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About 4 sets each exercice in supersets. Weights below are usually for 6-8 reps or 8-12, except for Squats I do more reps, as well as for slow twitch muscles : calves and abs, 15-25 reps.


Tuesday 13

Legs and Abs


front squat: 44lbs

squat, incomplete reps at different positions (top, bottom...) 122lbs

hack squat : 88lbs

leg raise for lower abs : 15 reps

leg curl : 115lbs

lateral crunch: 15 reps

standing calves raise: 500x25 reps

1 calf: 300x12, 350x8

seated calves raise: 88

leg press: 176lbs

sit-ups: 20 reps



Wednesday 14

Back and Abs


one arm dumbbell rows: 40, 45, 50lbs x 12 reps

one arm straight cable pulldown to thigh: 60lbs

one arm cable pulldown: 60lbs

cable low rows large grip: 150lbs


Did also some wide grip front and rear pulldowns, sit-ups...

leg extensions (up to straight position): 105lbs

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I noticed the other days (especially for my chest workout yesterday) a side effect of my lack of sleep... I never feel tired during the day, so I was thinking, maybe I get enough sleep, eventhough I can only sleep about 2-4 hours per night due to pain in my teeths and jaw...need to go see a dentist soon. But eventhough I don't feel sleepy, it has a negative impact on my weightlifting - can't weight as heavy as I could with longer and better quality sleep.

Now I manage to sleep better and I noticed today an increased level of strenght eventhough I didn't feel for training today, but after a few sets I liked it.



Thursday 15

Chest and Abs


6-12 reps, 4 sets per exercice in supersets


Bench Press: 66 lbs x 8 reps. 88 lbs incomplete reps, many small sets.


Bench Press close grip: 32 lbs, 44 lbs (not complete reps)


Dumbbell fly: 30 lbs in each arm


Incline Bench Press: 22 lbs x 6


Incline Dumbbell Fly: 25 lbs in each arm


Oblique crunches on the floor: 2x15 reps each side


Abdo leg raise: 4x15 reps




Friday 16

Biceps, Triceps, Forearms


6-12 reps, 4 sets per exercice in supersets


Incline bicep curls w/ dumbbells: 30 in each arms and then some negative reps


Tricep one arm cable pulldown: 60 lbs


Alternate Hammer curls: 35 lbs about 12 reps each arm


Bicycling : 2 minutes


Shadow Boxing w/ dumbbells: 10 lbs in each arm, 2x1 minute


Seated Barbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl: 20 lbs,

in superset w/

Seated Barbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl: 40 lbs


Cable wrist pushdown : 60 lbs,

in superset w/

Cable wrist pulldown: 60 lbs

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Monday 19

Shoulders, Trapezius


6-12 reps, 4 sets per exercice in supersets


Overhead press: 55 lbs, 65, 70, 75, 70 lbs.


Shrugs with dumbbells: 35 lbs, 65, 65, 70x6 and then no rest to 30lbsx12


Shoulder press 1 arm : 25lbsx12, 30x10, 35x10


Incline 1 arm lateral raise: 30lbsx12, 25lbs, 25 lbs x 10


Alternate front raise with dumbbells: 20lbsx12 each arm, 20 lbs, 25 lbs




Tuesday 20

Legs and Abs


squat: 15x44lbs

hack squat : 176lbsx8 (inc. reps), 88lbsx15, 88x15, 88x15

leg curl : 85lbsx15, 85x15

leg extensions: 15x70lbs, 15x70, 12x90

leg press: 15x132lbs, 12x176, 12x176, 6x220

one leg curls: 8x45lbs(left), 10x45lbs(right), 8x45(L), 8x45®

standing calves raise: 500x15 reps, 500x20



Wednesday 21



one arm dumbbell rows: alternating Right, Left arm

15x35lbs, 15x35

15x40, 15x40

10x50, 12x50

12x55, 12x55

8x60, 10x60

10x60, 12x60


one arm straight cable pulldown to thigh, alternating Right, Left arm

6x30lbs, 6x30

6x30, 6x30


one arm cable pulldown: alternating Right, Left arm

12x60lbs, 12x60

6x75, 6x75 + 5 negative reps

no rest to: 8x60, 8x60


cable low rows large grip: 150lbs




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Didn't go to the gym last thursday and friday (nor saturday and sunday) because I was pretty sick with a cough that lasts since over a week or two and transformed into a flue now. Usually I get sick only like 3 days per year but this time I must have got 2 or 3 viruses in a row. Plus this pain in my teeths make it difficult to have enough sleep so its not helping. Many little problems right now that I'll have to fix pretty soon.


