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ive looked and looked.....does neone know a few good RAW (vegan of course) souces of lysine????...... most fruits and vegatables seem to have mighty low levels of this essential amino and supossedly it is very signifacant, from what ive read, more so than most others, at building muscle tissue or rerpair what not......


my biggest "leaf"..(beef) ..HAHA oook moving on>> .. is that ive had and still am having cravings for cheese...cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese, and i was browsing the amino acid profile of a few food items and noticed my plant sources were lakin in lysine and guess who had it blown out they're dairy hole??....ya of course cheese....well ne way

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Sprouted lentils: 1 cup = 548 mg lysine

Sunflower seeds: 1 oz = 231 mg lysine

Sesame Seeds: 1 oz = 159 mg lysine

Pumpkin Seeds: 1 oz = 513 mg lysine

Cashews: 1 oz = 260 mg lysine

Amaranth: 2 oz = 418 mg lysine


Most anything's amino acid profile can be found at nutritiondata.com, I'm sure there are other things with high amounts of lysine but thats all I can think of off the top of my head.


Quinoa's profile was blank but I found this...


Quinoa seeds have an exceptionally well balanced amino acid profile. For example, lysine, an essential amino acid deficient in most grain crops exceeds the concentrations necessary for proper amino acid nutrition in humans.

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Quinoa's profile was blank but I found this...


You're right.


Quinoa has .31g of lysine per .25 cups of quinoa, which is 13.92% of your daily value.




I tend to eat more like a half a cup or a whole cup of quinoa per serving.


Also, quinoa is about 14% protein, which is pretty high for a grain. It can be sprouted too, if I'm not mistaken.

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