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Phils Before and After Photos *New Old Fat Pics found. OMG!

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so i have been working out for a month with weights. I enjoy it because i am sweating and feeling active but i get discouraged because i dont have a workout buddy. I was following a books program and while i showed some progress it was more advanced than i should have been tackling. I am tarting a more basic program on monday that also incorporates cardio. I gained a substantial amount of weight and my clothes do not fit me like they once did. It is easier when a program says day 3 hiit for 2o minutes or what not. for posterity sake im posting some of my pictures i took today for the ability to track progress. I rather like my after pictures on page one. i feel as though i have digressed since then even though i have kicked up my program a notch.




legs. i never have take a picture of them before but i saw L&G and thought i would emulate.



chest shot. my chest continues to be the thing that makes me the most unhappy hopefully starting this weights/cardio program will help.



I think my arms have improved. On the last program my max reps weight kept on going up so fast that i couldnt lift the bar without making my hands raw even though i could handle the weight. I am assuming this is a genetic predisposition.


my back seems to be filling out i can tell by how my shirts are starting to fit. I need to wear mediums now.



shoulders and upper pec are getting some muscle. for a month id judge it not bad.



i thought i would throw in a relaxed chest shot.

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dude, though it's been a while since I looked at your older set of photos, I do not need to scroll back to see the fact that you've really made progress. Why in the world do you like the older sets of photos better? Clearly, you have put on a good amount of muscle and are looking more buff. There is no mistaking that! I especially like the way your chest is coming out in your front biceps pose.


You def have a body that is resembling that of a person who works out more so than the last shots.


I'm proud of you man and I want you to keep that focus going as it's paying off. Don't sell yourself short, you look GREAT!

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What do you feel that you've done differently that made you digress a bit?


Here is my opionion with HIIT as well as that of my trainer.


HIIT is a good tool to bring in when you are close to your goal and have that last bit of fat too shed. In your case, your HIIT might be using muscle for fuel due to the intensity.


Some people do HIIT and they are able to still build and grow but some experience what you feel you did. You may want to experiment with low intensity cardio keeping your heartrate between 120 and 140 BPM perfomed after your weight training.


Also a BCAA supplement such as Xtend helps preserve lean muscle tissue during workouts so your body doesen't burn muscle for fuel. I know that you try to keep your diet and intake very pure so it might not be for you... but I never do a workout without it.

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Thank you L&G i really appreciate the compliments. I think because my BF went up that i am feeling less confident. I am above 170 now something i have not been for 3 years and while its a decent amount of muscle it is also fat as well. i felt the program because it was always touting max weight was not for me as i felt that perhaps without a workout buddy the system is dangerous. Also through out the program i kept modifying the reps and weight to get a better workout. So i thought perhaps a completely new routine.


VP: basically i am discouraged because i tried to rock climb the other day and could not do a basic path on the wall. It made me very depressed because i have this 'best is the only option' mentality so when i see an obvious shift from ability to inability it starts to rankle. I thought perhaps i could do more of a strength training workout. higher reps 75 percent max rep weight three sets. so that i can build a fondation for endurance.


It is really overwhelming being new to fitness and finding a program and just knowing it isnt a perfect fit. so im comparing things i have no real idea about. i feel that the basics were to basic and the medium level skills are more workout buddy centric.


Would either you or lean and green mind checking out the workout i was thinking about switching to tomorrow?


http://www.realjock.com/workout/1057/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


compared to my program now which i feel is comprehensive, but if i continue i have to change the dynamics between reps and weight.


Thanks for the advice about the hiit. the new program is asking for it so i thought i would do it. For me i pack on fat quickly and it is stubborn to get off. i have had the pectoral adipose tissue forever and i would love to just get rid of it.

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so i lost my job and have been on unemployment. i went from 171lbs to 159lbs again. i feel leaner with more muscle but its hard not to think that i have de-evoled. i liked gaining that weight. oh well the new job is better and allows for better gym times for me.

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Hello all. Just an update. I have been working out again for 3 weeks. I changed my program and it is more intensive and i am eating properly so i feel like i made more improvements in these three weeks than i had in the 2 months i worked out before.















free standing:




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  • 4 weeks later...















171lbs 20% body fat.

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Just keep at it man, we're here for whatever. All you have to do is be consistent and the results you are looking for will come. Your body looks fine and you have a perfectly good frame to work with and i'm sure the consistency you've been putting in the last 3 weeks has shown you how it will pay off in the long run if you continue with it. I can see

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Thanks lean and green. I havent updated this in a while. I have been working out consistantly for the last two months. things are going well. weirdly enough i am looking back through my photos and it seems like the last program i was on was much better than this one. my muscles appear to have attrophied just a bit even though im working out more thoughouly. something to think about was i was only doing max rep 6-8 and i gained that size. so perhaps that is optimal for me.



so much to think about in working out. bah. anywho ill update first of the year with my progress.

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  • 10 months later...

It has been sometime since i posted here. I got pretty heavily into rock climbing this summer and i stopped working out. I think i found something that allows me to gain muscle without me hitting the weights. Something as you recall i wanted when i started. That being said, now that it is the off season ill probably go back to a body weight work out to start then incorporate light weight training.



-Lower fat percentage by 2 percent. (Starting fat percentage 16.2 percent which is up from last years 14 percent.)

-start body weight workout again

-be able to lead onsight 5.9 climbs where ever i go. (i can do this with 5.8's)

Current weight 169 as of 10/27/2009


Phils pictures


back: this is my strong point. its all muscled from climbing




front: weakest point cause of the extra skin from moobs of fatness.





those were the glamor shots heres the real deal when im not flexing:



My legs are pretty strong too but have not taken photos of them yet.


So my workout plan will be three days a week of running. And two days a week of climbing indoors. with one full body workout a week to start.

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Its good to be back. I love this community. I still live in slc and i will be at vegan vacations with my roommate. She became a vegan after meeting me so this is her first vegan thanksgiving! (she was a vegetarian before) Maybe you me and crystal can get a workout in when your in town? P.s. congratulations on completing that vegan bodybuilding book. its on my list of books to purchase when i get paid.

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So awesome man!


My girlfriend Julia will be coming too...and she loves to workout, we train together...and I worked out with Crystal last week and she kicks ass in the gym....and Harold from the forum trains too, so there could be a bunch of us! Let's do it!


I'll be there all day Saturday, giving a talk on Sunday and flying out sometime on Monday....I'll try to arrange flights to get there early on Saturday and leave late on Monday to give as much time as possible to hang out.


Didn't mean to bother your thread here....but just wanted to check in quickly as I saw you online and my inbox is pretty much full...so thought I'd just write here.


See you soon!



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here is a pic from feb 2008




and a pic from about a month ago or so.




So its been some time. I have stopped working out and then started. I have rock climbed a ton and then stopped. My body has gone through so much fluxuation. I am now more muscularly large but ive gained a large percentage of fat. I use to be able to lift half the weight i can now and i had worse endurance. I have just started a new workout program from a book and im doing mens roller derby and trying to climb where i can and when im not doing that do cardio but this is only one week of super active phil so i dont expect a body transformation for another two months of heavy lifting and cardio.


Thanks everyone who has been with me on my journey i have learned so much.


Edit: do to member complaints about my apparently scandillouly small cartoon gecko underpants i have made myself some digital square cuts. i rather think there fetching.




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