 16. Apr


First breakdance 2 hours.


I had my vegan friends here training with me. They backed me up so I tried new PB's. Great people, I love to train with them.


- Squat 50 -> 60 -> 70 -> 80 -> 90 -> 94 kg (new pb)


- Bench press warmup with 54, then 70, 82, 92 kg (new pb)


Then I trainined a bit:


- Incline bench 10 x 50kg, then 3 sets 7 x 66kg

- Shoulder press, kettlebells 3 sets ~ 10 reps

- Bent-over barbell row, long sets at ~ 46 kg


I'm very happy with my new pb's. I had a quiet period with no new pb's and now I nailed 2 at the same evening.

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Thu 17. Apr 2 hours breakdance


Fri 18. Apr


Another damn long day at work. I was very tired when I got home at 8pm. :/


I had a friend of mine visiting and I taught him some lifting, that explains the unusual weights.


- Bench press: 10 x 50kg, 10 x 60kg, 10 x 70kg, 5 x 75kg 4 x 75kg

- Deadlift with low weights then a couple of sets with 10 reps @ 110kg

- Bicep curls with kettlebells, 10 reps per set a couple of sets

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Sat 19. Apr Rest


Sun 20. Apr


I chopped wood and dug a ditch all day. No need for further training.


Mon 21. Apr


2 hours breakdance, after that a meeting and because of that I got home 9.30 pm. I trained 10pm-11pm at home.


- Bench press 8 x 50kg for warmup, 7 x 78kg (new pb), 5 x 78, 5 x 78, 4 x 78

- Bicep curls ~ 46kg reps: 7, 6, 5, 4 with a curl bar

- Deep squats @ 50kg for warm up, then @ 60kg. I had some pain in my knees so I didn't do that much.

- Bent-over barbell row @ ~ 56kg, 3 sets 10-15 reps


I have only gained 1 lbs in a month, I really have to do something about it! Luckily I'm still getting stronger all the time and that's what matters most.

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Tue 22. Apr Rest


Wed 23. Apr


I was at a local circus school and I jumped on a trampoline and did a lot of different acrobatic stuff. About 2 hours and I was exhausted, really good training I'd say.


Thu 24. Apr


2 hours breakdance. Not very intensive though. I also juggled for about 2 hours and I can now juggle 3 balls quite well. It wasn't that hard to learn!


Fri 25. Apr


I was simply too tired to train. I tried to lift some stuff but I didn't have the energy. -> Rest.


Sat 26. Apr


Feeling great again! A huge breakfast, some warmups and back in action:


- Bench press 10 x 50kg for warmup then @ 70kg reps: 9, 8, 10, 7

- Shoulder press with kettlebells, 3 sets ~ 10 reps per set

- Deadlift first some warmup then sets @ 130kg (3-5 reps per set)

- Bicep curls 4 or 5 sets 5-7 reps @ 46kg.


My knees are a bit sore so I have to be careful with squats. I don't think I'll do full deep squats again since they seem to make my knees hurt for many days after training. BTW, from now on I'll have much more time to concentrate on pushing weight because I only have breakdance once a week from now on and then I'll have a long break at summer.

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Sun 27. Apr Rest


Mon 28. Apr 2 hours breakdance


Tue 29. Apr


I took some bench press (~ 8 reps per set @ 70kg), bicep curls & invert bicep curls (long sets @ 36kg). Between the series I lifted my gf with my wrist bent and hurt myself a bit. End of training for that day.


Wed 30. Apr


The nurse said my wrist will be all right, just some pain medication and rest for a week. I obeyed her for that day.


Thu 1. May


I tried to figure which moves don't hurt my wrist before it is ok again. I tried deadlift and it didn't feel bad at all. I only took 1 reps (weight in kg's obviously):


50, 92, 112, 130, 146, 154 (pb), 158 (pb), 160 (pb)


That's a 10kg increase for my deadlift pb. I still can do better than that, I'm sure! Just wait


I decided to let my wrist rest after that so that it will recover faster.

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Fri 2. May I tried some moves but about everything hurt my wrist. Rest.


Sat 3. May I took shoulder presses and incline bench since they didn't hurt. Light weights and with caution.


Sun 4. May


- Shoulder presses & some bench presses with dumbbells, 20-24kg. With dumbbells I can keep my wrist at a position where it doesn't hurt.

- Pull-ups (at a local sports park), sets of 6-10 reps.

