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Islamorada, FL Pictures


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Did you get stung just swimming or were you scuba diving? Those suckers sting; I got stung once just swimming by a monster sized one, it killed. I know when you scuba dive, they're all over the place as well.


Great pictures. Beautiful place, can't go wrong with the florida keys. You are the happiest looking vacationer ever! I enjoyed all of your tattoos (arm wraps esp); what is the significance behind the XXXX's around one arm? So funny i'm looking at your tattoos right now; just reminded me that I dreamt I almost got my first tattoo last night during a break in my shift with a friend who had a ton of them (I don't have any yet, may change).


Nice poses, I would love to have 1/10th of that flexibility.


You should pic one of your favs and throw it up as an avatar. It is always cool to put an image behind the words. I remember when DV just recently put up one after seeing many of her posts and I was blown away by her arm pose.


Thanks for sharing.

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I need to reduce a picture down to size to make my avitar! I should do that soon.


My yoga practice was a little stunted on this trip because I am just getting over an awful, several month long sinus infection and was actually advised by my doctor not to travel, but I went anyway beacuse I really wanted to go to the keys and this trip had been planned for a while!


The jellyfish got me while I was walking in some pretty shallow water (maybe knee-deep). I felt it sting me and then realized that I think I was stepping on it! It really hurt a surprising amount! I also got a leech on my toe at one point walking in shallow water, which was harder to get off than the jelly fish, but didn't hurt at least!


My XXX tattoo is a straight edge tattoo. If you do not know what straight edge is, it is a "movement" in punk/hardcore subculture in which the participants do not drink, smoke, or use illegal drugs. It's about personal health/betterment as well as a reaction against the society and the prevalance of drinking/smoking/drugging in order to "be normal." I got that tattoo when I was 19 and had been straight edge for 3 years, but I am almost 28 now and still straight edge.

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