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future of meat


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LOL, this is crazy. I knew there was some research like this going on since many years, I know at some point in the future they're gonna sell this in grocery...

people will eat this if they don't have choice anymore, that is to say if real meat become too expensive like in Soylent Green there's gonna be some human flesh cookies and people to eat them, then they're gonna wake up I hope.

Some funny posts on the forum about the fake meat, about human being omnivore-carnivore or not, like when this Gerald Shields says our physiology is like wolves, with canines and claws and perfectly digest meat proteins... what kind of canines and claws do we have ! And carnivores like that can eat 2 days-old rotten meat without any problem as it it was a fresh fruit.

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I wouldn't touch that crap...although you can't deny it would be better for animals. Hell...okra is my favorite vegetable and I don't think I'd eat a synthetic okra either.

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Ohhhh boy, the infamous okra, my my my. I used to have the juiceman salton juicer years ago, brand new, out of the box, okra completely annihlated it and burnt out its motor three times in a row, the kept sending me new juicers and the claimed it shouldn't be a problem. The last time, the juicer almost set my house on fire! They never refunded, just wanted to keep sending me a new one.


When I was trading (no longer my profession), my boss told me to stop complaining over the phone and work on the stock instead; if they're a bad company then it'll show. I decided he was right and took it out on their stock. It was one of my best daytrading stocks ever; i made about $20,000 one month shorting the crap of it.


I'll never forget the one day when they collapsed and ever recovered from it. It went from 8.50 to 3 bucks. I made like $6,700 in 3 minutes and left work.


Boy do i miss those days when daytrading was easy, the money was so good......


I looked them up, stock it's a penny stock on the pink sheets, haha.


Never got my $110 refund but I took back from them, they deserved it.


Just goes to show how important it is to own a good juicer. I bought a greenstar juicer and never had a problem with juicing again, not even okra

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I love raw okra but I don't know about okra juice I'd try it but it sounds odd. Synthetic okra would be terrible. Anyhow since we're off topic already I've got about 40oz of scrap silver and nearly an ounce of scrap gold from when I was taking Jewelry Classes. I'll make out well once I decide to cash in on it.

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lol Soylent green is people.


I watched that movie a while ago for the first time. My mom told me about the movie when I showed her a game I got for the PS1 called Oddworld: Abes Odyssey. And then I slowly became interested and finally rented it on DVD. AWESOME

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here is some interesting news from PETA. They are asking for people to hurry up with this technology, offering a financial incentive:


PETA Offers $1 Million Reward to First to Make In Vitro Meat

In Vitro Meat


Scientists around the world are researching or seeking the funds to research ways to produce meat in the laboratory—without killing any animals. In vitro meat production would use animal stem cells that would be placed in a medium to grow and reproduce. The result would mimic flesh and could be cooked and eaten. Some promising steps have been made toward this technology, but we're still several years away from having in vitro meat be available to the general public.


PETA is now stepping in and offering a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market in vitro meat.




Why is PETA supporting this new technology? More than 40 billion chickens, fish, pigs, and cows are killed every year for food in the United States in horrific ways. Chickens are drugged to grow so large they often become crippled, mother pigs are confined to metal cages so small they can't move, and fish are hacked apart while still conscious—all to feed America's meat addiction. In vitro meat would spare animals from this suffering. In addition, in vitro meat would dramatically reduce the devastating effects the meat industry has on the environment.


Of course, humans don't need to eat meat at all—vegetarians are less likely to get heart disease, diabetes, or various types of cancer or become obese than meat-eaters are—and a terrific array of vegetarian mock meats already exist. But as many people continue to refuse to kick their meat addictions, PETA is willing to help them gain access to flesh that doesn't cause suffering and death.


Contest Details

Faux Fried Chicken


PETA is offering a $1 million prize to the contest participant able to make the first in vitro chicken meat and sell it to the public by June 30, 2012. The contestant must do both of the following:


• Produce an in vitro chicken-meat product that has a taste and texture indistinguishable from real chicken flesh to non-meat-eaters and meat-eaters alike.

• Manufacture the approved product in large enough quantities to be sold commercially, and successfully sell it at a competitive price in at least 10 states.


Judging of taste and texture will be performed by a panel of 10 PETA judges, who will sample the in vitro chicken prepared using a fried "chicken" recipe from VegCooking.com. The in vitro chicken must get a score of at least 80 when evaluated in order to win the prize.


Click here to read the complete contest rules, or e-mail [email protected] to enter.


In the meantime, check out VegCooking.com for delicious, healthy mock-meat recommendations and thousands of tasty, animal-friendly recipes.

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The number one arguement I hear from meat eaters is "It tastes too good to give up"


This may keep them from killing animals, but they're still killing themselves.. Plus I just don't think in vitro meat would be healthy.. Kinda creepy actually.

I would never eat it myself.

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