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Wow, you are being flooded by porn bots


Anyhow, I just got into the world of sports (apart from skateboarding), namely lifting a bit of weghts, doing some bme´s.


Long story cut short: Supid me thought it was awesome pushing a longboard up a hill after 5 years of sitting on my ass, drinking and getting fat on crap food = got me archilles tendonitis, still at curing it today


Anyhow this all got me thinking, and got me to cut out animal protein from my diet (coz its bad for chronic inflammations)..


And it feels awesome My tendons are feeling better already! I used to be allergic to apples, pears, whatever fruits that had lots of acid - really irritated my mouth, even lead to swollen throat - gone, completely gone since I don't eat meat.. also the common cross alergie against nuts has completely vanished..


I never tought I could enyoy all fruits like I can now.

And this site also keeps me convinced that I can even battle my fat and gain some muscle on a plant-based diet (on the contrairy what some other folks told me about "if you wanna gain muscle you need meat")


Just letting you know

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Heh quick reply


Is it common that food allergies just vanish like this? I am really almost shocked by this at the moment. I stop eating animal stuff and BAM - I can eat everything again.


I am curious if there are others out here with similar experiences in this field.

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Welcome makke!


Don't worry about the bots, I've never seen so much spam here than yesterday so you just happened to join here at an awkward time. Usually the spam is instantly deleted by hard working admins but yesterday they were absent at the same time...


Great to hear about your allergies going away! That is something worth telling all the people you know!


That "if you wanna gain muscle you need meat" should be considered as a great motivator. Nothing beats the feeling outgrowing all the meat-eaters by muscle mass and strength. In my opinion, if you want to grow muscles and cut fat, there is no better diet than a vegan diet.


Don't hesitate asking questions, also a training/food log is worth keeping, just to show your progress; you'll be motivating others if your progress is fast and if your progress is slow, people will tell you what you could do better and you'll eventually get good results anyway!

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Yo dude. I suffer(ed) from achilles tendonitis. I still have a bit of a problem, but most of it went away once I started working out regularly, and lost weight. I had it when I was about 14 - 17 or so, it sucked as I couldn't walk far without it hurting, and some days I couldn't even make it out of bed. Now I am only affected if I walk for like 5 hours straight or something, or am just standing still for a long time, then the backs of my legs are strained, but nothing like it used to be. I didn't know that animal protein was meant to be bad for it, I was vegetarian at the time, but ate a tonne of cheese and milk which is loaded with animal protein. I hadn't really thought about it, but I went vegan at 19, maybe that helped it, I dunno, I hadn't thought so before, just thought it was losing weight that helped it mainly

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Welcome! My friend is a longboarder too. He gave me a 'Go Green, Longboarding' shirt as that is his team. Wants me to get into it. Very cool!


The allergy thing is very true, amazing isn't it? I had severe allergies as a child and no pill helped them. I did a prick test and they told me I was allergic to everything (not food, airborne). The moment I became vegan and eliminated all dairy from my diet, all allergies that I had my entire life just picked up and vanished. It was unreal. I told my omni family and they were just like it was a coincedence, people outgrow allergies as they get older but I know it was b/c of the diet.


Anywho, welcome to the forums, glad to have you here and awesome story on how you converted to an animal free diet...

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