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Losing definition and then cutting up - check out page 1 :)

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I'm having so much fun transforming my body and watching it grow that I'll let my physique do the talking and when the scale backs it up, then I'll announce the 200


I should be there soon....especially since I'm working with the a trainer who is helping me overcome some injuries and having me deadlift and squat again.


I'm making it happen for myself and it is fun to experience progress.

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That is the best and most accurate way to do it.


I weigh myself after eating a lot


I just love to see high numbers even if they are slightly higher than reality It's a mental thing for me and it's motivating so I keep doing it.

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One week later: 195 lbs:




Lookin powerful robert...! Must be the shirt.


PS. Are those forearms photoshopped? I'm callin you out photoshop man!

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Thanks. I'm honored to wear the shirt!


To be honest...I don't even know how to photoshop. I wouldn't know where to begin.....what you see is what you get. Cheeke is back in action making it happen even if it means hardcore workouts late at night in an unfamiliar gym like last night in Seattle.


I'll get it done, make it happen and let the results speak for themselves.


Just by adding all this recent muscle I've had more invitations to speak all over the country than ever before and I'm able to inspire way more people, just because I'm an in-the-flesh living example of dedication and results.


It has all transpired in just the past few months when I re-dedicated myself and it has been great!


Time to go train......yeah buddy!

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Chicks dig veins

you dig?

Vein 101 Very Happy Yeah Yeah !!


Tash, you have no idea how refreshing this sounds. I have never heard a woman say that before, ever. I am obsessed with vascularity and when I had it, no woman I ever dated, befriended or knew liked it. They told me it was ing. I want veins on top of veins on top of veins, growing veins, personally!


Robert, you look great man. Between you and I'm Your Man, i've been hitting forearms harder than I ever had because I want them to look like yours.


5 more lbs, ain't nothin to it but to do it!

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Thanks everyone.


I've been getting a lot of e-mails too....basically I went from 170-195 pretty quickly because of one main reason:


I believe in myself, I stay very positive and I have rededicated myself to excellence.


Progress is coming and I'm enjoying it and all the benefits it brings from business to social. It's great stuff.


Funny thing....I'm bulking and losing a bit of definition but I'm also super shredded in some areas like my quads (now). I'm hanging on to some veins as well.


When I'm pumped at the gym it's a pretty incredible sight actually! I'm not just saying that to sound like I am full of myself, but just from a bodybuilding standpoint, when I'm totally pumped with blood in my muscles at 195 and veins sticking out, I look like a magazine bodybuilder and it's pretty cool. It motivates me in the gym because I can see veins through my shirt poking out and it's really cool


I basically believe in myself, trust myself, and stay positive and I'm able to achieve.

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Yeah, and funny you mention that....a professional photographer talked to me at the Seattle VegFest. She is a huge fan of our website and offered to do a shoot up in Seattle for me....I'll be in Seattle 2 of the next 3 weekends so I'll make it happen!


I was even doing deadlifts last night. My trainer is helping me overcome my injuries and still build and grow


Back in Action...Making it Happen!

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Thanks, I appreciate it.


I'm all over the place these days, so I'm having to work around a strange schedule, train a different gyms, eat different foods based on where I am, etc.


But I'm making it work. I stay positive and believe in myself even among adversity and obstacles.


Here is a pic from last weekend in Seattle.


Welcome to our website forearm!



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All that heavy, aggressive, determined leg training is not just adding mass but seems to be leaning me out a bit


Photo taken last night in the hotel in Florida (May 15, 08)



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