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Vegan power lifter in a Finnish magazine, go JP!


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This is in the largest newspaper in Finland today, JP from vf representing!!




I translated it for you guys here and vf. I was in a hurry so please accept my apologies for poor grammar.


Vegan power lifter


Joni Purmonen and Elina Särkelä don’t touch animal products, but they do touch weights.


Man carries 120 kg weights in his hands like water buckets. He lifts 135 kg rocks and and carries 320 kg on his shoulders.

Well, why not? 33 year old Joni Purmonen is a power lifter.

But Purmonen is also a vegan, who refuses to use any animal products. He doesn’t eat chicken, as muscle men usually tend to do.

“Protein sources are tofu, soy milk, legumes, nuts and seeds. As a supplement I use pea protein isolate in my own protein shakes.â€

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