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You make me smile because as a Tolstoy fan I was excited to read one of my favorute quotes....posted by someone other than myself. And just your general outlook - I think its great! Looks like you're training hard - stick wth it! Im totally there too! Way to stay motivated.
Your outlook is great too and I like the way you look at life and what you inspire to others. I train hard, sometimes, it depends on my motivation, energy level. Since its beautiful outside I'm more active and I eat better, more fruits, healthier lifestyle, etc. I really should move to a tropical place.


I signed in to a new gym. Only 100$ for 13 months. To give a comparision, YMCA is 55$ per month... its that cheap because its new for men, before it was only for women since 15 years.

I'll train there but maybe not everyday, cuz I prefer staying outside and train in the parc (pull-ups, etc) and then I train in the gym when it rains or in the evening.


Today I may go see a movie. And in the week-end probably I'll see the movie 'Hunger'.


I may be working for the Montreal Jazz Fest this summer. I hope. interview next tuesday.

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Im totally with you on moving to a tropical place! Keep your training going! SUmmer months are definately easier..

Wow the new gym price is amazing... Plus youll have plenty of girls to look at...


Hows the interview?

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Its been a long time since I wrote something here. Last sunday I finished working at the Jazz Fest. It's called Jazz fest, eventhough there were so many events that were not jazzy at all, like Ben Harper and other rock bands, flamenco, etc. It was raining almost everyday. But I made some cash and I will continue to make money during the rest of the summer to go for a trip to Europe.

I didn't have the chance to train in the gym during the past 2 weeks but sometimes before work I did 30 minutes of bodyweight training in the park followed by a session of yoga,. I really like yoga, I took some books at the library and I am learning new positions. Today I went to a class of yoga with a friend at this place Moksha Yoga. Some hardcore yoga in a heated room at 42 C degrees. I was sweating so much. Then we went to the excellent vegan restaurant Aux Vivres, ordered some corn bread with a special vegan butter and a tempeh burger. In 10 minutes I'm going to see Public Enemies, and then at 9pm there's a party for the jazz fest employees.

Very soon, like tomorrow, I'll start to eat fruits and greens only again. I did this last week and I felt so great, with more energy and I needed less rest to recover. For instance I was eating: 5 pounds of watermelon in the morning. Around 11a.m I eat 2 pounds of strawberries. Later I eat bananas and grapes or blueberries. Later, some oranges, cherries, pink grapefruit, or a salad with avocado.

I'll go to the yoga class each day, it cost only 20$ for 7 days and I can go as often as I want, there's even some 1h30 class instead of 30 minutes. After this 1st week its more expensive so I guess I'll continue yoga but in my room, gym, park. But I'll learn lots of stuff this week. Today was a fantastic experience.

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I had dinner there 3 times last week, went there many other times during the past 2 weeks and grabbed a sandwich with a cookie just minutes ago. Its always good but I have to stop going so often.


Last week I did 7 days in a row of hot yoga. Now I will start again to train at the gym.

Last week-end I did a 24 hours fasting, and then 2o hours fast and today another 20 hours fast. I don't even do this on purpose it just happens by itself. And everytime I eat again I notice some small symptoms, except when I eat fruits. I eat lots of fruits, some salads but also other things like sandwiches or veggie burgers.

That week of yoga transformed my life. I cannot say I'm a brand new person but I've changed and I don't know in what aspect, it is just that I became a slightly better person. And I learned some yoga postures that I need to master better during the rest of summer.


At the end of the month I'm working at the FrancoFolies, it's a French music festival. I bought a laptop so now I can be on internet more often and on this forum more often

