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after (im obviously on the far left haha)


apparently i dont have very many pictures of myself, but there has been a pretty drastic difference in my physical appearance after i changed my diet and my work out habits. i went from 220 lbs to 150-155 :]

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Wow. I must say congrats. I know how hard it is to trim all that weight off. Our weight loss story is almost the same. I too went from 220 and shrunk down to like 139. And now I'm up to 145ish.


So I know it must have been hard to get here. But you did it. And that's all that matters.

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Wow, what a great transformation. I had to take a second look to figure it out because you look like two different people! Too bad we only get to see mostly your face. You actually look taller in the other pictures because you are a taller person bc you are so much leaner.


You should take some full body shots that way in a few months, you can see the difference that training and maintaining your healthy diet makes.


Just out of curiosity, what's up with the blue dots all over your friends face.


Awesome job man!

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