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Eating well, away from home

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I am going to be away from home for about a day and a half. Any ideas on how to eat enough?


Most of the stuff I have been used to eating has all been cooked in microwave or stove top. I might not be near those things.

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Take fruits, nuts, and veggies with you and eat them raw. When I am away from home for a while here is a list of things that I usually bring:


Bottled water



Clif Bars

Odwalla bars




Dried Fruit

Rice Cakes

Tofu (if I have a cooler)

Or....tofu jerky

Granola mix


Peanut Butter



I don't always take all of those things but I always prepare ahead of time when I'm leaving or going to be away and I take more than I think I'll need because I usually end up running out of food.


I hope some of those food suggestions help.

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