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26th of May - 1st of June



resistance training


not much, some mini-sessions of 20 minutes.

But saturday I did this bodyweight workout.

2 days after, all my lowerbody still hurts!





It was raining most of the week again

At least I managed to ride one day :

20km, 45 minutes, avg 25,76km/h, max 67




So today: not very sunny day and lots of pollen in the air from dandelions, my legs still sore from saturday, so no cycling. I'll train my upperbody and suffer as much as possible

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This week I only did some mini-sessions of bodyweight training, and almost no cycling... I was working about everyday... the odometer I bought only 3 weeks ago is not even working! modern world, making cheap things that we throw away in the garbage after a few weeks -- I paid this odometer 60$ to avoid this but it seems like the 20$ models were better. And this week it seems like it's gonna rain everyday! I'll go to the nearest gym to check the prices, if it's not too expensive I'll join in and lift heavy weights this summer.


Saturday 14th of June was the only intense workout I did:

I went outside and ran in the trail in the woods, and stopped each time I saw something heavy -- tree trunks and rocks to lift and throw, also blocks of concrete.

So today, sunday, I feel soreness in some muscles, espescially my back and shoulders.


I hope I can go to that gym, I want to gain some mass this summer, while cutting. I don't think it's ironic or unrealistic, as long as I feel I have lots of energy.


So starting tomorrow, I'll post more often, with regular data progress of bodyweight, bodyfat, before/after pics, I'll write what I eat, and numbers of the weight I lift. I hope in 2-3 months I can make huge progress in deadlifts, squats , bench, chest and leg press, even if it's exercices I almost never done because I always was more into endurance training and bodyweight lifting.

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This sounds great my friend. A whole new leaf starting tomorrow with the diet and the training. I'm very excited for you. As long as you make it a priority and put the time and effort in, you'll see the results. Just make sure to set aside the time every day or on your training days, to do just that. You will probably be in pain and not feel comfortable right away once you perform all these new movements with barbells and dumbells but give it three weeks and you'll wonder how you lived without them and you'll be totally comfortable with the movements. Anyway, you have much experience with calisthenics so you'll probably adapt really quick.


I hear ya with those damn odometers/mileage counters. I bought a cateye, thinking they were really good. Not even a week having it, the snap in and out holster broke and i can't keep it snapped in any longer. I haven't gotten it replaced yet but thanks for reminding me b/c i need to give them a call to complain.


Nice jog, that sounds like so much fun. I live in the concrete jungle so no such trails like that anywhere near me!


love the rain also. It's alot of fun. Cycling on flats isn't all so bad but i could imagine it would be more challenging on mountainous areas like what you did!


I can't wait to be cycling more often, you've been doing a good deal, right on man....

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UNfortunatly the prices of the only gym in the area is way too expensive, it's a ripoff, when I saw the list of prices on the sheet I almost laughed at the face of the manager. Because I used to go in gyms in Montreal, now that I'm in a small town, there's some huge difference in prices lol. I can't afford to pay 63$/month, and this cheap gym is no way near what the YMCAs in Montreal had to offer for 55$ like 3 floors of machines and dozens of different classes. Also, I once was a member of a beautiful gym for only 25$/month... so he can stick that 63$ in his ass and I'm gonna search for huge stones to lift in my backyard : ) There's still the kung fu classes I'll see what's the prices and maybe there's some free weights in the dojo. Anyway I'm pretty sure I won't stay in the village for winter and will probably go back to city, where there's good gyms for cheap prices. I could buy a set of weights with barbell for less than 100$ but I had this before and left it before moving, I don't wanna buy anything else too bulky, I'm in the process of minimizing to the maximum all material things I owne and giving away everything that is superfluous or too big. I have this idea of perfection and simplicity, not to be emotionnally atached to any object, and that everything I owne could enter in a suitcase and a car, so in a near future I can just live on the road and do whatever I feel like.


So this week:Yesterday I made 7k on bike, then walked 10k because I had a flat, carriying my bike and some kilos of food.

It's gonna rain all week, and it's pretty cold weather... nothing very inspiring for me... no bike rides and anyway I got a flat, 3 times at the same place ! I repaired it 2 times but everytime after less than 5k it's happening again, I guess I'll buy a new air tube.

Monday and tuesday, I was too weak to workout because I didn't put enough calories in my juices. Now that I fix that I already feel more power and energy so I'll get back to training today. 3 days / week of weightlifting (perhaps 2 days heavy weight, and 1 day 75% max in between), the rest of the week will be cardio: walking, running, cycling.