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Noticed the best way to follow an healthy lifestyle - eating well and doing lots of exercices... - is to be happy, otherwise when you experience little frustrations you compensate with stupid actions like eating a full box of cookies or watching tv instead of working out. I noticed that the easiest way for me to have infinite energy at the gym and all day long with full motivation, being mentally positive and not craving junk food is to be in love, or at least to have a kick on someone. So there's this girl at my job (well, today was the last day of this contract but I might see her other times) which is 10 years younger than me, she's pretty, crazy, intense... so I like her, its like dope, I don't need drugs, etc and my veins are always full of oxytocin and testosterone. I know there wont be an affair with her because she too much opposite to me and she's like a junkie: she smokes weed and cigarettes, drink beer and strong alcohol, do drugs and sells it, steals, etc, she eats meat and says she needs it everyday ''for vitamins and energy in it''... so of course I dont want anything serious to happen with her, I dont ask her anything, I just like her body and mind, I just use her for the positive effects she makes on me, to give me energy and motivation, when I was going to work or to do exercices, etc. I eat mostly fruits and raw vegetables, lost 5 lbs last week, sleep 5hrs or less per night, exercise often... Today I just wanted to french-kiss her but then she was stoned and drunked, it turned me off, at 5 in the morning she sat on the street where there was beer so her ass was wet, she went to the corner of the street and changed her pants right there in downtown. It was pretty cool: last day of work at the Francofolies (Montreal french music fest) we finished at around 2 am, we (about 30) all went to a bar until closing time (3 am) then went outside in front of a church, everybody w/ vodka, rum and coke, beer, I'm the only who doesn't drink, I had water, juice, energy drink... we piss on the church...My driver license is expired since 6 years and I dont know really how to drive but I tried an old car, Led Zeppelin playing on the radio, passengers all drunked put an empty case of 24 beers in the middle of the street, luckily no cops saw us. Later, a guy rolls on the sidewalk to mimick an epileptic or something, I dont know why. In the morning they are all like: we go eat some McD, or Burger King, etc... I say 'you know there's shit in that right?' but they never understand I'm talking about real shit, not just junk. They say, 'why you dont drink alcohol... I dont need to drink or smoke to act crazy or to escape reality and my problems, I'm naturally crazy without any illicit substance and I love to enjoy every moment of reality...


pics in a bar:



the car:






that's not me of course)





a pic of me while training at the gym, pic is a few months old.


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My thoughs are you're looking for some real pain, in persuing her, but ya never know you might get lucky, and save her from herself. She has problems she's not dealing with. Step with caution, infatuation can be a blinding force. I love your life choices, and your mental toughness, not to mention that bicep, well the bicep I like, not love.

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lol, thanks for the comment Joe. yeah I guess she needs help, but she doesn't want any; its her life, and she made decisions that led her to where she is now and she doesn't regret most of those choices. Most young folks are into drugs, alcool and vandalism, just that she's deeper into this, but later she's gonna slow down I guess. I was pretty hardcore when I was younger but look at me now, I'm almost like a monk in my life in general but I'm still kind of crazy, weird and fucked up in the head in some way; at least that's what some people say.

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There was a dead body in my apartment, in the room next to mine. Apparently it has been there for about 5 days but I noticed a nasty odor since about 2 days ago. I was outside often and coming to home just to sleep so I wasn't wondering what was that smell or why I didn't see the guy since a few days; I was leaving around noon, riding my bike, etc and working from 3pm to 2 am, then always going in bars etc and arriving home around 3:30... but finally the other roommates called the cops yesterday afternoon. I had to go out until they finally took the body out. The guy probably got killed by his doctor, like its the case for so many people on medication. He had to take a bunch of different pills everyday; who takes pills and can stop after months or years? nobody, they take this shit everyday until the last day. It took over 8 hours just to remove the corpse. The family came, then they called the funeral company to come take the body. That's just a dead body! it should take 2 minutes, no need to use fancy equipment and complex procedures.

Today the cleaner finally came with chlorine and stuff and it smells okay. So now I know what a dead body smells: like cheese and meat ! smells like fucking blue cheese, rotten meat and rotten plain yogurt. Fucking meat-eaters are eating this kind of 'food': dead meat, stinky cheese - the most stinking the better... - Must be insane to go in a grocery store and instead of buying fresh products like fruits and greens they buy corpses, carrion preserved with salt and nitrites, blood pudding, eggs, etc... to buy dead animals is scavenging.

The other day at work, there was a girl that wasn't even able to open the little plastic bag in wich there was slices of balloney or ham... can you imagine that? she asked the help of a coworker to open it. If she would have asked to me I would have said NO. I said: what if you had to go hunt an animal, kill it, cut it, clean it, cook it, etc... She said : 'next time'... yeah right.

People are sick. When I was still eating meat, I was buying meat sometimes but I was ashamed to even just walk near the long fridge where meat is displayed cuz I dont wanted people to think I buy or eat this. Now its different cuz I'm vegan and dont even have to walk near meat, I dont want they believe I'm like them! I think I'll order online some vegan buttons and wear them everyday so people know all the time I'm not a sick necrophageous bastard like them...

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other nasty stories... who wants to see the ugliest pics I've ever taken ?