Anyways, eventhough I only went to the gym Monday and Tuesday this week (because I'm still sick), I moved snow the rest of the week a few times per day because of the 2 last snow storms.



Monday 26

Shoulders, Trapezius


6-12 reps, 4 sets per exercice in supersets


Military press: warmup 15x50 lbs, 5x75, 12x70 lbs.


Shrugs with dumbbells: 30x50's, 30x40's, 12x55s, 12x55, 12x60, 20x65, 7x70 (grip fails),

12x85lbs barbell


some Upright Rows for Back: 15x40 lb barbell


few sets of leg raise for abs


Shoulder press 1 arm : (starting with right arm and than alternating sets) :15x30 lbs, 15x30. 8x40, 5x40+4x35. 6x40, 4x40+3x35. 10x35. My left shoulder was weaker so I was doing some regressing reps too for left shoulder.


Incline 1 arm lateral raise with dumbbell: 12x25 lbs (Right arm), 12x25 (L), 12x30 R, 12x30 L, 15x30 R, 12x30 L


Alternate front raise with dumbbells: 30x20's, 25x25's


some lateral crunches and sit-ups


Did some Clean & Press: 3x85 lbs barbell, 3x90



Tuesday 27

Legs and Abs



front squat: 6x66 lbs, 6x66

hack squat : 10x88 lbs, 10x132, 10x132

leg curl : 15x85lbs, 9x100, 8x110

leg press: 12x132 lbs, 8x176, 6x220

leg press horizontal: 12x150, 6x165

one leg curl: 6x50 lbs, 6x50 lbs

leg extensions: 10x95 lbs, 6x105

standing calves raise: 30x500 lbs

seated calves raise: 25x88 lbs, 25x88, 22x88 (damn those destroyed my calves and it's still painful)

lateral crunch: 2 sets of 15 for each side

sit-up: 25, 30

deadlift: 3x154 lbs, 4x176

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After feeling sick for like 2 full weeks now I finally feel better, god it feels good to have the energy and will to do more things again, went to the gym yesterday, didn't note everything, just did lots of random exercices in supersets.


Tuesday 3 feb


lying leg curls: 15x115


standing 1 leg lift : 10x50lbs


front squats with 100 lbs


machine bench press: 12x135


hack squat with 88 lbs


1 arm dumbbell rows: 8x65, 8x65, 10x65, 10x65


one straight arm pulldown to thigh: 12x30


leg lift: 10x115


bench press with guided bar: 3x95, 1x105, 10x66


leg press horizontal machine : 10x195, 25x210, 10x225


cable pulldown large grip: 10x105, 5x135


leg press : 8x176, incomplete reps with 220 lbs


sets of pull-ups


cable rows close grip : 15x110, 10x120, 10x135


calves raise: 15x500 . one calf: 8x350, 10x300


seated calves raise: 10x100, 88x20, 8x100

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yeah I had a virus or something. And I couldn't sleep for a week because of my teeths.



I do a mini detox each morning : water, limes, grapefruits, Vega, etc... pissing litres each morning. Having more consistants meal only after 2-3 pm.


Friday I did a full body workout again, because I trained only twice last week.


I also never really thinked about how much the empty barbell weight, realized some are pretty heavy like 40 pounds or so, so now I feel better knowing that I was in fact benching 40 pounds more than what I wrote in all my previous posts, same with deadlift, etc...


Did lots of exercices again because only about 1-3 sets per exercice in supersets.

Did more than what I noted here.




25 dips

chest press w/dumbbells : 12x35's, 5x45's

1 arm dumbell row: 10x70

deadlift 1x260

hack squat 12x132

bench press with guided bar: 2x132

squats 8x132... I can't do squats properly, it always hurt in my inner left thigh perhaps I don't do them well

leg extension: 10x120, 8x160, 6x195

1 bicep curl : 8x40

clean & press : 1x95

bench press machine : 3x150


Some pull-ups, sit-ups, calves raise, tricep pushdowns, etc...