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June 16-22


It rains 6 days/week since 2 weeks now so I can't do any cycling.


19 June: mini-sessions during all day because I felt hyperactive (perhaps because of the green tea I had in the morning on empty stomach)


22: 10 minutes weightlifting followed by 10 minutes running outside and then another 10 minutes of weightlifting.


I also felt tired 4 days out of 7 because I started a juice fasting with too low calorie intake. But I noticed I felt tired not very because of calories but because of my work that I hate now. I'm full of energy, but as soon as I arrive to work I fell depressed and no energy at all for all day, then as soon as I can get out of there I can run 10km. It's because I don't find this job interresting anymore and it affects me, my positive energy suddenly transform into negative energy which produce stress. So I'm gonna quit that job in less than 1 month that's for sure, it's not even like if I absolutly need this job, I got other incomes. I'm not gonna waste most of summer at this place!


Now I take in more calories from the juices and I have more energy.

It's still gonna rain this week too but I'll try to keep myself busy.

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It has started the summer rains here in Florida...every day from 3-30 it pours....odd.

Hurricane season has also began...hopefully we won't get any here...Hurricanes definitely put a damper on my workouts...

too busy running around trying to do everything without electricity...and when the air conditioner breaks it is dangerous we could overheat

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Thanks for visiting.

Wow Emmybear, hurricanes. We never have this in Quebec. I'd love to trin outside during a hurricane or a tornado. Lol I'm just kidding. But I love the calm and silence before a storm, when the electricy is charging in the air and the leaves in the trees make noise in the wind. I kind of like rain too, but hate it when it's everyday like lately.


I haven't done much training lately. Been working at my two jobs, walking, cycling a little and that's it.


I'm so lazy these days, I really must get back to training seriously, with a workout program for this month especially. I'm still on the liquid feast for the next two weeks but that won't stop me. On the contrary, this is giving me full energy with only 4-5 hours of sleep needed. I woke up at 5 a.m and did a set of 25 chin-up. Yesterday I did a few sets of chin-ups, 24, 28, 25. Some pull-ups: 26, 24.

I don't know if I'll have time to start training this week (I should, it could take only 30 minutes per session, no big deal) I'm going to Montreal today, probably I'll train tomorrow after I get back. I want to see if I can gain huge lean mass within a short period of time and on this juice fast. Maybe I could if I had access to a good gym, but I don't. Though I,m gonna try my best to find other ways, searching for anything to lift, stones, tree trunks, etc. What sucks is that there's no good grip with those. At least I can do bodyweight training but it won't add much mass to what I already have.

As soon as the sun comes up more regulary I'll do cycling as often as I can.


In beginning of August I'll post some before/after pics.

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that's it, I think you were both right about what I said : gaining some lean mass in just 1 month. Without gaining a single gram of bodyfat, but continue on losing some.

I already lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks (-10lbs during the first week, and then -2 1/2 pound/week), going from 135lbs to now 120lbs.

But I wasn't working out. Too much work, too much rain, lack of energy. I still gonna have to work, and don't have access to a gym, but I'll try at least to get back to a regular training program for the next 4 weeks.


If those programs won't help me gaining huge lean mass because I don't have anything very heavy to lift around here, it will give some results anyway if I put enough intensity and effort and sleep a lot. Then I'll lift heavier during winter or whenever I can join a gym when I'll move back to the city.

Note: I'll do cycling too on the same days of weightlifting otherwise I'll never get the chance to do bike this summer. But when it's only 3 days of weightlifting/week I'll split : 3 days weightlifting/ 3 days cycling.


My 5 weeks program:


1 week (5 days and 1 day cardio)

"300 work out"

Using only bodyweight or extra weight that allows doing the specified number of reps


25 pull-ups

50 deadlifts

50 push-ups

50 box jumps

50 "floor wipers"

50 "clean and press"

25 more pull-ups





1 week (5 days and 1 day cardio)

Brad Pitt’s Fight Club training


Perform 3 sets of each exercise, taking approximately 60 seconds to rest between each set. 15 reps.

Use techniques such as reverse grips.