This is because I injured my little finger between 2 furnitures or something at work and then it swollen for over 2 days up to twice the size of my left little finger... so since a few days it hurts, I couldn't train properly or it was very painful with all the blood pressure going to my hand and finger... I've tried to cut it to let go the pus but almost only blood came out. Then I went to see the doctor for this, and a wound made by a bug in my neck, and plenty of other things (I got many small problems these ddays, all at the same time... ) and he gave me those gigantic plasters . It was so ridiculous, only for tiny cuts like this, Ilooked like a crippled and had to take pictures...




Anyways, I had a bad flue, attacking all my muscles, but now I'm almost 100% fine so I hope to go back to training this week-end or monday.


Here's other pics I've taken recently...









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I'm doing fine Hanna

went to the gym only twice this week eventhough I had plenty of time (but time flies by so fast), did upper body workout with a few sets of crunches on ab flex machine and some calves raises as well as leg extensions with 250lbs.

Did some mini-sessions of training in my room just to use some energy, lifting containers w/ 4 Liters of water, or doing push-ups, or playing with the Powerball... this is after one of those mini-trainings (still gotta lose fat and work those abs but got a nice tan)...




Believe it or not, today I got an accident with my bike, nothing serious fortunately: there was this girl starting to cross the street when it was red light for her (Montreal is known as a dangerous city for its pedestrians that always cross street on red lights)... on the bicycle path near the road, with my shirt off and going at high speed as usual, I was on fire, with hardcore speed metal on my ipod, I turned left to the collision with that girl but guess what? she was so stupid that she made a step back and I crashed right into her -- or should I say that its HER that went into me -- the impact was kinda powerful and weird, I saw like in slowmotion items flying out of her handbag falling to the ground, and I slide on the side; I got nothing except a scratch on my left elbow... the worst is that she rose up and kind of beg pardon by waving her hand with A SMILE. I said ''yeah that's funny'' and that made her stopped smiling instantly and leaving. This little accident gave me some extra testosterone so I did the rest of the path even faster... I too cross streets when its red, on my bike or by walking, but I'm educated enough to look on both sides before doing this. Some people are there like zombies with hteir heads in the clouds... Never did I cross a street on red light if its dangerous. I evaluate if I have enough time before a car comes, etc. I got a few accidents on bike but it was always the fault of the car driver. And today was the first time I had such a strange, fucked up accident like that, first time with a pedestrian and such a stupid pedestrian... always been against cars. Talking about cars, , I love cars but I hate cars in the streets, especially in downtown. it should only be used as transportation to leave the city, to travel across country, not to do 10 miles while honking and causing accidents ! Especially fridays, all drivers are all enraged and insane; today I saw a car that EXPLODED ! i'm not kidding, the whole car was in fire in the middle of the street with black smoke 50 meters high in the sky. Filmed it and will put in on Youtube soon.

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As I said yesterday I filmed a wrecked car in fire... I just noticed it didn't record properly because I used an old cassette... anyways, we see it for just a few seconds and only half-screen, so I'm gonna edit something artsy and strange with it...


Just saw the preview for Halloween II...


The human being (ie: ultimate stupidity): in the 80's they did the movies Halloween 1, and then Halloween 2, 3, 4...

Twenty years later, we do the remake of Halloween 1, and now 2, and then...

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You saw an car accident, I was in one. Or not really, our car's engine just fired up and there was smoke everywhere. An old car, etc. but it was funny to be on the very edge of exploading. And I too almost crashed with a pedestrian, who was walking her bike up hill. There was a huge birch tree ahead and she was on my side whiile walking and I was in a hurry. But didn't crash like you, luckily as I didn't wear a helmet.


Gotta go now, talk you later, Gui!


And do I need to say that your tan looks good? Macho, macho man!

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I'm in Finland since a few days now. I like it. Been to Tampere to see HCPingiviini, she's very cute and nice, (she's not posting often these days but she says Hi to everybody), we went to that vegan meeting where we cooked a strange vegan cake but it turned out it was the best cake compared to the others that looked like smoothies, then we went to Helsinki to a dragking show and now in a small town to see more friends of Hanna, small town called Despoo I think. Walked a dog with rabbits also in the park.


I took pics in NYC, London, Stockhom, Finland. Shot some videos but they're not online yet.





http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh240/organicspiral/Voyage/New%20York/DSC00196.jpg http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh240/organicspiral/Voyage/New%20York/DSC00181.jpg













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