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Losing definition and then cutting up - check out page 1 :)

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I'm getting fatter and loving it! I'm up to 190 pounds (20 more than last summer) and I'm losing some of the definition I've always had!


You've all seen my "before" photos and many other photos from the past decade so these are the March 2008 bulking progress pics.


I don't think I look all that big, but I'm getting thicker and thought I'd share a few photos. In fact, I feel like I look kinda small, but maybe that is because the veins and cuts aren't there anymore.


These are from tonight. No pump, just playing around at home before heading to L.A. Thanks davidtarrfoster for taking the pics, I always appreciate it buddy!



Even my face is getting thicker:





Losing definition baby!







Still bringing the back attack:







Look at this belly!



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Thanks. It's weird not to have definition. And to me, the quads are growing the fastest, but look the smallest in photos! I don't get it.


They are super strong and look good in my workout pants and looked awesome in the mirror today but they wimped out for pics.


I'm liking the extra weight, the extra strength and extra size. I'll admit, it is hard to tell, but easier to tell from the Arnold Classic pics 2 weeks ago.


But these will still serve as "progress" as I continue to add size. Long road ahead, but at least I'm on the right road this time!

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Thanks man. Face is really full now that I look at it!


I almost didn't post them because I don't think they are that good but in a way, that is a good thing. I see a transition from ripped to thick and I know it takes time to add size and I'm slowly doing it.


I've got the "big" photos from the Arnold and now these are just progress pics that I can look back and laugh at soon. Legs are still recovering from being quite skinny and still are skinny, though they are getting bigger and stronger and I'll get some good wheel shots soon

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Eating more, training heavier, supplementing....just trying to grow. Long way to go, but the journey has begun.


I can still look lean in some pics as seen from Arnold Classic, but I kinda like this thicker, denser look. I'll keep working on it and I'll break 200 one of these days! 189-192 currently.

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I agree with Daywalker, that rear double biceps pic is VERY nice!


Legs are bulking up really well... it will be very interesting to see how big you're going to bulk yourself.


Wish I was that big... Gotta eat even more I guess. Starting now! ->

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Thank everyone.....I'm in L.A. with VeganEssentials, bvp663, Brendan Brazier and others, and I'm getting comments left and right about my larger size. This is the first time in years this has happened!


The photos aren't very good, I'll get better ones soon. I'm 190 which is up from the 170's I've been in for a while, so I'm having fun.


Brendan and I trained early this morning and will be at it at 6AM tomorrow and will get a session in with VeganEssentials soon!


Busy week so I'm not online much but having an awesome time bulking in L.A.!

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Thanks everyone. Here is an update from a few days after those were taken:









Long road ahead, but at least I'm in the driver's seat and taking control this time around and it should be a fun ride!

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