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Thanks Mike


Three attempts at one arm chins on each arm. Moved an inch or so.

Strict barbell curls 70, 120x1. Two attempts at 155. Moved inch or so.

4 sets of 7 reps of wide grip pullups (easy)

single attempt at #3 gripper

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Bench 308 just barely budged itx3

overhead press 162 halfwayx2

Some lighter sets of each



side deadlift of geo metro- a few inches

one legged dls 132x1, 167- half a foot or so



one arm chins-a couple inchesx1

1 one arm negative-very controlled, could stop descent completely with a little extra effort for a second

one arm hang- 25 seconds each arm before grip gives out


Strict barbell curls-70x1, 120x1(harder at weak point), attempt 155 (few more inches of movement)


single attempt on number 3 gripper

single attempt to bend barbell


wide grip pull-ups 2x7 (negative one arm chin really took it out of me)

BW 228

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Yeah, you seem pretty good at chins Will.



Power rack bench

bottom position-315-couple of inches

next higher postion-nothing




next-315x1, 365x1, 385x1 (50 pounds more than I ever did, had more)


Power rack overhead press

bottom positon-135x1, 185-halfway, 225-couple of inches

next higher postion-couple millimeters


next-nothing and triceps too fried to bother continuing


3 efforts on each failure within 30 seconds for each position

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power rack squats


I think it was....

bottom position 225x1, 275 fail

next 225x1, 275x1 barely

next 275x1, 315 fail

next 315x1 barely

next 315x1, 365x1 barely

next 365x1, 405x1 and quit with ROM remaining in 3 or 4 more notches. Must take it slow as gave self heart attack 6 or 7 years ago by jumping immediately to 600 quarters. Also now have herniated disc injury which feels OK after todays workout.

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Couple attempts on #3 gripper, getting closer



Power rack bench

Bottom position 135, 225x1, 315 barely got it airborne (weaker than last time but haven't eaten hardly anything and rested ten days)

Middle 315xnothing

Lockout 315, 405, 455x1


PR Overhead press

135x1, 225 barely airborne (weaker than last time)

Mid 225 nothing

Lockout 225 nothing


Also left elbow has been hurting from one arm stuff and going to not to do legs for another few months cus of sciatica pain.

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Well thanks guys. I'm nothing special though. Maybe someday.



four attempts at one arm chins on left, nothing on right as feel like I injured something somehow earlier. No more negatives.


Bench 3 attempts on 315, not much going on.


Bench lockouts

315, 405x1, 495-not quite


dumbell flyes-few reps with 35#ers



few attempts at #3 gripper

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I thought the pulled muscle in my right lat/back was from negatives but now I remember.... I felt the sting when I missed the cue ball while playing billiards. I jokingly said at the time I thought I had just pulled a muscle. I had. I injured myself playing billiards.

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I haven't eaten in two days and feel fine. Not very hungry, plenty of energy. Lifted hard today.

Left one arm pulldown with 165. Right w/ 60, not healed yet. Bench lockout w/405. One notch lower w/315 for 2. Barely benched 225 through full range though which is down 70 pounds from old max. Bench negatives on smith machine (not a good idea as no arc in ROM) and nautiluslike machine.


There was one guy who walked 576 miles during a 20 day fast, so maybe this is not the bad idea it seems to be. Although I'm aware that it goes against conventional ideas.

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Day 3 of fast.

I was rather wasted this moring. Legs were very wobbly. Was thinking it's a damm good thing I'm unemployed because I'd be giving a poor performance at a job today. But yesterday was the first time in my life I did negative presses so that probably played some role.

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Day 3 was tough. Supposedly this is a pretty bad day. I did have symptoms as mentioned here. http://www.notmilk.com/hs/casey.html


Also I had sharp pains in I think my right kidney. Supposedly as you start detoxing it puts more strain on kidneys, liver, etc. I have slightly deformed kidneys. http://www.falconblanco.com/health/fasting.htm#Pre-existing so I went ahead and had about 100 calories of v-8 juice/apple juice last night. Pain in kidney? then stopped. Not sure but I guess I'll probably have a little fruit/vegetable juice to keep the edge off. Also I'm looking for something I can do even while holding a job. Juice fasting supposedly has same benefits but just to a lesser degree.


Day 4

Had some pineapple juice and iceberg lettuce with olive oil in the morning

Some relatively easy lifting, except did left one arm chins w/ help from right arm "tri pushdowns" off kitchen ladder/stool thing.


Day 5

Back to just water


Day 6

BW 206

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Day 7

bw 205.5

Yesterday had headache which never happens to me. Today felt good except get very dizzy if get out of bed too soon and can't stop fantasizing about food.


Day 9 Tuesday

Convinced myself that 7 days was fine for a first time. Trying to start getting a lot more fat in my diet as not doing so has resulted in health problems, haha. So made sure to get new flax oil, pb and hummus.

bench 132x15


mil press 62x14,13

curls 62x12,9

#1 grip lx5, rx8

BW 211.5


eta: off to see doctor today (dec 6) because the pain has gotten so bad I can barely stand. With two hydrocodeines it is barely tolerable. I would have had health insurance starting Jan 1 but I couldn't make it. ten weeks of chronic and increasing pain. Now it will be a preexisting condition and if I need surgery I will be financially ruined.