Add AB work out everyday or 2


Monday -- Chest


Different kinds of pushups


Tuesday -- Back


wide and close grip pull-ups

lower back raise


Wednesday -- Shoulders


Arnold dumbbell press

Lateral raises

Front raises


Thursday -- Biceps/Triceps


bicep curls

Hammer curls

close-grip push-ups




Friday -- Legs



Calf raise

Speed rope



Saturda -- Cardio



Sunday -- Rest




1 week (3 days)

Program to gain mass


squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, rows, chins.

I'll try to find heavy stuff to lift, like stones, tree trunks, cars, etc.


Use special techniques such as low reps (rest & pause), slow reps, negative reps.

Add AB workout and cycling for the other 3 days.




1 Week (5 days and 1 day cardio)

bodyweight training


4 sets of 25 reps for each exercises

using all variants and different grips









1 week (3 days + 3 days cycling)

Bruce Lee type of organized schedule


mon: 100% max

wed: 75% max

fri: 100% max

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I started to work out yesterday, with the "300 workout".

Normally it only takes about 20-25 minutes to do, depending in how many sets I'm able to do the 25 or 50 reps for each exercices, and I add some sets of other exercices in between the sets of the program, to avoid resting in between sets. Here's a video showing what is this work-out.




-1 hour bike ride

-1 hour "300 work out"



-I had another flat on my bike. So I walked and jogged, about 10-15 km for the day.

-1 hour "300 work out"


After those 2 days of training, my vascularity came back. I don't feel any soreness though, despite the fact that this work out is pretty hardcore.

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Love it. Way to stay active and make use of those high energy levels from your liquid rocket fuel diet


Why do you keep getting flats LOL. Do I recall you talking about flats in the past and how you kept getting them or am I confusing you with someone else. Replace the tubes completely as they may be worn out and more susceptible and get some 'no flat' Armadillo tires for your ride. Sure they can get flat but not as easily....

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Love it. Way to stay active and make use of those high energy levels from your liquid rocket fuel diet


Why do you keep getting flats LOL. Do I recall you talking about flats in the past and how you kept getting them or am I confusing you with someone else. Replace the tubes completely as they may be worn out and more susceptible and get some 'no flat' Armadillo tires for your ride. Sure they can get flat but not as easily....


Exactly ! I got tired of all the flats I got recently so now I just replace the whole tube. It's just a bit more expensive then buying a glue tube and patches. Or I can repair the flats later and have some spare tubes for later .


I love going back to training. It give positive energy for the rest of the day, and it will surely transform my physique too!

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  • 3 months later...

Wow, it's been a long time since I haven't wrote anything here...


Well, in about a month, I'll start training in the gym again, lifting heavy, doing compound exercices, trying to gain mass Things I haven't really done before, because I was more into bodyweight exercices, endurance, etc.


So, I'm excited in training again soon, so I couldn't wait, and started a light workout... the 100 push-ups program. I started at week 3, I'm now at week 4. Very easy program so far; I'll see if I can do a hundred push-ups soon Or way more, as some people can do like 200, 300...


Here's some videos of me doing the program. Need to do some easy sets of like 20, and the 5th one is my max (usually around 40, 50). If I'd do only 1 set, I could do about 65 or a bit more.


But first, what I did today: just running to the closest town. But I like the numbers, so round and perfect:


Time: 1 hour

Average Heart Rate: 185

Max Heart Rate: 200


(Actually, max was 201... )


For about 10 or 12 km. I was sweating like a pig in the bus to go back, and it was crowded inside.


Week3 Day3






Day1 Week4



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I ate junk and cooked food most of the week. Disastrous result on my recovery and overall fitness. For instance, I runned over 10 km monday I think, or tuesday, and thighs, but especially my calves, took all week to heal. I have a small cut on my little finger since like 2 weeks and it's not even fully healed yet.


Yesterday I ate about 30 olives. Chocolate. Today some bananas, dates. Tortilla chips with homemade guacamole and salsa. Homemade chocolate cookies...With all this crap I felt I had no strenght while doing push-ups. This last set was so hard to finish! Pathetic... But so far I've done all the reps and sets from the program.


week4 day4 set5 (29,33,29,29,40) with 120 seconds rest between each set




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I meant week4 day3, not day4. I see this push-up program as a prep to get back to real training, in a few weeks from now. Back in the gym, and lifting heavy loads, I plan on gaining true mass this time.


It's also cool that I'm running low on junk food right now, so I'll eat all those spinach, roman lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and fruits that I have. No more crap in my diet

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  • 2 months later...

