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Photos from the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival in Hollywood


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I just returned from the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival in Hollywood, California. It featured about 30 vegan films and it was an awesome time! My documentary Vegan Fitness Built Naturally was one of the documentaries featured. There were just about 200 people attending, so it wasn't a huge crowd but people traveled from all over to be here for this vegan-themed event.


My documentary was shown on the big screen last Saturday and Tonya Kay and I were in attendance and fielded questions after the showing.


The event was a 3-day festival and I met some really cool people! I sold more DVDs than at any other event I've attended and I've been to a lot of veg events! I was also able to network with many people and set up about 4 future presentations for myself (I'm a motivational speaker now for those who don't know).


There was an awards ceremony that Brendan Brazier attended with me and I was given an award and gave an inspirational presentation and according to my friend Ani Phyo (author, chef, founder of Smart Monkey Foods), it was the best presentation of the evening


I sat at the main table at the front of the room with the keynote presenters, other producers and mini celebrities. It was truly a fun experience as you'll be able to tell from my smiles from the party.


Ani was somewhat of my date for the dress-up gala event. She's an awesome friend to me, Tonya and Brendan.


I'll write a more detailed recap for the main site and I'll explain more about who some of the people are in the photos but there should be some faces that are recognized by many.


Here is a photo recap of the 2008 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival in chronological order of the 3 days:

































































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Thanks my friends.


You both would have loved this event! Next year lets have a veganbodybuilding.com meet-up there


That would be pretty awesome. I had tons of friends there, raw and vegan. It is most a raw event, but overall a vegan event.


Good food, good times, great entertainment and such wonderful, lovely, kind people.


It was indeed, very cool.

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Great pics! How blissful to have a hour de voures (however u spell that) passer dishin out raw food treats!!!


That's great that you got the word out with the sale of so many dvds. Very cool....


Do we own the same exact shirt? The one I have is a banana republic button down dress shirt with the option to use cufflinks. They look extremely similar but I think they're slightly different. Whatever the case, you have GOOD TASTE my man!




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Nice shirt dude! Yeah, nearly the same shirt. Mine is from my brother (Gap), but very similar indeed.


I had a great time there. I got a lot of sun as you can see from my burned face. My legs and stomach got quite a bit too.


The people there were very warm and fantastic and the whole feeling was that of strong community, which I love! I love building communities and being part of one.


I look forward to many more meet-ups in the future.

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I like to dance. I was "dropping it like it's hot." I actually dance quite a bit and there was a hilarious video of me dancing from the party. It's on Brendan's computer but maybe I can youtube it and share it


So, I was just dancing.

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