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bench 202x3

mil press 112x5



one leg barbell squat off bench 82x3



Chins one arm + 2 fingersx1, +1 middle fingerx1, +1 pinkie x 1/2l, 1/3r. Then various finger chins. Did a two finger chin with each middle finger (pr). Couldn't close #2 gripper afterwards.


BW only 212. Haven't gained it back like I supposedly would. Very, very weak on bench with the weight loss. Year ago benched 295 at 231bw.



Bench 172x10

mil press 92x8 or 9

over tri ext 30x8r,9l



one leg bench squats 62x11 each leg

BW 213



one arm chin+middle finger x 3 each side, easy

one arm + ring x1, + index finger x 1, xpinkie x1/3l, 1/4xr

#1 gripperx1, #2 half an inch (embarrassing seeing as I've closed it before with little practice, maybe finger chins leave me weak)

Then did two negatives each with no rest but came down too fast as had nothing left.

Then with nothing left did 4 chins/minute for 32 in 8 minutes at which point I was very close to failure.

BW 215

One arm chin video: http://www.crossfit.com/cf-video/onearmpull.mpg


.... http://www.4mcd.usmc.mil/AOP/OSOHyattsville/Armstrong%20Pullup%20Program.htm

W1 D1 Pullups+25-7,5,3,2.8,2.8

D2 Bench 172-1,2,3,4,5,4,3. Pullups+25-1,2,3,4,3,2

D3 Bench 172-9 sets of 3.

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“Strength guru”, Charles Poliquin, wrote an article based on pseudo TCM where he divided strength trainees into 5 types. The one type was called “metals”. Metals, he said, are guys who like HIT, Mentzer, single set to failure training. They have very bad genetics and probably shouldn’t even waste their time with lifting. I’m one of those “metals” but despite so being I have managed to gain a decent amount of strength.


I have strength trained for the last 15 years and with the exception of the first few months back when I was 17, multiple sets of any exercise in a workout have resulted in no gains at all. Whether I was working out a muscle group once a week or once a day, many sets to failure or all sets far short of failure, never have I made any gains at all. And I’ve spent probably half of those 15 years doing multiple set workouts. That’s 7+ years of futility with every multiple set type workout under the sun.


I have also tried just doing one set to failure every 4 days, sort of like HIT or Mentzer “Heavy Duty” training. On such a workout I was able to eat a ton of food and have some of it turn into muscle. But my weight gain was very close to proportional to my strength gain when working out this way. So when starting out I could bench 190lb at a bodyweight of 180 and 8 months later I could bench 240-260 (give or take protein stuffing) at a bodyweight of 225. My ability on a bodyweight exercise like pull ups or push ups did not improve at all.


There was one thing I did that worked better. That was to just do a single set everyday, but vary the intensity. What I would do was use a light weight and go to maybe 80% intensity for 3 days (usually 15 reps when I had maybe 20) and then go a little heavier and go to failure (100% intensity for 6 reps) on the fourth day. Then I would just continuously repeat this 4 day cycle. I got my bench up to around 275- 300 at a bodyweight of 225 this way. Typical lifts were benching 170x15 and 245x7. (Give or take protein stuffing and creatine.) Primarily from doing triceps pullovers in this manner I was able to improve my chinups to 20+ as opposed to my usual 10 to 15.


But that was it. My poor “metal” genes refused to let me get any stronger. And for years I experimented with multiple set workouts and at best just maintained but usually didn’t even maintain.


I’ve decided to do a new workout somewhat similar to the one above that I had some success with based on reading the following.





When I was in my teens and early 20s - chin ups and push ups used to be my fav and for most time the only workouts. - sets of 50 reps weren't uncommon.


Back then I didn't know about overtraining......


This is what I used to do.

I'd do 10 sets to failure throughout the day every other day and 10 half sets on the days "off"

For example.

if your max set (failure) is 10 - you do 10 sets, but not in 1 workout - evenly throughout the day.

The next day you do the same 10 set but with 5 reps.


Keep the numbers steady for 2 or 3 weeks (don't increase the # reps even if you can - let your system adapt) - then take a few days off and try again ---- you'll notice your max will go to 18 or 20..... then to 24 or 26..... etc (the increase diminishes, but still the # of reps goes up)


I'd have a printout on the wall next to the bar, where I'd mark every set (to keep count)


When I was going for the # - that was the best routine.



My new workout is:

Day 1 - 70 to 100% intensity in 3 to 10 sets spread at least 45 minutes apart throughout the day.


Day 2 - 40 to 50% intensity in 3 to 10 sets spread at least 45 minutes apart throughout the day.


Day 3 - repeat day 1, etc.


I'm starting with pull ups, flyes and the trainer CoC. Will switch flyes to bench eventually but I slightly hurt my left tri with Armstrong's program. Starting off with only 8 to 10 pullups because Armstrong's program severely weakened me.

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