- Bicep curls with kettlebells, sets of ~ 10.


Then some tricep extensions & rows. I still have to be very careful not to hurt my arm any more because I really want to work out at full force as soon as possible. It won't take many days I guess.


Oh, I also juggled for 2 hours and played with devil stick (or actually that one is a flower stick) for an hour.

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Mon 5. May


Bent-over barbell rows and deadlifts (1 rep "sets" with a lot of different weights). Made another pb, 162,5kg (358 lbs) in deadlift.


edit: also 2 hours breakdance


Tue 6. May


- Bench presses with dumbbells, 24kg per db. 4 sets of 10-13 reps.

- Bicep curls with kettlebells, 3 sets per arm, ~ 10 reps per set.

- Bent-over barbell row @ 40-60 kg, sets of 10-20 reps per set.

- Standing barbell rows with the same weights, ~ 10 reps per set

- Standing tricep extensions @ 16-24kg 10-6 reps per set


My wrist is already much better. Barbell bench presses still hurt but dumbbell bench presses are fine. I'll stick to them for a while since they feel good.

Edited by tuc
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ahhhhhh, leave it to the gf to screw a man up! lol...... jk.


How were you lifting her? Does she train in the gym as well, ever train with her?


I tried to juggle once, it's pretty cool and fun also. I really want to try the whole kettle bell training soon, it seems like it's so beneficial and fun. Just need to get my hands on a pair.....


So dude, do you have to make the avatar dimensions bigger everytime you post a new photo just to fit your massive physique into it or do you shrink the pic by like 350% so it fits b/c your rate of gfrowth is substantial and impressive.


Can anything stop tuc???? I think not!

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Also I kind of wanted to do a tag team effect signature in response to your tough looking one.


What I wanted to do was to highlight my legs and do a split and show them on my sig. Problem is that I am so ingly unflexible on my lower body that the damn sig would take up the whole page b/c I can't bend!!! haha who knows, perhaps i'll try it anyhow just for kicks. Hopefully i don't pull my groin out attempting to get low enough to make the shot work!

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Thanks for the support mates!


I was just lifting my gf on my lap while standing. Nothing extreme and that's what annoys me... if I would have messed around a lot and hurt myself doing that I wouldn't mind. Anyway, I don't even want to get started with the word "screwing".


I don't have to make the avatar bigger, I just have to be further from the camera every time! No seriously, thanks again L&G! You're such a positive guy!


I think I can photoshop you to look more flexible than you really are if you want. Go ahead, do it man! Remember, while stretching, don't punch yourself to the groin like Richard tends to do...


Now it seems like nothing can stop me. Even if someone would rip my arm off, I'd just keep training with the rest 3 limbs!

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Nothing extreme and that's what annoys me... if I would have messed around a lot and hurt myself doing that I wouldn't mind. Anyway, I don't even want to get started with the word "screwing".


Ahhh, let's not even talk about abstinence and how it is supposed to turn you into an animal and help your training. A subject that definitely did not help one relationship I was involved with around when it was comp time. I'm not sure if you should try that 'boxer' style training method if you want to keep your gf, it might not be the best idea. Take it from me. If she really loves you she'll stick by your side but I think it pisses them off more than it enrages you to train harder b/c it takes their decision completely out of it and puts all the attention and focus on you.


I think I can photoshop you to look more flexible than you really are if you want. Go ahead, do it man! Remember, while stretching, don't punch yourself to the groin like Richard tends to do...


Hmmm, I think i'm going to take you up on the offer and see how it comes it. I would use it if it is flattering. The only thing though is it would give other posters the idea that i am flexible and i would start getting all are you a dancer/yoga athlete as well? lol.


I thought that was a good idea what Richard does. I mean, the after effect is a deep burn, so deep! =D


Now it seems like nothing can stop me. Even if someone would rip my arm off, I'd just keep training with the rest 3 limbs!


Tuc for prez 2008, TUUUUUC TUUUUUC TUUUUC!

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OK, on topic again:


Wed 7. May Rest


Thu 8. May


I still want to spare my wrist so I took it easy. Bicep curls, standing overhead tricep extensions, shoulder presses and such... can't really remember that well anymore. I have to write these down...


Fri 9. May Got home after work & organizing some stuff at 11pm. That means "rest"


Sat 10. May Another rest day since I didn't have time to train. However, my evening weight was over 80kg for the first time in my life! That's 177 lbs.