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MONDAY 9 feb

shoulders, traps


military press

8x75, 5x80


shrugs w/ dumbbells

12x70's, 12x75's, 6x85's


lateral raise

15x35, 12x35, 6x40


one arm dumbbell press

8x40, 13x35


front raise alternate arms



clean & press

8x40, 12x35






leg press



hack squat



leg curl



leg extensions

10x135, 8x150



10x80, 12x70


seated calves raise

18x110, 18x132






one arm cable rows



barbell rows



cable pulldown large grip

6x150 and regressive : 8x135, 12x120...


some pull-ups, etc...

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Pecs and abs


bench press: 15x66, 12x88

deadlift: 20x144

fly + chest press: 15x25's + 12x25's

fly inclined: 20x15's

bench press guided bar: 12x132


More sets of the above, plus push-ups, sit-ups, leg raise, oblique twists, cable crunch, oblique crunches, isometrics...


Also, shovelling snow for 2x45 minutes, before it melts... there's already lots of snow which melted and caused a flood in the basement, due to the fact it rains since yesterday nonstop. IN Australia and California there's forest fires... here there's floods.


I was waling on the street and there was a women walking on the crowded sidewalk with her umbrella... thing is that it wasn't raining at that moment, it stopped raining 2 hours before that. I wonder if some people live in reality or somewhere else.


Ate :


1 lime

1 banana + 8 dates


oatmeal w/ raisins

hemp protein drink

100 gr dark chocolate


hemp protein shake

large plate of spaghettis with olive oil, green salad.

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Friday 13th

Biceps, Triceps, Forearms

In supersets, weigths in lbs


Incline bicep curls w/ dumbbells: 20x20's, 15x25's and some negative reps


Triceps cable pushdown : 6x70+15x50, 8x75


one-arm Bicep cable : 15x40


one-arm Tricep cable : 15x30, 12x40


Seated Barbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl: 20 lbs


Seated Barbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl: 45 lbs


Cable wrist pushdown : 100 lbs


Cable wrist pulldown: 40 lbs


Wrist roller: 22 lbs


one-arm bicep curl w/ free weight: 12x35


concentration curl: 8x30


straight bar curl: 10x45, 8x50


Bench press close grip: 10x77

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Jesus fuckin Christ... came back from the dentist today... been over 15 years since last time... they removed 2 teeths one aside the other now I got a HUGE hole in my mouth... what the fuck am I gonna do with that, feels really weird, the food is gonna fall in that hole like in a pool... I was spitting blood on my way home. Dentist said I got really tough teeths, strongly fixed... Then when he was removing the 2nd teeth I felt like my entire jaw was going to snatch with the teeth. I got more R-V for the next weeks, got one or two more cavities, maybe one more teeth extraction

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Didn't go to the gym today because I was feeling crap after the teeths extraction, but should have go anyway, now I feel alright.


Monday 16th,

trained shoulders and trapezius but didn't note my numbers.

Same exercices as last week...

I remember I did some lateral raise with 40 pounds dumbbell, as well as shrugs with 220 lb barbell.


Updated my blog with some recent news from the newspapers, check it out.

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Didn't go to the gym tuesday, so wednesday I trained both Back and Legs.


Did, among other things:


hack squat: 15x132 lbs

one arm dumbbell rows: 20x60, 10x70

lying leg curl: 15x100, 8x115

leg extension: 15x145

one leg curl: 12x55

one arm cable row: 10x90

pull-ups: 15

squats: 15x70, 10x80

leg press: 10x225, 8x240

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Thursday was my day for Pecs and Abs but I didn't go to the gym, so today I trained this and also Arms.


Friday - pecs, arms, abs


bench press w/ 40's dumbbells

incline fly w/ 20's

bench press close grip: 12x77 lbs

cable one arm bicep curl: 15x40, 10x50

cable one arm tricep pushdown: 8x40

bicep curl w/ barbell: 12x50

Hammer curls with 30's


lot more things...


After my workout I was super hungry and went in a restaurant... I said : no mushrooms on the pizza. And extra veggies, since I don't want the cheese... Guess what, they've put mushrooms; and after I removed them there was almost no veggies left. And an ultra thin layer of tomato sauce. 12$ for a minuscule pizza, I wouldn't have paid more than 50 cents for this. Why simple things like not putting mushrooms is so hard to understand, why is there so many incompetent people, I will never know... I rarely eat at restaurants (only like 3 times in one year) and it's not gonna change after what I just experienced. There's 2 or 3 vegan restaurants I'll try though, because I heard they're ok, but for the others...