It's been a long time since I wrote here, cuz I moved back to Montreal and didn't have Internet. But I will do some updates soon, since I've been training in the gym for about a month now and so far I see good results.


But I'll use this journal to talk about all kinds of stuff too...


So I just saw a tv program, where the write Dany Laferrière talks (always with humour but being serious at the same time) about how there's no present anymore, and that the present is drowned in the past of future.

For instance, 15 December to 14 January is like a big hole in the time, or a sort of time warp, because people go see their parents, they go in the past... yeah, lol. But what's more interesting is when he said that there's no present due mostly t medias.

All the newspapers, they never tell about the present, they only talk about the day before, and the other night before that (because of course it takes time to write the journal and t publish it, so that understandable)... But, then the newspapers' date should be yesterday, not the date of today... Even worse for magazines, which are written in December and January 2008, but they claim it's the edition of Feburary 2009.

What's sad is that the radio tried to sell the idea that they could be live and talk about news that are just happening right now... but all they do is reading the newspapers, so news of yesterday, and they open the rant lines so people call and talk all day about things that happened before.

On the tv, we see more often stories that are already past, rather then live stuff.

News about the war in Afghanistan, telling names of soldiers who died... but those soldiers already suffered in the present and died before we heard about it, while we wait and hope that it will stop...

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So as I said I started to go to the gym again, after one year of absence. (but I was doing some bodyweight training as well as running, cycling in the meantime).


I gained about 7 pounds of muscle in the last month (phase #1). Went from 135 to 142. Since 2 weeks my weight stays at 142 but I feel I keep adding muscles, I think I'm losing bodyfat.


I will post soon about the exercices I do and how much I lift.


I usually do 2-4 sets, sometimes 6, 8 sets when I include some technics like low reps, reverse grip, rest/pause, etc.

And I train often with super-sets, doing Abs exercices between each sets or working another muscle group.



#1 - december-january

type of training: powerlifting, compound exercices


d1 – full body, 6-12 reps

d2 - rest

d3 – full body, 15-25 reps

d4 - rest

d5 – full body, 6-12 reps

d6 - rest

d7 - rest



#2 – january-february

type of training: bodybuilding, exercices which isolate muscle groups, some bodyweight training


d1 – upper body, 6-12 reps

d2 - lower body, 6-12 reps

d3 – upper body, 15-25 reps

d4 - lower body, 15-25 reps

d5 – upper body, 6-12 reps

d6 - lower body, 6-12 reps

d7 - rest




#3 – march-april…

type of training: circuit training, lots of bodyweight training, endurance, cardio, some powerlifting, bodybuilding, isometrics…

(abs are usually trained on lower body days)


d1 – upper body, 15-25 reps

d2 - lower body, 15-25 reps

d3 – upper body, 6-12 reps

d4 - lower body, 6-12 reps

d5 – upper body, 15-25 reps

d6 - lower body, 15-25 reps

d7 - rest




During #2, I will also try other schedules, like for instance:


4 sets, 8-12 reps


d1 – shoulders - trapezius

d2 - legs - calves (calfs?)

d3 – back

d4 - pecs - abs

d5 – tri - bi - forearms

d6 - rest

d7 - rest

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Had a pretty good workout today. I've changed the schedule. I used to alternate upper-body days with lower-body days, but I was stressed just to think at all the exercices I had to do each session and sometimes it took so long that I had to take a break in between, go outside breath some fresh air and eat/drink something to do a second session after.

Now here's my new schedule, at least for this week:


d1 – shoulders - trapezius

d2 – legs (+abs if time)

d3 – back

d4 – pecs - abs

d5 – arms

d6 – rest (or cardio, abs, isometrics, bodyweight)

d7 - rest


It's good because I can finally breath, do a one hour session and plenty of sets for just 4 to 8 exercices. The only thing I don't really like is I work each muscle group only once per week, but I'll fix that by doing some push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and other bodyweight training at home when I feel I need it.



Did those exercices today to train shoulders and trapezius

(for about 6 to 12 reps with 4 sets or more (usually 12, 6, 6, 12).


shrugs with dumbbells: 60 lbs in each arm


overhead press and military press with bar: 60 lbs


lateral raise decline body : 30 lbs with one arm per set (this is interesting, allows to lift heavier than standing straight)


Shoulder press with dumbell: 35 lbs with one arm per set


Chins with barbell: 50 lbs


Lateral raise, 2 dumbbells of 20 lbs


Arnold press : 15 lbs

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