Sun 11. May


I finally had some time to train even though I worked for most of the day once again.


- Bench press with dumbbells @ 24kg 10-15 reps per set, 4 sets.

- Bicep curls and shoulder presses with kettlebells. 4 sets per move

- Bent-over barbell rows @ 50kg, ~ 15 reps per set 4 sets.


I really would like to train even more, but spring is very busy because of all those events in dance schools.. :/


Luckily I have lots of time to work out at summer.

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Thanks mate! It must be the vegan diet, I didn't have much energy back when I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian. The capoeira move is actually pretty easy, here's a tutorial -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djtc_mJoB-8


I do it with just one hand from the beginning, I think it's easier that way.


Mon 12. May Just some bboy moves, I was too exhausted when I got home at 8.30 pm. I'm getting bored with these 12 hour workdays even though I don't hate my job. Actually I really like the dancing stuff but it's still time consuming.


"One cigarette shortens your life a couple of minutes. One workday shortens your life for 8 hours."


Tue 13. May


- Dumbbell bench press @24kg -> 4 sets 10-15 reps

- Pullups 4 sets 6-10 reps (bw with heavy clothes)

- Deadlifts 1 rep several lifts with various weights, increasing a bit all the time. Last lift 165kg (~364 lbs) so another pb!

- Bent-over barbell rows @ 50kg, 4 sets ~ 15 reps per set.

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Wed 14. May


I had 3 friends and my gf training with me. My "personal gym" was crowded! It was a good thing because that way we could train squats with 2 people backing up.


- Narrow grip incline bench @ 52kg 3 sets, reps something around 10 per set

- Bicep curls @ 20kg 3 sets per arm, 4-7 reps per set

- Squats with various weights. New pb, 100kg (220 lbs)

- Deep squats @ 50 kg long set

- Shoulder press @ 20kg 3 sets per arm, 5-8 reps per set

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Thu 15. May Rest


Fri 16. May Rest


Sat 17. May


- Bench press with a barbell, my wrist is somewhat ok so I don't have to work out with just dumbbells. Warmup @ 52kg then @ 72kg reps 6, 8, 7, 6.

- Incline bench 2 sets ~ 8-10 reps per set @ 52kg

- Bent-over barbell row @ 52kg 4 sets, ~ 15 reps per set.

- Bicep curls with curl bar @ 40kg, 6-8 reps 4 sets

- Lateral raises (all the way up) @ 7kg 4 sets

- Front squat with curl bar @ 40kg and kettlebells a couple of sets.


I cooked fresh cabbage with hazelnuts, seeds, soy cream, lots of oil and good spices and ate a ton of it with full grain pasta. I think I've eaten more than ever. A great feeling!

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Sun 18. May Rest


Mon 19. May 2 hours breakdance


Tue 20. May


- Bench press with barbell, warmup @ 50 kg then 3 sets 4 reps @ 78,4kg and 2 sets 8 + 7 @ 72,4 kg.

- Deadlifts with various weights. No more than 130kg today.

- Bent-over barbell row @ 50kg a few sets

- Bicep curls with curl bar @ 40 kg a few sets


My appetite isn't as good as it used to be. That's why my weight gaining has been somewhat slow (1 lbs per month for the last 2 months). I don't mind since I have still gained mostly muscle and I have all the time in the world.

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Wed 21. May Rest


Thu 22. May


- Bench press: first warmup @ 50kg then 5 and 3 reps @ 80.4kg then 5 and 3 reps @ 74.4kg (I trained alone so I couldn't push to the limit).

- Overhead press @ 40kg: 10 reps, 6 reps (?), 10 reps

- Front squats @ 40kg a couple sets, around 10 reps per set. Working on the technique and routine. That's why the low weight.

- Bent-over barbell row @ 58kg ~ 15 reps per set 3 sets


Evening weight 80,5kg (177.5 lbs).

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Next 3 days: Rest.


Mon 26. May


- Bench press, barbell. Warmup @ 50kg, then 3+2 reps @ 84kg and 6+4 reps @ 76kg

- Incline bench press, dumbbells. 3 x 10 reps @ 20kg.

- Bent-over barbell row @ 62kg 3 x 15 reps

- Some deadlifts @ ~ 110kg

- Bicep curls, sets of 8 @ 40kg


I felt good after resting 3 days. I think I'll have a 3 day pause after the next 6 months too.

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