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hi my name is richard, but you can call me richard.


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hello everybody,


my name is richard. im 23 years old. my two year veganniversary is coming up in a few months. i dabbled in exercise in high school a bit and post college, but i have been weight training and doing cardio seriously for about two years as well.


im not really sure what my goals are other than to put on some lean muscle and burn fat... but that seems like a pretty generic goal haha.


anyway, im not really sure what else to say, but im the only vegan i know so its nice that there is a place where we can talk about bodybuilding and all of that.



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Welcome Richard!


Saw those photos too, it looked like two different people, awesome job! I have to comment when I get a moment.


Yes you have a common goal but it's not like it isn't one worth claiming! Some Bulk, Some cut and most lie in the middle with a combo of two over the long run. I am in the same shoes as you right now. Pleasure having you here.

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