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BCAA and Inositol

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Hi there,


I recently had a lot of problems with my nervous system because of stress and had to stop working out for almost a year. I am slowly back to life, with the help of rhodiola supplements that I recommend to anyone having similar problems.


A doctor suggested me to try inositol and BCAA.

I would like to know if anyone has made an experience with these products and if it's worth a try. I found a vegan formula of both these products by NOW food. Is it a relyable brand? (I order from Europe and have no clue, you can't find NOW products here).


Thx for your suggestions/advices!



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uh, not inspired? Or does my english s*** that much that nobody understood?


BCAA's are good to add if your an athlete and want to build muscle tissue. I don't know what role they'd play in regulating stress.

NOW is a good brand. I use some of their stuff and I know Troy does, and we're both pretty awesome so I'd say your good.

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The same person also recommended me to take some Waxy Maize Starch together with the BCAA before working out; it's supposed to enforce my nervous system resistance during the training. Is this product vegan? Is there any good/ethical brand doing it?

Thank you!

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