I was reading the newspapers... car manufacturers are asking the governements for billions of dollars... Chrysler Canada already received 24 billion dollars not so long ago and now they ask for 17 more. GM and Ford do about the samething. These assholes are making billions of profit every year, CEO's are putting this in their pockets or buy some houses and yatch, and workers are often paid 40, 70$/hour, yet those companies ask for special privileges to pay less tax, and when the sales are low they ask for grants. They don't want to just think about offering better products, like Asian cars manufacturers are doing. GM, Ford and Chrysler are not offering any good hybrid or electric models, but Japanese and Chinese manucfacturers know it's the right time to seel these.

Worse: governments are giving billions$ to banks which were making billions of profit every year, and now where is it, gone ?

The "economic crisis" : big companies fire 2,000, even 8,000 workers, because of what, because "we think this year could be or will be a tough one". Yeah right, with all the people they fired and won't have to pay salaries they might end up making more profits than earlier years.

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I'm not really going to the gym this week cos I'm doing a blitz of movie editing to upload videos on youtube, I won't have Internet anymore cos I move to another place this week-end. But I'll try to go to the gym at least once this week, for a full-body workout, hardcore. Won't be able to come post year very often either but I'll come from time to time.

So I uploaded a few video on youtube and will add a bunch more in the next few days.



I just wrote this on my blob http://waiting-for-the-miracle.blogspot.com/:


Disparate brings dissonance, osmosis brings harmony

Recently a cardiologist killed his 2 kids and then attempted suicide. His wife was out skiing for the week-end. When she came back she had no more kids. The cardiolog was an expert about heart but knew nothing about the mind, he didn't know he was depressed and he killed his kids... The cardiologist failed to kill himself with drug overdose and ended up at the same hospital he was working to, but his own hospital didn't want him so he was sent to another one.

Nowadays everything is specialized. One sudies the science of heart and knows nothing about the rest of human body. Another one knows feet. Another one about the health of teeth but not about the health of the whole body. Another specializes in reproductive organs... Doctors know about diseases, treatments, drugs, medicine and why we die but know nothing about health and how to stay healthy, they don't know anything about good nutrition.

Scientists say hot peppers are healthy because there is good molecules in it. But what about the other molecules ? And even dieteticans are playing the card of separating everything instead of looking at things as a whole. Take iron, Vitamin C, E, D, A, eat calcium, eat omega-3, zinc, magnesium...

NO : eat almonds, eat oranges, eat figs, dates, etc... And stop dissect everything, stop removing everything to keep just one thing, because it doesn't work like this. Synergy is essential to life. The universe is a whole, life is part of universe, we're part of the universe, and if you remove just one thing everything else will colapse.

Barack Obama's phrase "Yes We Can". Sure, but to be done, someone must do it. And only one person is not enough. Obam didn't say "Yes I can". The WE is of primary importance, it is everybody who must act in order to make things change.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

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  • 1 month later...

Why do I make you smile ?


I agree with Tolstoy, if each person would change himself, the whole world would change for the best.


These days I usually train 5 to 7 days per week. I alternate upper body days with days of lower body, but there's no fixed rules, I train all the bodyparts which don't feel painful.

Yesterday was the first day that really looked like summer or Spring, it was almost 27 degrees. In the morning I ran for about 25 minutes and did some pull-ups in a park.

Today was 'suposed' to rain but it's as sunny as yesterday. Eventhough I usually don't train on sundays, I went to the gym and did some random exercices, like Clean & Press: 1x100 lbs. Shadow boxing with 10 lb dumbbells and 'Bench Press' on a yoga ball with 8 lb dumbbells, as fast as I can and as many reps as I can.

I find that after this my pecs are way more pumped than when lifting heavy. But it is good to lift heavy for a few reps and small sets and then to do explosive reps for longer sets.

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You make me smile because as a Tolstoy fan I was excited to read one of my favorute quotes....posted by someone other than myself. And just your general outlook - I think its great! Looks like you're training hard - stick wth it! Im totally there too! Way to stay motivated.

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Disgusting. And as far as the restaurant go - if you ever came in somewhere I was cooking or waitressing youd get the hookup - anytime someone comes in thats a vegetarian or vegan Im so excited I could squeal. ... so I always hook them up usually with the biggest meal I can sneak out and then by cancelling their tab or buying their meal myself, or giving them a family discount..

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